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City Navigator North America NT v8 Deluxe Unlock?

What exactly is this program for? Why would anyone need it if their GPS Unit already seems to have this info stored on the unit? THe manual for my SP c330 says the maps are protected from over writing and can not be accidentally deleted so if they can not be accidentally deleted why would one need to get this software?

I don't understand the Free Update thing. It says on Garmin's Webpage

If you purchased a locked MapSource product ON or AFTER the release date of an update, you are entitled to an unlock on the newer version of that product for free.

Thanks Dallas

How to download to nuvi I figured out how to get the files downloaded to where it looks like it should be on the nuvi, but the POI are not when I look at the Custom POI list on the unit. I am using the POI loader to get the files under the garmin/poi folder. How do i get the files to actually show up though?

garmin c340 (don't see custom POIs)

I downloaded your csv files to a folder on the desktop. started the loader software, followed directions but I don't have the new data when I search "stores" and type in IKEA for instance. I only have what came with my unit?
Any ideas what I forgot?

Insecure Garmin suction mount?

My Garmin i3 would occasionally lose it's suction grip on the windshield. I found the problem to be more me than it. Try mounting the base by holding onto the unlocked lever ONLY (with both hands if needed). Then, very FIRMLY, push the lever toward the glass. Lock the lever while still pressing the lever very FIRMLY toward glass. You should notice more force is required to lock the lever because this method squeezes out as much air as possible resulting in greater suction.

Garmin C530

Can you make the car on the screem smaller???

Streetpilot C530

Anybody got any good tips that a newbie wouldnt know on this device???

c330 Question

I was wondering IF there was a way to see the latitude and longitude numbers on c330 units.

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

Nuvi 660 problem! Won't charge... Info here.

Hello, I just joined - was very excited about using traffic light POIs...

Just got a Nuvi 660, for Chistmas... been using it for the last few days.

Last night I got busy and did the software update through Then found your site through their links... used POI Loader to load the traffic lights, and several other POI files.

Today, after using it for a few hours, the lighting bolt in the middle of the battery life box went away and the unit stopped charging!

POI's showing up on map route

I have a nuvi 660, and have been spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to show POI's on the map I'm using for my route. Example...I would like to see all the gas stations displayed on the map while I'm navigating. Does anyone know how to do this?


Marking current location on the C330

I'm new to the GPS arena, and recently purchased a Garmin C330. One thing I'd like to be able to do is save my current location (wherever that may be at the time) as a saved location. Is this possible? Does anyone know the procedure with this unit?


What exactly are waypoints?

I have just started learning about my new Nuvi 350.

On the PIO page of this site it says:
"POI files may also be converted to waypoints and used with virtually any GPS that can receive data from a computer."

What is a waypoint?



garmin i5

anyone here own a garmin i5?

map routes

i have a c530 and it is set to navigate on the fastest route. when i drive local, it dosent take the route i would take. does anyone know how it determines the route? is it speed limit or us or state roads? is there a pattern?

Only one POI file listed

On my C330, no matter how many POIs I load, the "Custom POI" selection on the screen will display only the last one I loaded. Others seem to be in the unit, just not dispayed as Custom POIs.

Normal? Should I be concerned?

Wow! I have a LOT to learn. Bear with me please!

Finding POI by Spelling the Name


Just bought the Nuvi 350 and find the POIs very usefull for information not included in the maps included with the GPS. However, when I do a search by SPELL NAME, it does not include the the POIs in the search results. For example, I have created POIs for FedEx in Kansas City Area, but when I search by SPELL NAME it only result in the FedEx at the airport ommitting the 15 or so FedEx POIs that are closer. Is there a way to include the POIs in the SPELL NAME seacrh? Let me know.

Set Loc

When I view a favorite location in map view, I can select "go" or "set Location"

I know what "go" means what does "set location" do?

Great site! Sorry about the newbe question

I have the 330

Safe Mode?

What exactly is "Safe Mode"? All the manual say is it disables functions that require significant user operation. So what functions does it disable in safe mode?

Thanks Dallas

Warning/Agree screen at boot up of SPC330

Hi all... I just got a C330 for Christmas and love it. But I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the opening "I AGREE" screen? Thanks for any help....

Internal Memory capacity od SP c330

What is the memory capacity of the Street Pilot c330?
The specs online just say indefinite ans I know it's not unlimited because it's still mmeory even the Hard Drive Based GPS units have storage limitations.

Thanks Dallas

Caompatible card for the nuvi 660

What's the most economical card for the nuvi 660 I.E. $/storage capacity?