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Garmin Streetpilot c530 and nRoute

I downloaded nRoute and tried to use it with my c530. The software doesn't recognize the c530 on the USB. This is the same thing that happens with gStart. I'm now assumming that the USB connection with the c530 is only as a drive (garmin c530 or memory card) and that you can not utilize the actual GPS functions on a PC. Can anyone confirm this?

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

POI Loader Beta: any difference?

I currently have poi loader 2.3.2 on my system
I know there is a new beta version out
and was wondering if there is really any difference.
Any comments on the new beta would be great.


2820 hangs on "Enabling Bluetooth"

Anyone had this problem? Bluetooth worked for a couple days and loved it but when I updated firmware to 3.30 it no longer works. When I go to enable it it just shows the spinning blue icon and "Enabling Bluetooth". It doesn't even get to the screen where it attempts to locate phones. I have reverted back to 3.10, restored defaults, removed user data, hard restart..the works. nada. Any ideas? Sent e-mail to Garmin, haven't heard back.

C 530 Software Versions Questions

Here is the following on my GPS. I was hoping if anyone can tell me if software needs to be upgraded. I got this for christmas, and have found that on a recent business trip, while making contacts in a new city, several businesses were no longer open. After speaking to other shop owners I was suprised to find that several stores had been gone for 2-3 years. Please review and let me know if I need to upgrade, if so how do I do it, and what will it change in the GPS. Your help is appreciated as I am new, and have attempted to contact Garmin but could not get through on two occassions, and have waited two days for email.

The car power adapter

Do you keep the cigarette lighter / DC adapter plugged into the car, even when you remove the unit?

I was just curious. Will unplugging help prolong the life of the adapter, etc?

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

FYI, new beta available for Mapsource

Today Garmin put the latest beta version of Mapsource on their website. version

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

Unlocking City Navigator

Received the City Navigator DVD today from Garmin and I will be installing it tonight. Would like to ask few questions from those who have already gone through the process.

1. How did you unlock the software? Using myGarmin or getting unlock code from GPS. I didn't register my c330 in myGarmin yet, since some advise not to register until the next map update is released. Hope I can unlock it only using my c330.

POI format for 340


can anyone point me to resources for creating POI files for the 340?


SiRF Star III receiver

should i be worried if my GPS doesn't come with a SiRF Star III receiver?

Update for Nuvi 360, version 3.40

This update was made Jan. 9, 2007. (My apologies if its a duplicate post but I don't recall seeing it on the boards.)

Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.40:

Increased hands-free volume
Updated text translations
Added support for Russian, Turkish, Slovak, and Estonian Pre-recorded voices
Added Russian locale

Update for Garmin NUVI 660, version 3.2

Changes made from version 2.70 to 3.20:

* New Traffic Interface
* Fixed Memory Full message
* Removed + when dialing POI's in the United States
* High power FM support for Australia

From the home menu, I click on traffic alerts. If I am on the navigating map, it only allows me to click what is on route.

I will give feedback regarding the Traffic in DC when I run the GPS tomorrow. We'll see if anything changes.

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

US Topo & BlueChart cartography support coming to Nuvi line


Also announced at CES, the entire nüvi product line will soon accept Garmin’s U.S. Topo and BlueChart cartography. The U.S. Topo cartography will provide basic information such as terrain contours, elevation information, trails, and rivers. BlueChart will show shaded depth contours, intertidal zones, spot soundings, port plans, and navaids with view range and coverage. The cartography will be available from Garmin’s website.

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Topo Map Download

I would like to download a topo map that can up uploaded to my eTrex Legend. Is there another other source besides the $80+ file from Garmin?

Can you use a Zip Code for where to address on Garmin 660

Has anyone been able to enter a zip code as a "where to" address on the Nuvi 660?

Tou Yurkovic Nuvi 660

StreetPilot c330

Hello... I'm thinking about buying the StreetPilot c330. What do you guys think of this unit? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Different routes to and from

I've noticed that my Garmin C550 somtimes gives me different routes for going between the same places depending on the direction of travel. For example when I go to work from home, it wants to take me one way and when I come home from work it wants to take me another way (the two ways are quite different). When I recently went to Florida from Indiana it wanted to take me down through Atlanta, but when I came back to Indiana, it wanted to take me up through South Carolina and Knoxville, Tn. (which is far away from Atlanta).

Nuvi 660 - Altitude

Is there a way to make the Garmin Nuvi 660 tell you the altitude & city you are in? It will give you the coordinates, but I haven't been able to get it to tell me the altitude.

Thank you.

has your nuvi 360 powered off when battery 1/2 full?

The first time I used my Garmin Nuvi 360, I have 2 bars on my battery and it died. The battery only lasted ~2-3 hours. I don't drive a lot, (40K in 5yrs) so I don't know how long the battery lasts and if I should mail this in to garmin as a problem.

Also, does anyone else have to hold the power button down for 4-5 sec before it powers on? It's driving me crazy....


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my nuvi has some wrong exit names for offramps

I love my nuvi and all, but the MOST annoying part about it is to encounter an offramp that isn't what the sign says. For example, in Pasadena CA, the Fair Oaks Av/Marengo Av exit off the 134 E shows up as Corson St exit.

Another one, in Simi Valley CA, the Madera Rd exit on 118 W shows up as View Line Dr.

I know that those offramps exit to those streets, but I would think the navigational software would have a database of all the exits based on what the signs say.

business names take to wrong location (preloaded)

I am new to the GPS. I have a nuvi660 and was wondering if anyone else is having problems w/ the preloaded locations. Such as selecting a place (anyof them) such as target, gas stations, resturants and it taking you to a totally wrong location. This happens everytime I use it. It is okay if I use the exact address instead of the name of the store. Is there something I need to do.