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Internal Memory capacity od SP c330

What is the memory capacity of the Street Pilot c330?
The specs online just say indefinite ans I know it's not unlimited because it's still mmeory even the Hard Drive Based GPS units have storage limitations.

Thanks Dallas

Caompatible card for the nuvi 660

What's the most economical card for the nuvi 660 I.E. $/storage capacity?

Nuvi 660 - FM Transmitter

Found a new use for an old product. I have experienced some problems with the FM transmitter going across bridges with interference, etc when listening to audible books.
I had an old cassette cartidge that allows a device with a headphone jack and a cassette player to play through the stereo system - plug this into Nuvi's headphone jack and insert cartridge in the cassette deck and you are good to go. It doesn't work unless you are listening to something - that is not just traffic directions - does not have enough activity for the cassette to stay connected.

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No way to tell SP330 to avoid cretin areas on a route?

Is there a way to tell the Street Pilot 330 to avoid cretin segments of a route so it will take an alternate route? I planned a trip to Ohio from NC and it wants to take me take I85 instead of I40 and I40 is better because I85 is only 2 lanes and has more local trafic, it also wants me to take business 40 instead of staying on regular non business 40 which although regular 40 is longer it's better because I avoid the congestion form business traffic on business 40.

Thanks Dallas

No Papa John's or even Dominos in POIs?

I did a search for Papa Johns and Dominos Pizza on my Street Pilot c330 and it did not list any of them. It does not have Pzzza as a food category so I first tried Italian ( and strangely it listed a Chinese restaurant) and it did not list any Papa Johns so I did a Spell Name and input Papa Johns and it got caught in an endless loop searching so I stopped it and then tried Dominos and again it did not list any Dominos.

Thanks Dallas

How do I access my SPc330 on my PC?

I received a SPc330 for Christmas and I installed the drivers for it and it told me the drivers were installed successfully and it shows up in Device Manager but I can't find it under My Computer.

How Do I access it to add data to it like POIs or if possible Map updates?



Thanks Dallas

Will 4 GB SD Cards work with the Garmin GPS Units?

I have a Nuvi 660 and am thinking about getting a c550. Will these work with a 4 GB SD Card? I have heard that some of these models will work with sizes up to 2 GB, but will not work with the 4 GB size since it uses a different file format.

Anyone know the scoop on this?

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Do I need to load POI files in my new Garmin 350?

I just got a Garmin 350 which seems to come with lots of information on stores,gas, etc.
Do I need to load custom POI files?
What are the pro's and con's?

Do I need an SD card in order to load POI files?

I read that If I don't do it correctly it will break my GPS?

Is there a tutorial on all this somewhere?

Love my Nuvi
W Brock


Garmin C550 vs. Nuvi 360?

I have a Nuvi 660 and love it. I want to buy another GPS for my other car and am debating between the Nuvi 360 and the C550. Any advise one way or the other?

Hoping to gain some of your expert knowledge on these before making my decision.



OutdoorGuy27 Nuvi 660, Nuvi 360, Legend Cx, StreetPilot III & eMap

StreetPilot i5 - Using MicroSD Card

I just received my first GPS, I can't imagine how much this will help on business trips. I took it for a test spin today and worked flawlessly.
Two questions though...
1.) I bought a 1G MicroSD/Transflash Card for it, I have it in, but can't figure out how to save POIs to the card and not the internal memory. Can it be done through the USB Connection?
2.) The only CD that came in the box, from Garmin, was a Driver CD. Also had a yellow certificate with the unlock code, etc... So how do I utilize MapSource on my PC? I don't have the software, but the online manual discusses it. I want to be able to "plot" favorite POIs on my PC and upload to i5.

Tricks and Tips

Any mods or tricks to do with the Garmin Nuvi 350?

Segregating Custom POIs

I can save POIs to my Garmin c550. They show up under my "Extras" button. No problem. The issue I have is that I would like to group them into different catagories --"Malls" "Restaurants" "Attractions" and etc., similar to the way the preloaded POIs are presented. Can this be done?

Maps gone from c530

I just purchased my c530 a couple of days ago and had been loving it. I had added some custom POI's to my sd card using POI loader version 2.4.0 and that had worked fine. Today I tried to load some new custom POI's, but POI loader got hung up and froze. After disconnecting the c530, I restarted it. After it started, a screen came up that said "No detailed maps found that support routing. The Streetpilot cannot be used without them." Now I can't use my c530 at all.

**Garmin c530 owner and operator**


I have an icon that shows up on the bottom of my computer screen that is called gstart. Think it showed up when I got POI Loader. It says it detects when a Garmin USB is connected to my computer and is to prompt me for what I want to do with it. Every time it says there is no gps connected.

Does this program work for anybody else?

Corky Garmin C530

Confused by proximity alerts

I uploaded several POI files into my c320. The POI loader only allows one setting, express or manual, for all the POIs it loads in. My question is, now how do I get the Garmin to alert me whenever I approach a red light camera or a rest stop, but not every time I approach a Home Depot? Also do I need to run POI Loader in manual mode in order for it to set the proximity alerts at all?

POI'S and Bitmap icon

I have a garmin 340..I have loaded sum poi's for Tim Hortons and also a TH Icon..I used the new Beta loader and included the Alerts when I approached TH..Set it at 1000 feet..That works great but upon arrival i do not see my TH Icon?? I made it 30x30..Any ideas on why I cannot see the icon?Thankx

Sd Card - what size, what transfer speed

I just bought the Garmin NUVI 660. I intend to buy an SD card. I have been looking at various SD cards and they come in a variety of sizes, speeds, and prices. Does anybody know what speed I should be looking to get? It does not make sense to me to pay the extra money for addition transfer speed that will not be utilized by the 660. If the technical answer is not available can someone give me a recommendation based on their experience.

Garmin 2720 Error Loading Custom POI's

I have a new Garmin 2720 and I am getting an error reporting "garmin gps has returned an error status while receivng data packets" when uploading POI's through the poiloader and then the gps unit reboots . I am also get the same error while using the webupdater trying to laod newer voice tts file. I upgraded to the newest software v6.40 before I ever used the unit and can't tell if it is this version of software.

yikes - MP3 option just disappeared from my c550?!?

anyone run across this one? My new c550 just seemed to have the music note (icon for the mp3 player) disappear.... I just used it 3 hrs ago fine.... I tried to reinstall the software from webupdater. I am reluctant to reset the software - when I had the c530, THAT caused my maps to lock out with no repair....

Have done nothing but add a few small csv's since I ran the mp3 player....

Any ideas?! Help!

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Nuvi 660 CD

Spoke with Garmin - they are now including the CD in the box. They are also sending a CD to those who ask and did not receive one for free.

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650