General questions about my Garmin GPS


Hello everyone,

I'm a recent owner of a Garmin C340. I'm enjoying my GPS very much, but I have just a few quick questions regarding the operation of the unit.

Today, while I was navigating my way through an unfamiliar city, all of a sudden the screen just went to a light gray blank screen. There was no visual nor audio alerts. I can't remember exactly what I did at this point, but I think I just hit the back button and finally the screen came back up with the audio as well. Is there an explanation for this sudden unexpected blank screen? Is this what's referred to as a "lockup" or something to that effect?

Also, I've noticed that I can be right at the intersection where I am supposed to turn, and my GPS screen will say "Turn in 100 feet". Other times, it will say turn in 80 feet, etc. Is this common for the GPS to be off that much for my turns or for my final destinations as well? For example, it will say my destination is 60 feet on the right, and yet, I may already be there?!? Is this just par for the course for GPS units?

Finally, I have used Alpine brand GPS units on my employer's company vehicles. I've noticed that they give me more advance notice of my turns, etc. With my Garmin, it seems like it doesn't give me that much of an advance notice of a turn. Sometimes, it will give me five tenths of a mile advance notice, while other times it will give me four tenths of a mile. With the congested traffic that I experience in Southern California, it's important to have a substantial advance notice of an upcoming turn. I know that I can read my display screen, but I'd rather rely on the audio alerts. Is there a way to increase the advanced notice of these alerts, or are they preset and unchangeable?

Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or comments that you can provide!!

Something is wrong, exchange

Something is wrong, exchange for a new unit.

Exchange before warranty runs out

My recommendation: exchange it before warranty runs out. A brand new unit shouldn't behave in the way you described.

General questions about my Garmin GPS

Contact Garmin about the Problem and if they dont have any idea take it back and exchange it for another unit

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