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In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems

Some in-dash infotainment systems use Garmin for navigation.

Custom POIs can sometimes be installed on these in-dash systems using Garmin's POI Loader software via a memory card or disk.

In other cases, custom POIs might require an alternative process or not be available.

Discussion threads for some makes/models are linked below.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Please check our Garmin FAQ section before posting questions to the Garmin forum area.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

"No Matches Found" When Searching For Some Locations

Have a Nuvi 52 with Base Map 5.01, Detailed Map dated 2017 and Software version 3.00.

Entered location name "Tullahoma" (located in TN, having a population of 24,494) and the GPS said... "No Matches Found". confused Tried using just the zip code 37388... and the same above results occurred. mad

I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Garmin has bricked!

My last GARMIN a 2689LMT has finally died. I am now totally only using a smartphone and Android-Auto.

I feel much better off. I have been using Google Maps and/or Waze almost exclusively for the past year, and only used the GARMIN in my 2nd car, now I'll be using my phone there also.

Tunnel Mode - Please add your model if it offers Tunnel Mode

Based on this thread:

it seems time to create a list of Garmin GPS devices that offer Tunnel Mode.

What is Tunnel Mode? Here's an example (the left-hand device in the video):

Garmin Tunnel Mode

Anyone know how Garmin Tunnel Mode works? I thought it might be Dead Reckoning, but my speed in the tunnel changed and the speedometer on the GPS unit did not. I have a Drive Assist 50 if that matters. Just curious how it worked.

Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S Foursquare

I have been using my Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S for a few months now. What I really didn't give a whole lot to, when I bought it, is the Foursquare feature. I have noticed that sometimes when I search for something it seems to come from the regular Garmin source and other times it lists Foursquare.

Bluetooth connection still not stable with Nuvicam

Bluetooth connection from iphone still not stable with Nuvicam after almost three years. Even new version of Smart Link app for IOS has not fixed the issue. Sometimes it works for days and then all of a sudden it starts dropping connection. Then I have to go to Settings on Nuvi, disable Bluetooth and re-enable it to make it working again. Yesterday, it failed 5 times out of 10 times.

Iphone 6 Plus, Nuvicam, Nuvi 3597LMTHD,765T,1490LMT

Custom Overlays Nuvi 2797

I am attempting to overlay a series of slightly shaded and transparent polygons built in Google Earth Pro (or any other method i can find) to represent geographic boundaries of Districts/Fire Zones for fire services.

Custom Polygons on the Map

Is there a way to create custom polygons on the map much like you see for parks, cemeteries, and golf courses? What I want to do is create habitat overlays for when I'm using it for bird watching

Map update 2019.10 successful but "Recently found" partially Chinese characters

Model 265WT upgraded to map update 2019.10 without incident but "Recently found" list is partially Chinese (or similar) characters. Is a hard reset the only way to possibly fix the issue?

John from PA

Question about 2019.1 map

Currently in Mexico and have a question for someone who has the new map installed.

Could someone with this map version please see if there is a BRAND NEW bypass showing south of Guadalajara. It should go from Zapotlanejo southwest via Chapala and a small town Sta.Cecilia and then toward El Arsenal in the west.

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, 3790LMT passed on to my daughter. Using Windows 10

Map Install Problem - Map file of 2180.6 Mb not going to Destination with 31090.4 MB available

Helping a buddy with a Zumo 350 install all of NA 2019.1 onto his device.

Got the NA Canada and Border states to go vai Express but Mapinstall 4.1.1. won't let me install the remainder to an SD card. Mapinstall is the current version.

I am actually uglier than the GIF! <grin>

660 rv lmt

My unit quit showing the % of grade when we are going up or down a grade......anybody else have that problem and if you did , how did you fix it?

DirveSmart 50 compass

I recently noticed a new feature on the Trip Information screen - a compass beside the direction text. However, the direction indicated by the compass is different from the text, other than for North and South, i.e. if the text reads Northwest, the compass shows Northeast


DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

GPS is sometimes not used properly

I recently found that GPS navigation doesn't work properly every time I drive to a particular area.
Does that mean GPS signals are being disrupted? I don't know if it's artificial or because of the nearby buildings. Can someone tell me what's going on?

Garmin Express

is now available!

Release Notes:
-Users can now add a Monterra to Express if there is a SD card inserted.
-For Approach S1 users, we fixed an issue that would not allow the user to change courses following an update.
-Helped address an incorrect cycle map part number being installed to the Fenix 5x for AU/NZ users.
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

255W Weird Problems (car power shows data connection)

My 255W started acting strangely about a month ago. When I connect it with the car power adapter, it acts like it's making a data connection to a computer. I tested it with another known-good Garmin car power adapter and it behaves the same way.

3790 battery and person or outfit to do the replacement

I'm looking for a outfit or person to replace a battery in my 3790LMT. I asked at @SHARCNETUSA (Twitter) but didn't receive a response.

I can't do it myself at this time.

Have you had RECENT experience with someone or an establishment who can do this for me?

My unit is working fine and has the most recent update (2 days ago.)

Suggestions welcomed.

Gary Hayman

Garmin nuvi 3790LMT, 755T & 650. Prev. GPSs: GPSIII+, SP 2610, 250W; Magellan 2200T; Originator of GARMIN NUVI TRICKS, TIPS, WORK AROUNDS, HINTS, SECRETS & IDEAS

Suggestions for factory refurb Garmin 2599 LMTHD

Can anyone recommend some sources for a factory refurb 2599 LMTHD unit?

John from PA
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