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Loading routes in Garmin C530

I am able to create a route with Mapsource v8, I can save it on the device (c530). Is there any way I can use it on the device once downloaded? If so, how? Is the route capability enabled on the c530.


Should c530 work with Easy GPS software?

I am trying the Easy GPS software that you can download for free, and it does include the Garmin c530 in the list of compatible GPS devices.

But the software doesn't seem to be interacting with the c530, even though I've correctly set it up according to the instructions.

I tried created a waypoint, and then tried to "send" it to the Garmin. When I do this, it wants to save a .gpx file to my computer. Since I actually want to send this file to the c530, I navigate my way to the Garmin, and click OK.

C530 with TTS mod

Mapsource World Maps on Nuvi?

I had the Mapsource World Maps on the OLD GPS III+. Can that be loaded in a Nuvi?

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

How to load MapSource to StreePilot c340

I recently saw a post on Amazon that reads as follows...

"Since I already have a Garmin handheld GPS unit as well as Garmin's MapSource Topo mapping software, I used the unlock code that came with the c340 to unlock my MapSource maps for the unit. I then loaded the topo maps for the entire Western US onto an SD card (between 300-500 MB) and plugged it into the c340 to see what would happen. It worked! So now I have the c340's excellent built-in maps and POIs for on-road trips *and* Topo Maps available to me for off-road adventures."

New 350 owner

I got a new nuvi350 on New Years day and just wanted to thank everyone here for all the info I have gleaned by lurking and reading this forum. I finally felt guilty enough to join up and maybe contribute a little bit.

nuvi350 upgraded to V4.3 and small SD card for testing. etrex Legend and gps60 csx & GPSmap60CSx

Longitude and Latitude

Is there a way to find places by entering in the longitude and latitude? Is there a way to find the longitude/latitude of the place I'm at now?

Setting alerts for POI's.

I'm the type of person that reads through a forum and tries to answer my own question before adding a new thread. In one thread it was mentioned that when you put all of your POIs into a folder, then tell the POI loader what folder to load, it should allow you to set the alerts for your POIs. Mine did not allow me to set the alerts. How do I do this?

MP3 Files on SD card

I received a nuvi 360 for Christmas and I am sooo happy for this forum. My question is this: I have downloaded MP3 files directly to the internal memory of my nuvi. I recently purchased a 2 GB SD card to download music onto. When I plug the USB cord into the computer, it recognizes the card, but I can't find the songs on the nuvi. Can anyone please help me with this?

Text messages on Garmin

I saw a blurb on the Amazon website citing the following:

"Garmin has announced free software updates allowing you to send and receive text messages for anyone that's purchased either the StreetPilot c550, Nuvi 660, or Nuvi 360 GPS units. The new updates also allow you to hear the text message read aloud with Garmin's text-to-speech (TSS) technology. New units sold by will already contain this update."

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

FM TMC Traffic Service, Garmin

Today the traffic service failed me. I was heading towards Baltimore and an accident severely slowed down traffic. Even southbound traffic on I-95 was slow. As I was heading home, the traffic was congested.

I received no traffic alerts. What happened?

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

Adding SD Card and size of files

I just added a 2GB SD card to my Garmin C330 and attempted to add a file with about 6K entries and the POI loader says there is not enough memory...does ANYONE HAVE A "FEEL" FOR MEMORY VS NUMBER OF ENTIES...6k DOEA NOT SEEM LIKE A LOT FOR 2gb????THANKS


geocaching with Nuvi 350

I know this the Nuvi 350 is not designed for geocaching, but I was wondering if anyone has used one for this before? It does give the option of searching by coordinates, and I assume that if I put it in walking mode, it would still be able to direct me the right way, even in the absence of streets..

Does anyone have any experiences with geocaching with the nuvi350?

c530 slow to update 3D map

I just got my C530, and it is great. This website has been a good resource already.

One thing I've noticed with the C530 is that the 3D map can be slow to update.

For example: upon turning onto a street, it sometimes takes several blocks before the 3D map rotates, and shows my car driving "upward". In these cases, the 3D map actually shows me driving sideways across the map. It *is* showing me on the correct street, but for some reason the street remains horizontal, rather than going vertical.

C530 with TTS mod

C330 Intermittant Loss of Signal

Yesterday I took my Garmin on about a 40 mile romp through residential and freeway running. At no point did I encounter any tall bldgs, thick trees or anything else that could obstruct the satellites' signals.

When I first fired it up, it took a very long time "acquiring signals" - to the point that it asked me if I was indoors (which I wasn't). It then asked me for my location and then asked me to verify the time/date. Another 5 minutes or so passed and it finally said "ready to navigate". I started on my trip. During the trip, it lost satellite signal 5 or 6 times. It would "recalculate" (it said) then be o.k. for a few miles the off again.

Terms Agreement page???

Just purchased a Garmin C340 & set it up over the Holidays. Every time the unit powers up there is a terms agreement page that comes up. You can either tap the "AGREE" bar at the bottom or if you do nothing, the page will disappear on its' own and the boot up stage will continue. Is there a way to eliminate this terms agreement page or will we just have to live w/ it? All help is much appreciated

who can help me with my 2720,

I downloaded the softwear from Garmin,Will the POI show up more then once?
I am in Rochester NY 14626, I work for a big company,But I just dont know why I am having a hard time.
Who elce has a 2720

Thank You
David Marrapese

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This is very interesting to me, but I am a little confused. I use the Garmin NUVI 360. When I go to E:\Garmin\poi, there is only one file and it is 15KB (very small). I have recently downloaded and installed over 2000 new POI's. Where are they stored?

Help Editing Factory waypoints

I was looking through some of the Garmin
factory way points that were preloaded into
my c340. Well I noticed that some of the
locations have closed or relocated to a
new address. Is it possible to edit /
delete these pre-install locations?


Vehicle type in Navigation setup

What changes does the unit make between vehicle types of Car/Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Emergency, Taxi?

Best POI's for newbie

What are the best POI's for a newbie in North America?