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loading poi on c530 unit or memory card

do speed poi or red light poi work better when loaded on c530 unit or memory card. i have found the reaction to speed poi and red light poi is rather slow on memory card. i will try to load both to the unit to see if it works better. any feed back would be helpful.

Redlight and speed alerts

I downloaded the redlight cameras and school zones files to my nuvi 350.I notice that nothing was working,school zones or cameras,no alerts.After serveral failed attempts i decided to convert the format from csv to gpx,now they work.Is it neccesary to do this with speed and proximity alerts?


Does anyone know what the limit is for POI's for the C330.
I think someone once told me it was 500 POI's.

Anyone know for sure, or have more than that ??

I do know it will only show the closest 50, but the other 400+ I have are still in the machine, you just have to spell search for them.



Custom Icons

POI Loader's help file mentions you can load custom bitmaps with your POI files. The GPS will then display a small graphic along with the POI name on the map screen.

Has anyone tried this?

I'm not at all gifted as an artist, but I'd be glad to post icons any of you might create smile



I just joined and am not sure if I was able to download the camera file onto my Nuvi 360. Is there a way to verify that it is on there? Thanks


What does the SD Card do ??
Many of us have posted that we can NOT get the GPS units to reconise anything on the SD Cards.
All of our POI's have to go to the units memory.



garmin c320

Hello everyone. Just got my c320 today. I have been looking at this site for a few day and wanted to wait to register until i got the unit. Well here it is smile

Now I am having a bit of a problem, I have loaded the maps that I want, D/L poi loader and wanted to load a few things from here. Well after 30 min of the things saying that I have no memory left, not true 37 meg free, it magicly loaded the parks for parks west.

GPS systems

New to GPS This looks like the right place to learn. Hope I,am not to old. I know how to use the gps but I,am not to sure about POI. I know its point of intrest but do not know how to load them on the gps unit. don,t want to screw anything up. Thanks to Miss POI for starting up this Forum.
Hope I,am puting this in the right place



Bought a Garmin 330C - really great!

I saw the POI Factory. Do we need more towns/cities? Is my 330C limited on places? I guess I'm wondering if it's worth loading more stuff into the GPS. Thanks!

c530 and metroguide

i have a garmin c530 and like it very much. i also have a etrex legend and metroguide north america. i love the way to see the entire trip on metroguide and way points which i cant see on the c530 without going through turn by turn. is there a way to use metroguide and poi to design a trip. or better yet see the trip reconmended by the c530 on the metroguide.


Garmin C330 and Lat/Long

My kids got hooked on Geo-Caching when I had my Garmin E-Trex.
Problem was, I would still get lost when driving, It was great for telling me where I was, But not where anything else was.

We got the Garmin C330
I Love it. (Except for it saying their are some roads present, when their are none, But this is Rare)

But it doesn't do Long/Lat entry (That I can tell)
Anyway to use Long/Lat for Geo-Caching with the C330 ???


Downloading POI's to SD Card- Using Garmin c330

Hi Everyone,

I just received my new Garmin c330 and I'm having a little problem accessing the POI's that are on my SD card. I used POI loader to add them to the card, but when I try to find specific POI's by spelling their name, it can't find it. None of them. I know the database is on the card because I can see it. Why doesn't the GPS see them on there?

When you insert the SD card, does the GPS do anything to indicate that it found it?

downloading pois to nuvi 350

could any one tell me how to download POIs from this site to my nuvi 350. I am a very new user of this gps system.

Len Rapkins

Erasing database mistakenly downloaded

By mistake, I downloaded a database containing tens of thousands of POIs onto my Garmin Street Pilot i5. Is there a way of deleting these?

Thanks for any help offered.

(BBQ Man)

POI's speed on Nuvi 660

Good morning. I think I need an assist.

I downloaded the Trails, Schools, and Parks POI's from the POI Factory Website onto an SD card. When I inserted the card into the NUVI, the NUVI asked me if I wanted to download the new info from the card to the NUVI. I did, but I'm not sure I should have. Anyway, the Trails and Parks POIs work fine, but tapping on the Schools POI causes a 30-45 second delay before the list comes up. Once it does, and I tap on a school name, there is another 45 seconds before the information is displayed.

link for Garmin users Free Mapsource software and how to extract poi's

Hello All,
I stumbled across this site which explains how we can use Garmin Mapsource free as long as we own Garmin mapping software. This is pretty cool and what you have to do is find your waypoints and then do a saveas then save as a *.gpx, from there you can convert to *.csv. Pretty amazing software for sure!


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Trouble downloading POIs


My comupter is not able to open the unzipped file redLight-cameras.csv so that I can then use them with Garmin's POILoader software.

In other words, the .csv file is not recognized by my computer! Any help would be appreciated.


Skip Chicago Garmin Nuvi 1690, StreetPilot 2720, & Garmin 12

got my new Garmin Streetpilot i3!

Hello Everyone,
Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know that my new i3 arrived yesterday! I found it very easy to load my maps and poi's and used it today to get to jury duty at a town I never go to. Well I entered the address and it took me right there with no problems. I even intentionally missed a turn and it recalculated my course and took me through some residential neighborhoods and never missed a beat! Needless to say I am thrilled with it. I did have one glitch in registering it with Garmin so I just called and got through in less than 5 mins. to a helpful person that was located in USA (NOT India!) smile If anyone is considering buying an i3 I highly recommend it. The best deal I could find was at and I paid $235.99 shipped to my door in 3 days. Now I just need more poi's. Thanx MaryAnn and Jonathan for your efforts!!

Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

POI Loader / Too many POIs at the same location

It appears that loading a large number of POIs that have exactly the same coordinates can cause problems for Garmin's POI Loader.

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