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In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems

Some in-dash infotainment systems use Garmin for navigation.

Custom POIs can sometimes be installed on these in-dash systems using Garmin's POI Loader software via a memory card or disk.

In other cases, custom POIs might require an alternative process or not be available.

Discussion threads for some makes/models are linked below.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Please check our Garmin FAQ section before posting questions to the Garmin forum area.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Downloading old Garmin maps

I have a Garmin 3590LMT that I have updated to 2022.25.

I don't actually use this device for navigating: I use it as a legitimate source for Garmin maps that I load into my 2012 Dodge Journey. The Journey's built-in navigation is provided by Garmin, and is very similar in capabilities to the 3590. It even supports Junction View, even though the car did not come with that included.


Selectable voices?

My old Nuvi allows me to pick from a variety of voices. Do any of the current Garmin models have this feature? With my hearing impairment I find I can understand the British female voice best, and I'd prefer the same, or a similar voice when I buy my next gps.

"Recalculating... drive 0.2 miles, then abandon vehicle." ------------- [ETrex Venture CX; Nüvi 40]


Updated to this version today

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

GPI for two nuvi

I have preferred routes, settings and custom POI in my nuvi 2689, I am wondering if I can copy the *.gpi file to to my nuvi 50, so I would have identical information on both units.

Garmin Drive Custom POI & Sounds

Using the format for creating custom poi on this site under the topic "Garmin CSV File Format" did not work for me. Those instructions showed the name info to be in quotes, but that resulted in garbage names on my Garmin Drive 52 when loaded.

Storm Tracking

Since I live on the South Carolina coast I have great interest in tracking hurricanes as they threaten my coast. For years I have uses Microsoft’s Streets and Trips for that purpose, but even though I still have a working copy, I know its days are numbered, and I have been looking for a replacement. I have been messing around with routes on the DS-86, and there it is.


Garmin Drive 52 Red Light Camera Alerts

This is my first post. Thinking of installing the POI-Factory Red Light Camera file on my new Garmin Drive 52 GPS device. This is my first Garmin GPS device and I am not sure if the Red Light file is worth installing. Will I get Red Light camera alerts using this POI file or do I have to pay Garmin to use their Red Light service?

DS-86 Downer

I just discovered that the DS-86 does not have a “Shorter Distance” navigation option.

I discussed this with Garmin Support, and they said that it was an engineering decision, but others had complained, and a case had been opened. He said that if enough complaints are made, it will be added.


Life With the DS-86

Life With the DS-86


DS 65 fails to start.. or just a black screen?

I have my DS65 permanently connected to the ACC power source (cigarette lighter). A connection that has served me well for several generations of Garmins. Unit starts up when I start the vehicle and (with a countdown) turns off with the vehicle.

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and now (since June 20 2021) uses a DS65 to find his clients.

nuvi 50 -Custom POI

I installed Custom POI with corresponding Map Icons using POI Loader.
These icons do not show up on the map.
Does this unit have the ability to show the icons on the map?

For Sale DriveSmart 65

I bought a new GPS and need to sell my Garmin DriveSmart 65. Let me know if you are interested. $150

Don’t know why. But. (Updates)

I updated my POI’s today and deciddd to see if anything is afoot with updates.

I’m downloading a new map! I just did it a month or so ago!

It started before I could determine what it was.
More later!!

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Request for Garmin Drive 52 highway exit screenshot

Been searching all over the internet for this and couldn't find it, so I'm hoping somebody here can provide a screenshot (or photo, either is fine.)

What I'm looking for is an image of what the US highway exit number looks like when displayed in the top green text bar, like this:

Garmin NA 2022.30 Map Update Watch

Given Garmin’s convention of naming updates one year ahead, the time is drawing near for the final map update of the year, 2022.30. Time is drawing short for Garmin to either “perform” or get off the pot with “perform” being used in a metaphorical sense in order to maintain forum civility.

Traffic Issue with NUVI 2555LMT

I haven't used my NUVI2555LMT for a long time, until recently.

I noticed that the Traffic Icon was Gray and when I tapped it, it said "The Traffic Receiver Power Cable is Disconnected"

When I looked at the Traffic Info on the GPS, it read "No Traffic Providers". I'm confident that my cable is OK, since it worked the last time, that I used the GPS.


Speed Limit Missing from nuvi 2597LMT

I recently purchased a used 2597 because my 57LM quit working and is not repairable. I updated everything on the 2597 and it works well except that the speed limit is missing. I have tried reinstalling the maps, hard resets and anything else I could think of, but the speed limit is still missing. The memory is nearly, but not completely full. I did not get a memory error when updating.


Basecamp can not find this GPS
"You may also need to set interface option on your GPS to Garmin or Host"
How do I do this on the NUVI265W

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