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Free routable maps for Garmin

As from time to time there are questions about maps for different world regions I would like to start topic about getting them legally.

There are two links to places where you can get legal, free maps for Garmin GPS. They are routable, so can be used to drive when on vacations. Coverage can differ sometimes, as often there are non commercial projects created by users.


Garmin FAQ area

Please read these before posting questions to this forum area.

Garmin 2798LMT English Language Update - Large File, Purpose/Feature Updates?

I recently noticed that my Garmin 2798LMT GPS had a very large optional English language update available ~ 565 MB. Upon calling Garmin, they couldn't really explain what it contained other than voice enhancements for the voice recognition. Has anyone installed this and has anyone noticed any improvements in this?

New GE is out

Hi Guys

A new GE is ready.


Viago for Apple updates and tweaks

A thread to discuss and track the updates, workarounds and fixes for the Apple Viago App and the available add-ons.

nüvi® 3790LMT - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with Garmin Viago Maps - GM Built-in Navigation system

Viago for Android updates and tweaks

A thread to discuss and track the updates, workarounds and fixes for the Android Viago App and the available add-ons.

nüvi® 3790LMT - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with Garmin Viago Maps - GM Built-in Navigation system

Garmin 2577

Just got the Garmin 2577 because I'm going to UK for a vacation and then plan to use it in USA from there on.
Can't get lifetime maps with 2577.
Is that a big disadvantage?
It came with Europe maps for about $30 more than the US only with lifetime.

Nuvi 260w not reading Europe map from SD card

I recently purchased the City Navigator Europe NT map on a microSD/SD card (SanDisk 4GB microSDHC), but my nuvi 260w isn't reading the card. With the card inserted, when i go to tools-->settings-->maps-->info, the Europe map isn't listed as an option.

Navteq Traffic Subscription Gone?

Has anyone else noticed their NAVTEQ traffic subscription seems to have gone missing on their Nuvi?

"Primum Non Nocere" 2595LMT Clear Channel and Navteq Traffic

Accidentally format nuvi50 - Please help!

Hi, i was trying to format the SD and i made a mistake and formatted the Garmin Nuvi50. I tried Recuva but i couldnt see the gps on the list of device. Someone could help me please?


GPS unit will not power up (model 540)

Hi, This is my first visit to the site. There is a lot of good information here. Thanks to all who took the time to contribute to the information.
My question is relative to the Garmin model 540.
It has proved to be a very useful GPS unit.

Same Garmin model different map

I own 2 Garmin Gps.. a 1450 and a C550. I like the feature of the mp3 player and be able to use my phone with the garmin.

2 month ago the sound on the C550 went out..on that unit I had the 2014.20 NT america map.

I purchase I used C550 garmin from Ebay..also have the mp3 and bluethoot compatible..and it work fine

Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD Custom POI Icons larger?

Hey all,

just wanted to know if there is a way to make the custom POI Icons that I download from here as large as the icons that show up on my map such as banks and gas station icons?


nuvi 855 Remote firmware

Got a message on my 855 today:

Updating Garmin remote firmware.

After turning unit off/on, didn't come back.


DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Garmin uses Nokia Web Maps?

If you look on the Garmin website for a particular Nuvi model there is now a "Find a Dealer" button on the page. If you click on that button you are taken to a basic world map where you enter a dealer type and aa address/zip code and get a map showing Garmin dealers that meet your criteria.

In the lower right corner of that map screen it says the maps are from Nokia/Microsoft.

Nuvi 350, 760, 1695LM, 3790LMT, 2460LMT, 3597LMTHD and TomTom XXL540s

2797LMT converts routes into trips


As explained in my first post at:

I have recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT.
Although this is a "car GPS", I intended on using it on my motorcycle in a similar fashion as explained here:

I still have a full deck. I just shuffle slower. Garmin 2797LMT

Invalid battery

Had an Invalid Battery error on my 855 this morning. Had to remove/reinstall the battery to clear it. Unit seemed to be working okay even with the error message. Battery on the way out?

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Custom POI / POI Loader installation trouble


I use POI Loader to install my Custom POIs on a Garmin 2455. I get the message that they have been installed, but when I check in Categories under Custom POIs it says "No matches found".

I am using a fault free CVS file and a micro SD card.

What is the problem?

Grateful for any help!


SET LOCATION button sometimes missing

I just got a 2797 and set another city as a location using the SET LOCATION button but now I can't seem to set a different location.

Base Camp

I was using the new Base Camp and found the user interface difficult, but persistence has it's own rewards as this product has some very neat features for creating a Route and finding relevant POI's once you find out how to use the goodies. However, after a few tries, my Base Camp is now telling me that my .Net is corrupted and must be re-installed.

Mel Mills
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