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Trip Meter Accuracy - Impressed

I went to Pensacola, FL from Atlanta and I cleared out the trip meter in the GPS and the trip meter in my truck and I was surprised on the accuracy of the trip meter of the GPS verses the vehicle. Over the 400 mile journey there was a 1 mile difference between the GPS & truck trip meter.

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

Entering Certain Roads into Garmin C530

I have a new Garmin C530 GPS. I have found one issue with it and wonder if anyone can clarify it for me. I live is Ohio and many of the roads in the southern part of the state are named just by their state route number. So when I leave my area of the state to drive south and want to program where I drive I can't get door to door directions. Example: my destination may be like this: 1234 State Route 821.

how to delete custom poi and also sort custom poi into categories, etc.

Is there any way to sort and file custom POI's? i put in super wal marts (1600+ poi's) and then hospitals/health care sites (10,000 +) and now cant seem to sort them and it's a pain in the a* * to scroll through thousanda of poi's.

Also, how do you delete custom poi's that you don't want or don't need? I was going to delete the two above that i saved to the nuvi drive memory but can't find a "delete and/or remove custom poi" choice anywhere.

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Motorcycle Mount?

Where/what do I need to mount my C330 on my Harley Sportster? I know, I know, C330 is NOT waterproof and NOT recommended for bike use.

Garmin Nuvi 660 (POI Loader)

I am new here, but this site is so helpful I thought I'd best contribute. After much confusion, I have discovered that the Nuvi 660 WILL categorize POI's in the Custom POI list."

Having 2 identical POI's, one factory preloaded and the other uploaded from this site

Thank you all for indulging this new GPS owner (Nuvi 360) in his quest for knowledge!!!

If I upload a list of custom POI's (e.g.- US hospitals) from this site, or others, and the information is duplicated in the factory preloaded POI's, does that create a problem, or does the poi icon simply display and show up twice?

I don't want to upload this list if it will create navigation confusion!! But hey, I'm new at this and don't understand the technical side yet.

"It is well to remember that the universe, with one trifling exception, is comprised of others!"

Nuvi 660 Bluetooth and Treo 700P

I have a Nuvi 660 and a Treo 700p which work together well with bluetooth with one exception: When a call comes in the Nuvi caller ID screen displays the last call ID, not the current one. It is like it is reading from the call history file. The phone has the correct caller ID but not the Nuvi.

Anyone else experience this? Except for this minor bug the unit is really great.

Problem and fix on my nuvi 350

Tonight, my nuvi 350 suddenly lost all detail in it's maps (North America version 8). It got stuck in a loop where it would say "calculating" on the screen (but no percent indicator of it's progress), the voice would say "recalculating" and then immediately "please drive to highlighted route", and then immediately "recalculating" again since there wasn't actually a highlighted route to follow. I tried resetting, and that didn't do anything at all.

Can Nuvi 360 show POI's that are preloaded on maps as you're driving?

I have a Nuvi 360 and noticed that the only POI's that show up on the screen (e.g. gas stations, stores, etc- not streets or neighborhoods) are the ones i added to favorites, and not the preloaded POI's. Any way to get the ones that came with Nuvi to show up during routine navigation like the Magellans do?


"It is well to remember that the universe, with one trifling exception, is comprised of others!"

Speedometer on Garmin c340

I've noticed that the Garmin c340 has a Speedometer and tells you your current speed as your traveling down the highway. From what I've seen it tends to be fairly accurate. I do have a quick question about it.

On the Round Speed Gauge with the needle, I've noticed that it hads a few brown lines inside the circle gauge that as you go along the side they start turning Red. Do these Red Bars mean your speeding, do they change position as the posted speed limit changes? just wondering haven't had


Garmin C530

Hi everyone, I would like to purchase a coiled car charger on e-bay that charges my c530 thru the usb port instead of the bottom charge port.Would this be safe to do? I like the idea of the neater coiled cable and the ease of connecting to the usb port.
Thanks for any help,

Updated Maps

Hello... Will I be able to update the mapping software on my StreetPilot i5 for free? How often will the map updates be available? I always would want to have the most up to date streets and what not you know... Thanks so much....

How to? (load onto SD)

I haven't fount out how to direct POI loader to put the POI's on the SD card. what am I missing?

nuvi350 upgraded to V4.3 and small SD card for testing. etrex Legend and gps60 csx & GPSmap60CSx

Garmin StreetPilot i5, should I buy?

Hi..... I've been using GPS's for a while now and I really love what they can do... My last GPS was a Garmin eTrex Summit. I recently came across the Garmin StreetPilot i5, and it seems to be getting wonderful reviews... Do you guys recommend this unit? Should I be worried that it does not have a SiRF Star III receiver? Thanks so much for everyones help.....

Maximum POI's for nuvi 350?

What's the maximum number of POI's you can have installed on nuvi 350? Anyone run into limitations? I'm only at 12,000 right now and it doesn't even seem to blink at that amount.

Joe Morris,, Garmin nuvi 350

Map details in Garmin C330

I don't see any difference when I select map with more or most details. It appears same in normal or most detail mode. What is the difference in normal or most?

I will appreciate your help.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597

nuvi 350 and WAAS

Only had this about a week and loving it. I did notice that WAAS was turned off by default. Is there some reason for this? I know with the older units, having WAAS enabled takes a little more CPU time and can make calculations much slower. With this new nuvi I figured the extra CPU hit would be trivial.

So, is there any reason to disable WAAS when navigating city roads with this model?

Joe Morris,, Garmin nuvi 350

New Nuvi announced

Hey what do you all think of this?

I think it's pretty cool but I could live without the MSN Direct thing.It is nice that they are throwing in the service for one year with the purchase of the unit. After that I wouldn't pay for that.I my opinion it's not worth the monthly cost.

CityNavigator NT v8 on Streetpilot C530 vs DVD

Found differences between the DVD and the maps inside my GPS (Streetpilot c530).
I requested the DVD to load waypoints back and forth between my computer and GPS. As others have experienced, they shipped the DVD at no charge (tech support said he wished they had included them with the units as they get many calls for them). When I loaded the DVD onto my PC (updated mapsource to latest version over web), I looked for my home street(under find addresses). It wasn't there but it does show in the map. On my c530, it is shown and also can be found. Also, one of my local Wal-Marts is mispositioned on the GPS (about 1 mile East), but the DVD shows it correctly positioned.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

Do I have the only C530 with drawing problems?

My C530 has some occasional drawing problems, which nobody at Garmin tech-support has ever heard of. I've posted a couple times here, and only one person had a similar experience, and for them it only happened once (also in Oregon).

Does everybody's C530 *always* update the map as they drive along, with no exceptions? Has anybody with a C530 ever spent enough time in Portland Oregon to drive all over town and see how the model performs?

C530 with TTS mod