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Lowe's USA/CAN (CSV & OV2 Files)

Last updated: 05/27/2016
1756 locations; Lowes_USA_Can.csv (199.86 KB)

Recent Changes

  • mahoney - May 27, 2016
    The location in Bristol,VA has relocated to 401 Cabela Dr, Bristol,VA.

Roman Catholic Churches in Illinois

Last updated: 05/27/2016
618 locations; Churches_IL_2016-05.csv (41.02 KB)

Recent Changes

  • BCfromKY - May 27, 2016
    Added Diocese of Joliet

  • BCfromKY - May 24, 2016
    Added Diocese of Belleville.

ajasaro's picture

Bonefish Grills

Last updated: 05/27/2016
211 locations; Bonefish Grill.csv (20.83 KB)

Gabriel Brothers

Last updated: 05/26/2016
101 locations; GABE'S-RUGGED WAREHOUSE.csv (15.09 KB)

Recent Changes

  • GlobeTurtle - May 26, 2016
    changed maintainer to mahoney

ajasaro's picture

Gulf Gas Stations

Last updated: 05/26/2016
1744 locations; Gulf.csv (137.01 KB)
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File Formats

Our POI files are currently available in Garmin CSV or GPX format. It's easy to load them into newer Garmin GPS models using Garmin POI Loader.

Files that are in CSV format are also available in the TomTom OV2 format. If the file you want is not in the format that you are interested in, you can convert them to other formats (e.g., TomTom OV2 files) using software such as poiEdit (by Dnote Software).

POI files may also be converted to waypoints and used with virtually any GPS that can receive data from a computer.

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