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Garmin shipped 2008 CNNT NA and not 2009

What the......
Well, I don't know if anyone else has in hand an actual DVD of the CNNTNA2009 maps? Or do they send EVERYBODY a year old DVD? Does this disk labelled 2008 have the 2009 updates in it? Is it a patchup or a real new edition?

I paid full price for this old DVD, when my Nuvi 880 has the 2009 PRELOADED on it.

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Route View

Is there a way that I can see/read the whole route on a Garmin Nuvi 360? I'd be interested to see which way it's going to take me to certain places.

660 started freezing!

Hey all. I just updated my nuvi 660 to ver 4.50, blue tooth is at 3.10, gps software version is at 3.00, and audio is at 1.90.

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C550 start-up time?

Hi all,

My new Garmin C550 took anywhere from 5-10 minutes to acquire the satellites outdoor when it was powered on after being powered off for 10 hours or overnight. Is this normal?

I thought the SiRF III chip set is much better than the older generation in my Navman iCN 510 and the NavMan came up usually less than 5 min in similar circumstances (powered off for overnight).

Dropped Nuvi Nightmare

Well, walking out of my apartment the other day, my girlfriend dropped my nuvi 350. Woops. That was a costly one.

Screen display all wacked out (not cracked) -- the screen turns on, but its all scrambly. Sounds like it powers up fine, finds the satellites, etc, but no way to input directions.

So, what are my options?

1: Pay Garmin $175 to fix it (maybe includes the new map upgrade).

Free Garmin nüvi 200

There is a very long thread going regarding the price of the nüvi. I was going to post this there but figured I'd start a new thread so that, perhaps, more folks might see it. Anyway.......

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Displaying custom POIs on a Nuvi 760

I have put numerous POIs on my &60, but they do not display when I am driving (I have to really zoom in to see them). Is there a way I can set them to display during normal driving?

nuvi 660 sound files

I have downloaded my sound poi files to my nuvi 66o but how can i use the voice over the tones warning like at redlight cameras and seep cameras ? i call garmin they told me i could only use the tones for alerts ! if anyone can help me please do thanks guys .

Proximity Points Menu missing on my SP c550

Hi all;

New to the site (which is great). Anyone know how to get the proximity points menu on my Garmin to show up? I have the latest software and have the POI loader for mac.

Also: will proximity alerts work with csv files or do I need gpx files? thanks


Included POI file.

I purchased a nuvi 200w approximately 9 months ago. I scanned the included POI that came in the unit, and noticed that more than a third in my area were obsolete or incorrect. Does Garmin ever update these files for download, or is the only option to purchase the new map with hopefully an updated POI file?

Thanks, Bob

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Nuvi 660 QWERTY?

Anyone know any way to change the keypad to QWERTY on the Nuvi 660?

Garmin's customer service experience

Hi guys: I just wanted to share my recent negative experience with Garmin, and am looking forward to your suggestions and/or feedback.

Software update for 650

On Saturday, I upgraded the software on my 650. Now, when in navigation mode, the green information bar does not use control cities or the word Exit when giving information. For example, I used to receive information that said: "2 mi: Exit 20, Rt 85, Hopkinton, Milford" Now I get "2 mi, 20: rt 85"

Only the first site is displayed

I have downloaded the "SWcampgrounds" file and I can see all the sites in the downloaded file, however when I load it into the Nuvi, only the first site is displayed on my Nuvi 650 and none of the details of the site are displayed.

Is there a problem with the file format?

I have downloaded several other files that display normally.


elevated road poi

Does anyone know how to make a POI for an elevated road. I have two roads one elavated about 20 ft. higher than the one on the ground. The speed limits are different and when I am on the elevated one the alarm sounds for the lower speed limit on the ground level one.

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POI are beig deleted

When I load a Custom Set of POI's in my Nuvi 660 Such as the wal-Mart file it loads ok but when i load another set of files they will delete the previously installed file. What am I doing wrong?

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Can't find newly loaded POI

Hi Everyone, First let me start of with I am a newbie. I sent Ms POI an update for a new Famous Dave's in my city. She updated the POI file. I downloded it and sent it to my nuvi 750. I cannot find the location on the nuvi under Custom POIs.

Road Closed Ahead

Has anyone had your Garmin announce "Road Closed Ahead. Recalculating."

The last time I used my 760 I got that announcement every few minutes. It did not change my routing and the road was not closed.

Anyone have any ideas?