C340 Favorites


I have a Garmin c340 and when i tried to edit my locations/Favorites in EasyGPS software (such as adding a phone number into Comments) it never seems to work. It will only have one line of text when recalled on the c340.
What to do?

I use Notepad as

I use Notepad as follows:

-123.456789,12.34567,"POI Name","POI Address
POI City, State, Zip Code
POI Phone number"

I follow each line with a carriage return after the POI address. Note the quotes. When I call these up all the information is displayed when I select the particular POI that I want. However, that being said. You only see the POI Name listed when you select the particular POI's you are looking for. After you select the POI nearest or whichever direction your looking for does the rest of the infomration display. There are other ways to do this and I'm sure they'll jump in, but for me it shows up best on my C330. Hope this helps...

c340 Favorites

Is this example for Favorites or Custom POIs?
EasyGPS calls them waypoints and it receives them from the c340 Favorites. Anyway i used your suggestion about the carriage return and it worked. Thank you.