Experience with Nuvi 360 to date


Picked up the Nuvi 360 yesterday as I am having a problem with the suction mount on my C330.

Initial thoughts as compared to my C330:

1) Nuvi 360 volume adjustment needs to be done via menu unlike the C330 which has a volume button on the side
2) volume on the 360 just doesn't seem to be as loud as the C330; perhaps this has to do with the smaller size of the speaker and that the speaker faces out the back of the unit, so when it is mounted on the windshield, it actually faces away from the driver. Would have been nice if the speaker was facing the front of the unit.
3) when the volume is adjusted up and I am driving on the highway, the voice directions seems to be somewhat garbled. I hope I have not already blown the one tiny speaker.
4) the unit comes with the ability to speak street names - this doesn't work very well. For example, if it needs to say HWY 407...I expected it to say "highway 407", but instead, it spells out "H W Y Four Hundred and Seven ", "Street" comes out as "Saint". I am using the British woman's voice. Perhaps I should just stick with the American woman's voice.
5) The unit comes with the latest maps...the 2008 version. There are so much more details available in the newer map than the 2007 version, even at the "Normal" setting. The colors are fantastic.
6) the unit is supposed to play MP3's. Two days later, I am still having difficulty importing playlists and files. The instructions just don't seem to cut it on how to go about doing this. The sound from the one speaker is lousy (see #2 above).
7) The other features such as the JPEG viewer, currency converter, language translator, etc are neat, but not sure if I will ever use them as my BlackBerry can do most of these things as well.
8) The Nuvi 360 weighs almost 1/2 that of the C330, hopefully it will not keep falling off the windshield like the C330.
9) Perhaps it is my imagination, but I think the satellite pick up is faster than the C330 and the reroute calculations are also faster. They may have changed the reroute logic somehow though, as I tried it on a route I used going home and the recalculations yielded a different result than the C330.
10) The Nuvi 360 cost $150 more than the C330. At this point I am considering whether I should return it for the Nuvi 250, which is the same price as the C330.

I like mine

I really like my Nuvi360. There are problems, as you said, but it is very convenient to put it in my pocket when I leave my car.
You are right on the voice. If you use the American voices, your street names will be pronounced correctly.
I bought a cheap FM transmitter and plugged it into my Nuvi. It plays the voice through my car stereo. I also have a 2gb SD Card with all my mp3's on it, so I can also listen to music.
On the MP3 option, you might want to buy a SD card to put your music on. Also, it will only play MP3 files, not any other type of music file.
If you hook your Nuvi to your computer, it should show you a folder for MP3's. Just drag your music and playlists to that folder.

I hope this helps you.

Garmin Nuvi 660

Got the Playlist to work

It was noted in the instructions that I may have to edit the Playlist file using a text editor to remove the drive path in order to get it to work. I finally figured out how to do this and the playlists now play on the Nuvi 360.

I am going on a trip this week which will give me more time to play with the Nuvi 360. Hopefully I will be able to make up my mind on keeping it or not.