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Mapsource Custom Icon Library

I was wondering if there would be any interested in compiling a Mapsource Custom Icom "Library". My thought is that although we already have .bmp files for many of the POI files, perhaps we would want to create a "libary" of custom icons that we could use with our Mapsource software. I know that you can have up to 64 custom icons and it might be nice to share them with other users.


Garmin has some new Up-Dates for the C330.

Web Updater
Software up-date
audio up-date

Up-Date was easy, and so far No problems with any of them.


location and elevation off

I've had my Nuvi 350 for a couple of weeks now. Today, it is acting a wacky. On my way to work, it consistently showed my driving on the next road over. It also showed my altitude as -90 ft and it should be around 1100 ft. I cycled the power several times and it was better, but still off.

POI Loader software version 2.4.1

POI Loader Software Version 2.4.1

Click here to download

It doesn't say if there are any differences between Version 2.4.1 and Beta Version

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Nuvi 360 vs Nuvi 660 screen

I bought a Nuvi 660 and absolutely love it. The screen is really bright and easy to see in the day. I later bought a Nuvi 360 for my other car and have been disappointed with the screen. Don't get me wrong, the screen is still day viewable and better than most other GPS units, but is no where close to brightness of the Nuvi 660. Is it just mine, or are they all that way?

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Favorite Garmin TTS Pronunciation/Mis-pronunciation

I am using Daniel right now. He seems clearest to me, and it's as close as I'll ever get to having an English butler.

My favorite thing so far is how he says Boolevaad.

But my street is Catalina (Cat-a-LEAN-uh). Daniel says it cat-AL-ina.

In general, he has trouble with spanish based words. Names that start La he says Lay.

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C330 Trying to check out Poi's at a future destination!

Had my C330 for 4 wks now ...can't say enough about it! One thing I have not mastered though. Will be going to Vermont this summer. I want to look up the built in Poi's for the areas we will be in. Can someone help me out? I searched the forum but can find nothing.....Thanx in advance. Cam

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Mapsource Custom Icons

I started experimenting with custom icons in the Mapsource software for my Garmin StreetPilot 2730. It looks like it is capable of quite a few custom icons. Has anybody here tried this and, if so, how well did it work out for you?

AAudio books

has anyone used this feature with their garmins? I am new to gps/garmin usage and would love this feature -

also, there are audio files that can be downloaded from places like Itunes - are those compatible? just a curious new user....

Thanks for the help.


C530 battery discharges fast

Just need some real world experience with battery life.

Took the C530 on a road trip to Whistler about
(2.5 hours lots of constructions and traffic) and the
battery started beeping after the trip.

Anyone experiencing this short battery life, thought
it would last longer ?

Is there a celebrity address POI list out there....

I am not sure if this belongs in Garmin talk exactly and before I begin....NO I AM NOT A STALKER!!

MapSource (City Navigator)

Just got a DVD from Garmin. Don't know if I got what I asked for? Title is "City Navigator V8" Is this Mapsource? Anyway, I pop it in my computer and it doesn't do what the instructions say? Check out Windows Explorer and it doesn't show any files. It doesn't "run"

Increasing max. vol. setting on a c530

I seem to recall you are able to make a change in the c530's software to increase the default setting for maximum volume. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


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Garmin c550 "Where 2" on faceplate?

One of my friends has a Garmin c550 that looks just like all the other ones, except it says "Where 2" at the botom right of the front bezel (the removable one). Is this a special edition of the unit? Does anyone know?

Looking for a bean bag mount for C320

SSIA, I don't want the big friction mount from Garmin, and it looks like I can't find anything...

Any recommendations?


C330 without SD slot

My C330 has no slot for a SD card is it still possable to download the newer maps to this unit ? Can anyone tell me?

Larry Meyer

Single faceplate

I want a black faceplate (no reflectivity), but don't want to purchase a package of multiple colors. Anyone know where you can just get 1 plate?

C530 model

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Slow Satellite Conection

I have had a StreetPilot c510 for a few weeks now. The first few days I used it without updating any firmware from Garmin's website. At this point it found satellite coverage extremely quickly, sometimes instantly, even if I had kept it in my house overnight.

What action is required

On my C340, when Karen says "better route available", what action should I take?

Trouble loading poi's??

Hi there. I am new to this board so please forgive me for any ignorances smile I have the street pilot c320. I just paid quite a bit for a 2gb card for it. The only states I installed were NJ, NY, PA, MD & RI. According to the chart after I installed those maps I have only used 1/32 of the space. I tried installing POI's of Cemeteries, Drive-ins, Wawa's (gotta have my coffee!) and schools.

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