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Lifetime maps $54.00

For those that are looking for adding lifetime maps to their Nuvi, Amazon currently has them for $54, including shipping. This price is a bit lower than it has been for a while.

Garmin "MARK" 0.34 miles off.


I am new, here, but this site was recommended to me.

I was out hunting, used "MARK" to establish my vehicle location. When I used the "GOTO" function to return to the WAYPOINT, it was .34 mile off.

Big Update For Basecamp This Morning

I opened Garmin Basecamp a few mins ago and there is an update that addresses too many things for me to name here..enjoy Stan393

Lost POI's and side streets

I recently downloaded a map update and now I am missing the POI's in the POI function and the side streets. The main highways and interstate highways are displayed. Any thought on what to do to get them back? The unit is an old Nuvi 780

RLC/Speed cameras notifications

Do you have to be navigating to be warned or just have it on in map view (non nav mode)?

Been using a Nuvi for about 5 years, got a smart phone this weekend

Wow, could be the demise of my Nuvi 760.

Anniying start-up pop-up

Suddenly, when I boot my machine, I am getting a pop-up from Garmin saying that it wants me to register my "new" Garmin. I have two Garmins that have been running all year and longer. If I click to ignore it, it comes back at the next boot. It's annoying. Any ideas?

Gotta travel on ... with my nuvi 2450LM.

Garmin 1390LMT Amazon Goldbox, $115

How do you classify a Waypoint or Via

to not be announced when driving a route? I read on here somewhere that Basecamp has that ability. That would be great if it does, but I haven't been able to find a way to make it do so.

Thanks for your help.


I have a MAC running OS Mountain Lion. I needed to update my maps and it always says I don't have enough memory. I deleted everything what do I do to make the gps work again? What do I do in the future so that I don't have to delete everything again?

Thank You All,

deleting custom pois

I have a Garmin 1300 and would like to delete the extras I previously loaded and start all over again. Some of my files have been updated, and some I no longer use. Can't seem to find instructions to do that. Can someone help?


Help Me Select A "Legacy" Garmin Nuvi Or Zumo

I have posted here in the past about using my Uniden Home Patrol HP-1 with a Garmin Nuvi 350 connectd via an Argent Data G-TRANS Garmin to NMEA Translator Cable The

Current.gpx File Shrinking

When I lost my 465t in a fire, I decided to get the Dezl. Luckily, I had a fairly recent backup of my Favorites which I was able to copy to the Dezl. This file - current.gpx - was 2.5 MB when I copied it over.

INRIX Traffic on a Garmin!

Anyone exited about the new Garmins that are about to come out?

Garmin and INRIX just inked a deal to put the best, by far,traffic data using digital radio on some new Gamins. At least the Diesel models!

If you have an Android device, INRIX has a free app in the market. It will amaze you, much better than Google's traffic! And totally destroys what Garmin uses now!

Can't Install American Jill - Nuvi 50LM

When I try to run the program, the COM/USB portion tells me it can't find the device. I've tried Auto-Detect, the com ports, changed baud rate etc.

I can "see" the GPS from the PC no problem.

What am I missing?



Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Garmin GPS Modifications

Hey guys,

I just got a new Garmin 1490LMT, and did some research on how I can utilize all the features on this toy. All I did so far is adding a micro-sd and updating the map lol.

What are some modifications/improvements is there for the Garmin GPS.

eTrex HCx not seeing Garmin SD card

Here is an odd one I can't find the answer to...

I have a Garmin City Navigator Europe NT Micro SD card. Works perfectly well in my Zumo and Nuvi. I have been trying to use it in my eTrex HCx and cannot get any detail when zooming into Europe while it is installed.

I have already tried the following:

- Updated all firmware

BaseCamp fails to launch

Hello everyone,
I am brand new to this forum ... so please be patient!

How to erase POI category on Nuvi 3580LTM

Hi guys,

Hoping someone can assist as I am having trouble with my new Nuvi 3580LTM.

1450 lost TTS

A couple of years ago I bought myself, my daughter, and my sister Nuvi 1450's with lifetime maps. Whenever a new map gets released, I udate all three 1450's and everything is (was) wonderful. I didn't actually take the other two out on the road after an update, I just assumed that their 1450's continued as well as mine.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450