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FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

MapInstall Problem - 660 vs. 3597

Today I decided to finally update my Nuvi 660 to the latest map. (I did the 3597 the day 2018.20 came out - to Device & Computer)

So, I plug the 660 into the USB cord. GE comes up and says new map is available for 660. Knowing that GE won't install the map (over 2Gb limit), I close it and open MapInstall.

Metricman Nuvi 660, GTM-20 Traffic Receiver Nuvi 3597 GTM-60 Traffic Receiver Williamsburg, VA

New Models Comparable to 3597?

Has Garmin put out a new unit that is comparable to the 3597?

I don't see a "Prestige" line-up of models on their site.

Thanks !

basecamp route useing longitude/latitude

now that i can do basecamp with waypoints or routeing tool
i would like to try doing a route with longitude/latitude
coordinates . how do i enter a starting point lat/lon and
then 3 or 4 more turns .i am sure this is old stuff for you
guys but i am a little new at this wizz,bang stuff .
overthehill ..

Capt Confusion

Best Micro SD Cards for Garmin Dash Cam 55

HI Guys,

Based on your experienced, what do you recommend will be the best micro SD cards for Garmin Dash Cam 55 which records at 1440 pixel? Garmin just states Class 10 and it can supports up to 64 GB without any recommendations for speed of read/write. But certain manufacturers void their warranties on their Micro SD cards if it was used for dash cam.


my new/refurbished nuvi 3597 arrived ...

The perfect fathers day gift .My new/refurbished nuvi 3597
arrived today .it came with all the accessories, the 12v wire
, u.s.b. plug in and mount. it works perfect. i could not be
happier . thank you P.O.I factory and G.P.S city .

Capt Confusion

Nuvi 55LM and custom POI

I'm new to the forum and to working with custom POIs.

I have a Nuvi 55LM and a 1450LMT. Before I get too deep into working with custom POI files, I want to be sure that the 55 and/or the 1450 is capable of using the custom POIs and, if so, where will I access them on the unit?

This is a great resource and I appreciate all the incredible information that is posted here.

nuvi 3597, what in the box

I have a 2 year old nuvi 3597 and a new driveluxe 51 lmt .
i took the 51 lmt out of my truck and gave it to my kid.
put the 3597 back in the truck . i see that the G.P.S.
store has the 3597 on sale , i want one for a back up should
something happen to the old one . my question is , what comes
it , when i bought mine from Best buy it came with a 12v power

Capt Confusion

sending basecamp route to friends computer .

now that i have learned how to use base camp how can i send a route to my riding friends home computer . i have a drive 60 GPS. .now that i know how to use base camp every one wants me to make
routes for them .
thanks for any info .

Capt Confusion

Planning trip over several days with preferred scenic routes

It's been a while since my last long trip and my memory is a bit fuzzy on best practice for getting my preferred route rather than the "optimum" route.

nuvi 26x9 software version 8.60

Changes made from version 8.50 to 8.60:

* Improved software stability.

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Frustrating.... (Zumo 550 died)

I have a Zumo 550 GPS on my Harley. It's 9 years old, and I've repaired it three times. I've had a handlebar cradle mount problem that finally died last week. They're no longer made, none on ebay, or Amazon. Found a new one in Australia, ordered it, with shipping and taxes cost $108.00 It shipped yesterday. My GPS died today.......

USN Recon Heavy Attack Squadron 1, Smoking Tigers. --- Zumo 595LM mounted on Harley handlebars.

Smartphone Link Update

The app, for Android at least, has been updated today. Sounds good.


Improved GPS signal usage
Enhanced power efficiency
Miscellaneous bug fixes

Price drop on DriveSmart 61LMT-S

I see the stores dropped the price down to $199 for this unit.. I bought one from Amazon last week and paid $249...
Being just released this spring I wonder if there are hardware issues etc that are realized and they are offing them fast to come out with a better one. Just seems odd so I wonder.

updates maps for garmin

i see that everyone saying they have the new updated map for the garmin, my question to you all, where do i get the update

Servant of God

WiFi map update on Drive 51/61 models

I was expecting to see some discussion on the 2018.20 map update thread regarding the WiFi map update capability on the 2017 Garmin Drive 51/61 models. Maybe I just missed it, but I don't recall seeing any comments about it.

Alan - Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra

Routing question...

Oh, almighty Garmin Guru's... I plead your indulgence.

I have an old Garmin 1490 and I have just returned from Florida and I have a question about Routing. I've never had this problem occur before.

Help With New GPS Decision

I will be purchasing a new Motorhome for retirement in the not to distant future, and I know my current GPS will not suffice for that purpose. I have looked at both the DESI and RV770LMT.

Temperature Information

Today was interesting looking at the temperature displayed on my Garmin Nuvi 3597. While I was driving though rural Minnesota, I noticed that the temperature displayed on my Garmin was 90 degrees! That was with data received via the HD radio signal. Then, I switched to Bluetooth and the displayed temperature dropped to 82 degrees.

Can't get the Green Heart icon not to show.. on Drivesmart 61LMT-S

Tried everything in the menu's.. can't get the huge green heart icon not to show on the map... Any work around... I called Garmin and he worked with me and it didn't help..
Something I'm missing? similar menu compared to the 2797 I have.

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