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In-Dash Garmin Nav Systems

Some in-dash infotainment systems use Garmin for navigation.

Custom POIs can sometimes be installed on these in-dash systems using Garmin's POI Loader software via a memory card or disk.

In other cases, custom POIs might require an alternative process or not be available.

Discussion threads for some makes/models are linked below.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Please check our Garmin FAQ section before posting questions to the Garmin forum area.

FAQ: Garmin Nav Systems

Facebook link re maps

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Continue To Weg

I was navigating yesterday with OpenStreetMaps on my Garmin Zumo XT.

I received a message Continue to Weg.

Does anybody know the meaning of "weg"?

How to access custom POIs on Garmin DS55?

Can another owner of a Garmin DriveSmart 55 tell me how to access custom POIs on that device? I just bought a DS55 to replace my 15-year-old nüvi 250W. To access custom POIs on my nüvi, I’d go Where to > Extras > Custom POIs. I don’t see the equivalent of that on the DS55.

Is that because I haven’t yet loaded custom POIs? If yes, how do I get to them once I do?

Many thanks.

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Touch Screen Calibration Never Ends

I need to calibrate my touch screen. However, once I start the calibration sequence the dots keep going over and over. I never get the calibration complete message. None of the touch buttons work so the only way I can get the calibration is holding the upper left corner when powering on.

I have a nuvi 205W with the latest software. Can someone help? TIA.

Garmin Maps That Display Property Ownership

I am looking for maps that I can load onto my Garmin that show property ownership. OnX maps did, but they no longer sell the micro SD cards with that one them.

Polaris Ride Command shows property ownership, but they are an app for Android and Apple iOS smartphones. Are there any others that are currently available that will work with Garmin?

Garmin Express

Garmin Express ready for download. Resolves issue with Epix devices not being detected.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor - Offline Maps & GPS.

Can POIs Be Loaded On Garmin Bicyles GPS Devices?

As posted above, can POIs be loaded on Garmin bicycle GPS devices?

Also, are Garmin Cycle maps actually just OSM maps?

Garmin Eco-Route HD

I bought a new vehicle recently and when I was cleaning out the trade in, I discovered an old Garmin Eco-Route HD module plugged into the vehicle diagnostic port.

Garmin Expess

New update available . Hopefully this is a prerequisite for the new map.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor - Offline Maps & GPS.

CN EU 2024.20 NTU

CN EU 2024.20 NTU released today

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Powering the Garmin unit on before starting car

I was driving yesterday, and my wife was cleaning the area around the plug. She had to pull out the garmin power cable for a few minutes. Since the unit was powered on when I started the car, the garmin unit immediately turned off. From now on I am going to power the garmin unit on before starting the car, and turn the unit off when am ready to leave the car.

Wow… Garmin Express No Longer Supports Windows OS versions 8 and Older

From the Garmin Forums:

Garmin Express No Longer Supports Windows OS versions 8 and Older

With the release of Garmin Express 7.18.0, support for Windows OS versions 8 and older is being dropped.

The latest version of Garmin Express, including 7.18.0, may still work on these older OSes.

John from PA

GE for Windows 7.18.10 released

GE for Windows 7.18.10 was just released. My personal advice is not to jump right in, especially if you have Garmin watches, hiking devices, etc. Garmin Forums seem to indicate that was the majority of issues with the previous version.

There is at least one report of a continuing problem with someone running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

John from PA

Extra POI editor v6.04 Script Error

Tried running Extra POI editor v6.04 on Windows 11 and get a script when it tries to connect to Google Maps. Any fix for this, or a different POI editor program?

Google may partner with Garmin to bring satellite texting to Android

Google may partner with Garmin to bring satellite texting to Android

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Apparently Garmin has discontinued POI Loader

When I tried to download the current POI Loader from I got this: "Sorry, we can't find that page." I then tried searching the Garmin website for POI Loader, but there were no results.

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It's been reported that GE version was removed (Windows OS)

Supposedly GE version was removed from Garmin's direct download website and replaced with the previous

John from PA

GTM 60 / HD traffic...gone?

A while back, I noticed that I was no longer receiving traffic updates on my nuvi 3490LMT...has HD Traffic gone the way of the Dodo? I can not even find anything in the "Subscriptions" area of the Garmin website to try and activate a new subscription.

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