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This is very interesting to me, but I am a little confused. I use the Garmin NUVI 360. When I go to E:\Garmin\poi, there is only one file and it is 15KB (very small). I have recently downloaded and installed over 2000 new POI's. Where are they stored?

Help Editing Factory waypoints

I was looking through some of the Garmin
factory way points that were preloaded into
my c340. Well I noticed that some of the
locations have closed or relocated to a
new address. Is it possible to edit /
delete these pre-install locations?


Vehicle type in Navigation setup

What changes does the unit make between vehicle types of Car/Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Emergency, Taxi?

Best POI's for newbie

What are the best POI's for a newbie in North America?



Streets & Trips

Can I convert a Streets & Trips file to a Garmin compatible format?



Zumo 550

Hi all.

I am a GPS newby and i just got a Zumo 550 for xmas. Can anyone provide any advice on software, etc. that I should look into?



Is there newer version of mapsource than v8 deluxe?

I purchased c330 w/ mapsource v8 deluxe. to me it doesn't have enough information in my town.
is there anyone knows how to get newer version than v8?

Not recognizing my 512mb SD card

Why do I keep getting a message stating the memory is full when loading POI to a SD card in my Garmin C340?
Anyone know what to format the SD card to fat16 or fat32?

I think my garmin is not recognizing my 512mb SD card and is trying load everything into internal memory.

Detour function on 340

I didn't see anything in the manual about it (could have missed it but don't think so)....was stuck on I-77 in West Virginia for three hours and not smart enough to try it. On I-95 in Florida I hit traffic stoppage and tried the detour button - it wanted to send me 8.7 miles down I-95 (where the traffic was) and then someplace else.


Is my Garmin Nuvi 350 supposed to come with the ability to use Mapsource software on my computer? I don't seem to have that ability right now. I downloaded Mapsource, and it won't run because it doesn't detect a previous version of Mapsource. Grr.

new(?) street - Garmin add or update

Somewhat over a year ago, our city added a new street that is about 8 blocks long. It eliminates the right then left turns previously needed to escape my neighborhood and enters the old street (on the Garmin map) about 1/2 mile north of the original intersection.

My C330 is lost as soon as I enter this new street. It cannot recalculate a new route until I have traveled to the street it recognizes. Screen shows the icon and a moving picture but no road or the numerous side roads leading from it.

street pilot 2610

hey one question whats the difference in the memory

street pilot 2610

hey one question whats the difference in the memory

quick question about charging nuvi350

Does the USB port charge the nuvi350, while it is plugged into a computer?


Garmin nuvi 660 (bluetooth)

I just bought a Garmin nuvi 660 for my wife for Christmas. She loves it, of course, there are many things to learn.

She has a Blackberry 7105t (fancy pda phone). The new Garmin will not wirelessly take the phone book from her phone. On her phone it is actually an "address book". Is anyone aware of a back door method to accomplish this task?

We have emailed Garmin but got no response yet, I imagine there are pretty busy.

Garmin C330 in downtown areas

Hello friends,

I bought Garmin C330 GPS. I was reading someone's comments on the internet that it does not work properly in downtown areas where there are tall high rise buildings.
Is it true?

I will appreciate your comments.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597

low profile antenna

I have the 330 and mounted it between the two front seats (on the counsel)

The only issue I have is that it will take a awhile to get a signal at start up. Driving seems fine and i don't lose the signal (well a few times).

I am thinking of getting the GA 27C low profile remote automobile antenna. The lowest I have seen is $60.00. I would place this on the windshield and run it back to the unit.

Update POI's

What's the easiest way to load specific poi's (addresses) on to my nuvi 660. I have businesses and contacts in Outlook email files that I would like to load into the GPS. I knw how to export the address information from Outlook to a file. What do I need to do or where could I find out more on how to do this?

C320 POIs Don't Alert

Well, I tried to use my Flying J POI this week, but I had a problem.

Situation: Navigating to central California. The C320 wouldn't alert as I approached the Flying J location. It did alert on California Rest Stops and Starbucks locations, so long as they where directly in front of me on my line of travel. Flying J's of course are not located directly on the freeway. Neither are most Starbucks.

Anyone try to use a conventional GPS for a golf course?

Has anyone considered or even tried to set up a Garmin for a golf course?

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