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In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems

Some in-dash infotainment systems use Garmin for navigation.

Custom POIs can sometimes be installed on these in-dash systems using Garmin's POI Loader software via a memory card or disk.

In other cases, custom POIs might require an alternative process or not be available.

Discussion threads for some makes/models are linked below.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Please check our Garmin FAQ section before posting questions to the Garmin forum area.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

creating POI with approximity alarts on the GPSMAP 276cx

Hi All,

is there anyone who has the experience to tell me why i coulnd't get the pOI Alert working in my GPSMAP 276cx. the same file has been added to the Nuvi 3597 and working fine.

Recommendation (traffic without smartphone)

Haven't been active in a while as been using the smartphone but I am looking to replace an older Garmin unit and looking for the best unit with traffic that don't need a smartphone to provide it per the preference of who will be using it.
Was looking at a Refurbished DriveSmart 51 LMT-S but see needs the smartphone app.

Garmin SP 2730 and Nuvi 760

Garmin DriveSmart 61 firmware update v4.40

DriveSmart 61 firmware updated to version 4.40 as of November 13, 2018.

Fixed an issue that caused wireless map updates to fail.

How can I edit waypoints on a Nuvi 3597

I had a 1490 and I could edit POIs & waypoints on the screen.
I transferred my userdata.gpx and current.gpx file to my 3597.
I can add a waypoint but I can't edit the address or the name. I copied the above files to my computer and edited them then copied back and overwrote the ones on the unit. It still shows the same data even though the files have the correct info.

2019.30 changes

Any noticeable changes on this update?

Put my Garmin in the glove box

I have been using a Garmin GPS on my dash since 2007. I got a DriveLuxe51 last year and love it but now I am keeping it mostly in my glove box.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

Garmin Nuvi Memory

I have the following Garmins that I have added memory to:

Garmin Nuvi 350

Garmin Nuvi 360

Garmin Nuvi 500

When I update maps, however, it onlu gives me the option of updating a portion and not the entire United States. I memory that I h ave added to each one should be more than enough to download the entire country. What do I need to do to use the additional memory?

Dezl users? Dezl files went away after 2019.30 update

Any other Dezl users? After I updated to 2019.30 the trucking unique info was not on my unit anymore. Any others have this problem or is my situation unique?



I installed the new map in unit and downloaded jcv file and unzipped it and was ready to install it. 1450 was plugged in computer to charge up before the jcv install. I totally forgot about it and computer went to sleep. When I did get back it was dead. Thought to wake up and let it charge up some. Nothing. Unplugged usb and tried again. Nothing.

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Vista, Win 10

Large JCV File For 2019.30 Map


Edit: The above download link was changed and the current file download is in a native, uncompressed file format that will not need to be unzipped.

Never saw this before..... Upgrade issue

We have 2 2689LMT’s.
Both unit’s Maps were updated this evening.....
On Both, GE said the Update was Successful....
I tested both in their cars afterward. And.....
As I normally do, I check to see the map version info
Is updated.
First one OK. See that it loads maps OK.
Next one reports new map and Foursquare......

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

2019.30 Is here!

Come and get it!

Deleting old MapSource/Express Maps

What's the best way to delete old maps? I have them back to 2008. I don't see a way in MapSource. Do you just delete the directory?

><> Glenn <>< Garmin nüvi 2598

New Garmin handhelds?

I'm looking at buying the Garmin Oregon 700 soon but am wondering if I should hold off for January? Do you think that they will come out with a newer model? I plan on buying their 24k topo maps as well.

Testing if mp3 file plays when approaching the location

Hello, is there a way to test if the mp3 files loaded with Garmin POI Loader will play when approaching the location without taking the gps on the physical location. I have a Nuivi3490.
Thank you

Nuvi 2689 white screen coming out of standby

Occasionally my Nuvi 2689 wakes up from standby with nothing but a white screen. What I usually have to do is then fully power down by holding the power button in for about 10 seconds, and then power back up. This essentially causes a reboot.

Anyone encounter this or have a remedy. The unit has had maps and software upgraded several times and the issue still occurs.

John from PA

Live Police Reports Similar to Waze

I just purchased the POI red light and speed camera subscription.

Is there anything available for live police reports similar to Waze either through POI Factory or another company for Garmin GPS units?

Garmin Nuvi 3597 Forgot we were on a trip

Selected a saved location i hadn't been to this morning and after not taking the exact path it wanted it picked up on my route. Trip was about 22 miles and about half way there it suddenly was not showing me the way. Like i was just riding down the road. My next turn it stayed silent. I turned then pulled over and entered the location again and everything worked fine. No idea what happened.

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