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daylight saving time for garmin ique m5

Anybody can tell me where I can turn DST on or off for the Garmin iQue M5? Thanks.

GPS Warn

I am wondering if anyone here has tried GPS Warn?

I was thinking that it might be handy to enter my name and address in the start-up sequence.

Europe Maps

Hi; I'm going on atrip to London & Germany in July and would like to know if there are less expensive map software for the Nuvi 660.

Paying $299 for Europe maps for a few days is kind of expensive...


Nuvi 660 won't read my SanDisk 2gb card

I just purchased by Nuvi 660 and pretty much have everything up and running except for the memory card. I have a SanDisk 2gb card that is formated Fat 32 and works fine in my Treo 700 and other card readers that I have. The card is also recognized by my computer when I put it in the Nuvi 66O and plug it in to the competer via the USB connection.

Still no DST update for the Nuvi 350.

Still no DST update for the Nuvi 350. All other Garmins have been updated but the 350. I don't understand how they can forget about the Nuvi 350 users. It may be one of the oldest Nuvi models out there but I'm guessing that the 350 users out number all the rest put together.Could it be they just forgot about us?

Nuvi 350

c310, 20, 30 Software Updated

Unit software updated:

Changes made from version 5.30 to 5.40:

* Added Brazilian Portuguese voice language support
* Updated for United States Daylight Saving Time change
* Corrected incorrect display of route calculation error
* Added support for the modified drawing styles present in certain specialty maps

Web Updater Updated

On Garmin's site:

Changes made from version 2.4.0 to 2.4.1:

* Fixed issue where Garmin installers using WebUpdater were unable to verify that the update succeeded.

Map Updates for Nuvi 350

Does anyone know when Garmin is releasing updates to the internal maps? My nuvi 350 does not have some of the new roads in NW Raleigh.

Garmin Nuvi: Getting back to the map

I still tinker with my Nuvi while driving. I would push the screen fewer times if there was an option to get back to the navigation map (instead of clicking "Back" to get to "View map").

Anyone know if that is even possible?

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C series faceplates

Anyone know if there is a faceplate out there that has a visor on it to shield it from the sun a little? I use my C530 on my bike (motorcycle) and it would be nice if the front of the unit had a small visor on it.

Garmin StreetPilot i3

Please be gentle with me? I am a new user in the life of gps. I am learning and growing. I am having a hard time learning how POI files work, I mean I realize the intention. I just need some support. When I load these POI files to my device, would I need additional space on my sd card? Also are there any speed limit alerts and school zones for my area? I am lost.


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MapSource disc backordered

Just passing this on in case anyone else has been waiting for MapSource ...

I requested from Garmin support the MapSource software to go with my new c530 two weeks ago, but it hasn't shown up yet.

I called support tonight, and the rep said the disc has been out of stock for 3 weeks. They hope to get more within a week or so, but no guarantees of course.

StreetPilot c530

Upload custom POI icons to Garmin

Anyone know how to do this for the "Favorites"?

c550 update v5.30

Update for the c550 is here. Also for the 510 and 530
Garmin must be updating their website as I'm doing this.

Unit Software
* StreetPilot c550 Ver. 5.30 as of Mar 08, 2007

( Daylight savings time fix is one thing addressed )

However, I went back to copy the link to post, and the update said

Unit Software
* StreetPilot c550 Ver. 5.20 as of Feb 05, 2007

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Mapsource 6.12.2 available

Mapsource 6.12.2 (not the beta version, the production version) is now available for download from Garmin.

These are the changes from 6.11.6

Changed the default file format to GDB version 3.

Added web links. This feature allows user created internet search options to appear on context menus.

These search options can use either location or name information.

Added a MiniMap.

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Nuvi 680

A comment from another forum about the new Nuvi 680
A statement from a Nuvi 680 User:

I bought the Nuvi 680 on Thursday and let me tell you...this thing is by far the best Nuvi out there. (Without offending people, I'll go so far as to say the best GPS available on the market).
The Nuvi 680 is very similiar to the 660. The major differences I've noticed so far are:

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Garmin Streetpilot i3 under $200.00 at!!

Discovered the i3 is now under $200.00 at wallyworld and a terrific lil easy to use gps and passing it along.


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How to unlock the Garmin c550?


I bought a Garmin c550 from eBay which the unit has been locked.
I tried to contact the seller but he is not respond yet.
Does anyone knows how to unlock this unit?



Update for GTMxx Traffic receiver

There is an update to the Fm Transmitter software available. I have a 660 and was prompted when running WebUpdater to upgrade from 3.9 to 4.00. Not sure what other devices this would include.

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Garmin releases USB drivers for Windows Vista

I've been using the XP version of the Garmin drivers fine under Vista.

The install didn't go, so I manually put the two driver files into the Vista computer's Windows\system32\drivers folder for Mapquest to report the correct version number of the drivers.

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