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In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems

Some in-dash infotainment systems use Garmin for navigation.

Custom POIs can sometimes be installed on these in-dash systems using Garmin's POI Loader software via a memory card or disk.

In other cases, custom POIs might require an alternative process or not be available.

Discussion threads for some makes/models are linked below.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Please check our Garmin FAQ section before posting questions to the Garmin forum area.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

POI Loader & Garmin Drive 50

I've used POI Loader for a long time to load .csv POI files to a series of Garmin Nuvi's.

Just bought a Garmin Drive 50, trying to set it up for my daughter. POI Loader doesn't seem to see it. Tried installing a micro SD card, still doesn't see it.

Anyone have experience loading POI's to this series? TIA.

Nuvi 2699 - Gas & Food Alerts

Just got a 2699, what an improvement over my 660. Just took a drive on 81 in the NE and noticed that I kept seeing the gas and food symbol showing along 81. It's kind of like rest areas, not just places in the adjourning areas. So, how do I turn off these symbols?

Custom POI headache.... (POI Loader is unable to delete them)


I have a DriveSmart 61 LMT and am having a nightmare with custom POIs....

I downloaded a list of European Aires in GPX format which I put on the device, they now appear in 'Custom POIs' > 'My points'.

All good so far.

However, I'd downloaded the wrong list and now need to remove them, all 20,000 of them.

So there's no option to delete Custom POIs on the device.

Sharcnet repair request

I need to have USB jack on my Garmin 1490LMT repaired. I tried using Sharcnet-USA repair request, but it doesn't seem to operate. Anybody know how to contact them?


Need Garmin map update for Dodge Ram I have pc. Flash drive. Help

I am trying desperately to update my map in my truck. I do not have 150$


For $150, the new Garmin Speak lets you bring Amazon Alexa along in the car

Garmin's dedicated navigation devices continue to evolve, now with more integrated funcionalities:

Garmin Speak is now on sale at Amazon or Best Buy for $149.99.


Load POI's to a Kenwood Radio

I have a Kenwood radio with Navigation, I have been trying to load POI's on it, but nothing is working. I think it loads with a micro SD card, the radio doesn't see anything. I tried loading with a USB card, that didn't work. Garmin Express on my computer says it can't see the radio as if I should connect the radio to the computer with a cable.
Any experience or thoughts?

Zumo 550 .. problem with 2018.30 update

I've updated my 2689, two 2460's via GE with no problems, went to install 2018.30 Lower 49 NE to my Zumo 550 and I'm getting an error message when trying to install to device and computer so I can add the rest to my SD card after.

My 550 only has 33 MB of 1.20 GB avalible.

. Nuvi 2689, Nuvi 2460, Zumo 550, Zumo 450, Uniden R3 radar detector with GPS built in, includes RLC info. Uconnect 430N, Garmin, built into my Jeep. .

Ping .wav

Anyone know where I can find a ping .wav file?

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

2018.30 complaints / issues

Finally 2018.30 has school zones in Edmonton. But only some.. so now my POI alerts for said school zones now are doubles.. sometimes. What a mess! One would have thought that if they got around to including school zones.. they would do the whole city at once.. rolleyes

And.. there are still numerous main cross roads that do not show in the top header bar. mad

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and uses a 2689 to find my way.

Garmin Vehicles

Found this site by accident the other day if any one is interested. Has a lot of cool vehicles for your Garmin.

Cubs win the World Series !!

Smartphone link (Android) 2.7.0

A new Garmin Smartphone Link app was released 11Oct2017. Release notes are a cryptic "Improved Stability."


GE says 2018.30 is available

Problem to update Garmin Express from within - INSTRUCTIONS !

Well totally by accident I discovered why I was having problems to update Garmin Express from within the program. It would go so far and message me that it did not install.

The secret I found for that is to do the following !

Got to C:/Users/your name?/AppData/Local/Temp/

Notice the slash is wrong but that is because POIfactory will not allow backward slashes.

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, 3790LMT passed on to my daughter. Using Windows 10

Garmin Express v5.7.1.0 Is Available

Garmin Express v5.7.1.0 can now be downloaded.

Help needed - Program to create DB3 files

Well after the German VW site closed down and I cannot make my own DB3 files from saved waypoints, I have found a possible solution which will/may work for VW Garmin based Nav units.

Maybe some of the smarter members here, I know there are many here, can check out this program I have found and how to use it. Have to admit it now leaves me scratching my head. Can't afford to lose more hair.

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, 3790LMT passed on to my daughter. Using Windows 10

POI unidirecional com som wav é possível?

Oi, com o EPE é possível criar um POI unidirecional para disparar o alarme somente num sentido da rodovia, quando existe uma rodovia paralela com sentido contrário?
Alguém com experiência poderia me informar como fazer?.

(from Portugese via Google Translate)

Response to " In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems"

I just want to point out that the given info is not quite correct.
For example in the Garmin based Navigation units installed in Volkswagen products the stated info will not work !

To load any waypoints into these units you must copy all the waypoints into one folder. From here on I only know of two ways to install waypoints which must be converted to "Filenam.DB3"

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, 3790LMT passed on to my daughter. Using Windows 10
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