C550 simulated routing.


Does anyone know if you can 'speed up' the simulated route process? It works as if you were driving 50mph or less, and takes forever!!



What you see is what you get. That is unless they have changed something in the last few days. The simulation process is a lonnnng one. Maybe someone else has cracked a way to do it.

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As fast as the posted speed limit

The simulation speed goes as fast as the assigned posted speed limit of the particular road/street/highway. So it's actually a simulated real-time travel in great road condition (i.e. no stopping/traffic). I do wish you can speed it up too.

I believe it is actually

I believe it is actually your 'typical' driving speed on that class of road. Still pretty slow, but you can see what your typical driving speed is for that type of road.

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That is about it.

It does take forever and is a totally useless feature. Why they bothered to add that I will never know.

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I think it's still Useful

I think it's still useful. When I use the feature I just tell it not to simulate the route. I can then just go over the picked route and see if I like it or not.

that why u get mapsource.

that why u get mapsource. but ive found that sometime mapsource 8 and my 530 take different routs. now tell the truth this is a fun game lol


I don't know why anyone would want to go through the simulation at the highway speed if it is more than a few miles. Maybe if Garmin gets a number of user inputs they will change it to a higher speed. I just let it show the route and then follow the route by shifting the screen along the route.

Thanks anyway..

Thanks everybody. I was afraid that would be the answer! Here in Montana it simulates a 2-lane road at abou5 50mph, but it's posted at 70, and everybody drives it 75 or 80.....maybe the systems folks at Garmin are overly cautious....

it does have it's use

gymkep wrote:

It does take forever and is a totally useless feature. Why they bothered to add that I will never know.

At least for me it's useful. I don't use it in the traditional sense of simulating my whole route...that seems senseless.

I use the simulated drive to test new bmp's or custom mp3 alerts or tourguide files. Sometimes with or without speed or proximity alerts.

I made a short file with the coordinates of intersections around my neighborhood. When I test out a new bmp I just copy the bmp to the test folder and change the names, then sim the route to see how the bmp's look. This way I can have four or five locations set up and test that many bmp's at the same time. Since I'm just going around the block, I have time to make notes if needed while the simulation goes to the next intersection.
I like to check the bmp's I make before releasing them.

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I have seen a friend GPS's

I have seen a friend GPS's where an option was available to set the simulation at 2x-3x-4x and more the actual speed. I found that much better than what we currently have on the Garmin (I have a C330).

The best would be to be able to press on a + and - sign to increase/decrease the simulation. If you want to simulate something that occurs normally in several minutes, that would save a lot of time.


I think that's what it is