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Free routable maps for Garmin

As from time to time there are questions about maps for different world regions I would like to start topic about getting them legally.

There are two links to places where you can get legal, free maps for Garmin GPS. They are routable, so can be used to drive when on vacations. Coverage can differ sometimes, as often there are non commercial projects created by users.


Garmin FAQ area

Please read these before posting questions to this forum area.

Rate This Restaurant

I don't know if this a new thing, but I've only just noticed. I have a couple of times, when I use my 2555 to find restaurant, it comes up later and asks to rate the restaurant, with 1 to 5 stars. I'm guessing, that doesn't do anything more than leaving a rating for my own future personsal use.


Map Corrections - Do you send em in?

Every once in a while, I find a changed ramp, intersection, or my GPS shows I'm traversing undeveloped ground. Most recently, I noted a place where lane guidance indicated there should be three lanes, but there were only two. POI locations are often off by quite a distance.

Need help w/ new Gander Mtn. store in Lake Worth, TX

I just updated the Gander Mtn. POI with a store in Lake Worth, TX. I use Google Earth to get coordinates for my POI's, and I use the entrances to parking areas as my locations.
GE shows the Gander store in the middle of an empty field, so if anyone here at the factory happens to stop by the new store I'd appreciate a more accurate lat/long. Thanks.


Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Crossed the White Line at a Red Light Camera Intersection and Stopped

Today, my wife had stopped at a red light in a left turn lane along with a number of other cars that were ahead of her at a red light camera intersection. The light turned green and the cars ahead were all turning left.

Re-create POI file ?

Guys, I bought a 3597 this week and was going to load my years of POI files. I got rid of a computer recently and cannot find my original, master POI file. So, I found in a Basecamp backup the POI file from one of my other devices and have placed it on the 3597 and it's working fine.

(2) Nuvi 1450LMT + 265WT + 65LMT + 3597LMTHD New England region

Passport america by state

How can I or is it possible to d/l a PA file by ea state

Rest area Bong Bong Bong noise.

Every time I drive by a rest area Garmin starts saying - "bong - bong - bong - bong". How do I remove this feature ??



Any new updates out yet..

Base Camp with Windows 8.1

Have had problems with Base Camp not opening with Windows 8.1. I've had this happen more than once. I found what works for me so hopefully this will help others.

Go to the Run Screen. (Open apps and look for Run)
Put this in the box
Then delete anything files that come up, I always have one that shows up.

Once you do this Base Camp will open.

Good Luck!

BMW Nav V Montana 650 Zumo 660 Garmin 78S Garmin 76CSX

BaseCamp For Mac 4.4.3 is Out

Just downloaded it, not sure of details.

Montana 600, GPSMAP60CSx, fenix, Bad Elf, iPhone 4S, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

Help bricked Nuvi 255W

Hello everyone, I have a problem and hopefully you guys can help. I was updating my nuvi 255w with the Garmin Express program and now when I turn it on, it goes to Loading Maps... and turns off. When I connect it to my windows based laptop, the device does not show up under my computer.

JCV File Content

I have always thought that the Junction View data was automatically downloaded when the map was updated. However, I see regular references to a large JCV file being available.

Do I have to download and install this separately to my NUVI2555LMT?

If so, how do I install? I expect it will have to load to my SD card, since my maps now have to load there.


Garmin Toronto, ON lane assist coverage

Hi everyone,

I'm planning a trip from Boston to Toronto and wanted to find out how well things like lane assist and lane guidance works in Canada on a 1450LMT w/ 2015.20. The last time I did this trip there was no GPS and it was done with AAA TripTiks. wink

I'll also be bringing my Nuvi 350 as a backup but it will be 2 map updates behind since the maps are now > 2GB in size.


nuvi 350 nuvi 1450LMT

Which Garmin

Costco has the Garmin 2598LMTHD, 2557LM and the 56LMT. Its time to replace my nuvi 350. Any recommendations. I would like to stay with Costco because it is so easy to return.

Garmin units compared, at cheap prices, to replace my old one.

So, my Garmin Nuvi 1690 is on borrowed time. It's worked OK but the nulink service is going off the air in a few months. The google local is already gone, but the traffic I consider essential here in Southern California.

Garmin 268923h

I live in Ontario Canada and want to replace my 2595 with the newer 6" version, 2689
Would anyone have any experience with this model or know who sells this model in Ontario.
My local store, Future Shop (owned by Best Buy) does nor carry it.


traffic receivers

Have Nuvi 1450, No T on the end. I have receivers GDB 55 and GTM 25, MSN direct is no longer and I haven't been able to answer my question of,
Will the replacement rcvr recommended by Garmin work with my GPS? Would the MSN icon change" or will it simply be plug and play compatible?


Traffic issues

Have Nuvi 1450, no T on the end. I have receivers GTM 25 and GDB 55, Neither are working due to the shutdown of MSN Direct. My Nuvi has the MSN icon and codes for activation all in place,

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