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POIs on SD Card

Can someone tell me if there is and advantage to putting POI files on the SD card for the Nuvi 360?

GTMxx Traffic Receiver Firmware update

confused Today I noted that Web Update software located a firmware update for the GTM Traffic receiver for my 760. It says it adds support for "next generation RDS" Traffic.

The only references I found to this on the net were related to an alleged move away from TMC's RDS offerings to TPEG in Europe.

"Map Info" is grayed out on my nuvi 650 after updating to 2009 North America Map

Hello all,

I tried to update my Garmin Nuvi 650 with the 2009 North America Map and now my "Map info" is grayed out. When I'm driving, most of the time the unit does not display the name of the local roads. It only displays major interstate or highways.

Has anyone here seen this? What did I do wrong and how can I fix this?


Garmin Nuvi 350

Garmin Nuvi 350

Is there a way to do multi stop trip using the Garmin Nuvi 350 with the SD card?? I have seen trips offered
using the nuvi 750 and 850 units with the routing option.


How can I tell if I have 2009 map on new NUVI 750

Purchased a nuvi 750 today, registered and thought I d/l 2009 map but start up screen flashes so fast that I can't see what it says. Any other way to tell what maps I have? Thanks

Garmin Nuvi 750 QVC 279.00 Aug 09 Only

Garmin 750 today 279.00
QVC today only
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ship Aug 16

nuvi 650 and loading custom POI

I am new to the GPS world and I am having trouble loading custom POI on my nuvi 650. I am using POI loader and I am getting the following error when I try to load directly to the GPS. (The parameter is incorrect.) I can load them to my SD card, but I have no idea how to get to them in the GPS. I have tried to do this with Windows XP and with Windows Vista. I still have the same problem.

Steve - Garmin nuvi 650

POI Loader doesn't "see" my GPS device

I just downloaded and installed POI Loader to my Apple MacBook. I have attached my Garmin nuvi 750 via its included USB cable. Both the POI Loader program and the Garmin icon show up on my desktop, yet the program doesn't register the presence of the Garmin device (the window wherein you select the device to load the POI onto is blank, and clicking on "Find Device" does nothing).


Loading POI's

How do i get my poi's to alert when i'm just passing them. They seem to alert when i route to them but not passing them. I have alerts set but they won't alert when passing within the alert range.


does anyone know how to import a autocad or dwg map to mapsource

nuvi 755t

Time Zone Information

Have I missed something or does the 760 not have the ability to know what time zone you are in? It has most everything else, and was amazed that under tools “Where am I” there wasn’t a time zone indication!

Program to Customize Default Sounds on 760

Here's another program created by Turboccc to change the default sounds on the 760. Note that the steps for this program are kind of complicated, so please only try this if you are comfortable with computers!!

Here is the link to the program

And here is the link to the forum discussing this program

Problems finding current.gpx file in C550


After saving my favorites from my 750 to my pc, copy them to my 255w

Hello all. I have a household with a Nuvi 750 and three 255w's. I have saved the favorites (the GPX file)from my 750 to a folder on my desktop so I can transfer all the same ones to my 255w's. The problem is after the transfer to the 255w's not all the favorites show up.

Nuvi 360 - maps of Mexico?


Software Version

I would like to know how I determine the software version of my Garmin 260W. When I acquired it, the software version was 3.40, audio version was 1.90, and GPS SW Version was 3.005. I do not recall how I determined these numbers. So, I hope someone will tell me how to do it again. Thanks.


Anybody know how big a mp3 file can be for the 660?

Downloading POI files

I am a new gps user and am trying to download poi data bases. My gps is a garmin 680.

I have download the POI loader onto my regular computer. I have downloaded a couple of poi data bases onto my computer.
I plug in my nuvi and run the poi loader.
When I get to the screen that asks for the location of the data bases, the files are not recognized.
What am I missing?

Color-Trimmed Nuvis

GPS Lodge ( has links to a pink-trimmed Nuvi 200, and red and blue trimmed 205W's for sale. If you're looking to escape the plain black trim you might want to check these out.

Factory Specs (resetting nuvi 660)

I have the 660. Is there a way to reset the unit to factory specs, I think I might have deleted something but not sure?