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Nuvi 760 & VerizonWireless BlueTooth


I have the nuvi 760 and a verizon lg 8700. The bluetooth function between them is TOTALLY worthless in all functions. Anyone else having issues with garmin bluetooth and the verizon phones?? I did notice the bluetooth firmware update when I did the webupdater,,,,,but don't know if that was involved,,,,


nuvi' 2450

new voices available via webupdater

new voices available via webupdater

Changes from version 1.30 to version 1.40:
Made compatibility changes for future Garmin products.
Changes from version 1.20 to version 1.30:
Fixed a problem where voice was not handling map phonetics correctly.
Changes from version 1.00 to version 1.20:
Added support for reading SMS messages on products that support this.

Pedestrian mode-am I missing something?

I was vacationing out West and decided to try pedestrian mode and didn't find it that useful. I programmed it to go to a destination and it said "head to Las Palmas Road" but I wasn't sure how,I was in a parking lot in a shopping mall, I had to keep changing my view to get oriented-wouldn't it be better to have an arrow showing the direction to keep walking?

Nuvi 750

How to get POI's for your destination

I am wondering why I can't get POI's for my "destination", in other words, I would like to view POI's of the city I am heading to. When I am on a trip I want to know the restaraunts in 3 hours, not immediate sometimes. The only ones that come up are the ones near me currently, where I am located. I tried to reset my home location and still I got my old home location POI's.

Nuvi 750

GTM 20 Traffic Receiver! Are my eyes deceiving me???

Ok, now that the initial shock is over. I am wondering if any of you knowledgable folks can explain to me why this traffic receiver costs $214.27 at the Garmin site???

That is nearly twice the cost of the MSN receiver and nearly the cost of a Nuvi at a good price with a traffic receiver included. Please help me understand this if you can.

Alert sounds

How can I tell if the alert sound for say a rest stop is actually working with approaching that stop. i.e. after installing is there a test to see if they are working. I have a NUVI 760

MSN Direct V2 for 750?

I read from the garmin website that the 750 is MSN Direct compatible if you buy the MSN direct reciever. I have the following questions:

- If I buy a reciever for my 750 will it have the MSN direct v2 features?

- Has anyone found a good price on a MSN direct reciever?

GPS File exchange

I have created a list of waypoints and tracks for a series of kayak trails. I did this on my Garmin eTrex, and have saved it to a website as a .GPX file, from where I can (and have) download it to other Garmin handhelds and marine GPS units.

Cum catapulatae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.

Garmin c550 from Amazon

question Purchased a Garmin c550 for my wife from Amazon. It arrived last week. First of all the inside of the Garmin Box was torn and then the plastic ring that holds the tip and fuse in the traffic receiver/dc input was broken.

Steve Johnson


how can i upload the icons to my garmin thanx

MP3 player on NUVI 350

Hi all,

How many mp3 songs can you play on your NUVI 350? I have downloaded 59 MP3 songs to my NUVI350,but I could play 37 songs only .I don't know why? Thanks.

Size of vehicle

I think I saw on here somewhere about how to change the size of the vehicle on the screen to make it smaller. Is this possible?


Nuvi 660 touch screen pressure?

Has anybody else noticed the amount of pressure it takes to activate selections on the touch screen of the 660?

I have had two 660's and both require a bit more than a light tab to make selections.
Now the demo unit at BB requires just a light touch.

Directional POI's

Howdy Ya'll!

I've been busy trying to find all of California's Truck Weigh Stations. I've got them, and now its time to start making my POI files.

What I am attempting to do is create a file that lets you know 1/4 mile BEFORE the last exit that you can take to avoid the scales.
NOT the actual scale location.

Now for my big question.


I have been trying to load icon with two of my POI files. An icon for each file. The files and the icons are in the same file. Each has the correct extension and the names are correct. It will not load onto my NUVI 760. I have even tried removing one of the files and its associated icon still no luck. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Sound alert skips mp3s insead of playing sound

After installing a sound alert mp3 on my Garmin 680 as instructed (with the same name as the POI file) the alert makes the mp3 player skip to the next song instead of playing the alert sound. sad Installing the POI without the sound alert mp3 works fine (default alert tone). Thoughts anyone? Thanks. grin

Poi loader

Everytime I use the POI loader to download something new why do I have to always set my distance for my alerts. Is there anyway I can download a poi and have my alerts which I usually have it set up to alert me in 1320 feet to not change to zero feet. Thanks in advance.

Garnin Nuvi 350


anyone know where I can get PoiEdit? Thanks.


Hey guys, I was wondering how you make your own custom POIs. Thanks for the help.

GPXX v3 files & Address based waypoints

I am trying to understand what the correct format of a GPXX v3 file would be if I want to use it to transfer a street address to a nuvi device via an SD card using the POI Loader.

Following is a GPXX v3 file to my local grocery store. It passes when I run it through an XML validator, and the POI Loader successfully converts it to a GPI file.