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Losing Faith in Garmin Applications.

Howdy Forum Master,members and asociates.

does it seem like the price is actually going up?

I glance at nuvi models from time to time, and on the 2455lmt, you get a whopping $1.80 discount off the list price online.

It seems like items in general are going way up in price. Ex., upgrade your cell and pay an upgrade fee, a steep price, plus a higher priced plan.

Is our paradigm starting to shift, where we used to expect that if we wait, things get cheaper, and better?

POI retrieval on 2460

Using poi loader, loaded national parks on my sd 8g card. go to extras on my 2460 and they are there. Scroll down the list and only about 50 of 357 are there (from my home location (MD). I know the file is there but why is it only showing so few? I have the lastest poi loader.

Backing up a Nuvi 660 on W7-64 (Doesn't want to copy all files)

Frustrated.... I'm thinking it's a FAT32 vs. NTFS issue...

I simply cannot backup my Garmin 660 to my W7 Laptop...

I select all and copy... go to 660 backup directory and select paste.. and it sits and stares at me...

If I attempt to copy by directory, some do, some will not copy... Hidden files are set to be seen...

I've been trying this for past year now, off and on..

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Mac Book Pro users, Nuvi map updates for Nuvi 3490LMT

Hello, I'm using MacBook Pro, installed Garmin Lifetime map updater and POI loader. My question is this, do I have to plug in my nuvi 3490 every time i check for map updates, or does Garmin Lifetime apps checks that automatically (without gps plugged in) and how often garmin releases new map updates?

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Multiple POI's

I recently bought a NUVI 3590. I have installed the reststop POI, and will add more POI's soon. I am a little confused though. Can I add another POI or two by just uploading each separately, or do I need to put all the POI's in a folder and install all at the same time?

Thanks for some clarity.

Newer isn't always better (GPSMAP 276c)

I own (and have owned) a lot of navigators over the years - only the current ones (and not even all of them) I have on hand are listed in my signature.

Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T

Garmin Map Updates File size

I recenlty bought a nuvi 50LM that I like very much, but I see there is only 1.76 GB of total space.

After installing the custom POIs there was only 137 MB of space left. I deleted a bunch of voices, help files and auto icons and it bumped up to 185 MB. I can delete a bit more buy I doubt it'll go much over 200 MB.

TourGuide Express mode

With lots of new members now on board I thought I would re-post this easy method for TourGuide.I got the information from the post listed and all the credit goes to Hornbyp for the information.

Outline for TourGuide alerts using express mode with csv files.
1.Tour Guides are not speed-related.
2.Minimum distance is ¼ mile the maximum is 1.25miles.
3.25 =1/4 mile and 124=1.25 miles.

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Editing the address of a favorite

Is it safe to say that the only way to change the address of a favorite once saved is to delete it and start over? After much searching, that is the conclusion with which I am left. Is there any other way anyone knows? Thanks.


Garmin vs Magellan

I just switched from years of Magellan to a Garmin 2555 GPS. My biggest concern is the Garmin does not sound a beep at the exact moment that I should execute a turn. I thought that this was a great feature in the Magellan. Does anyone know of a way to make the Garmin do this???

Nuvi 350 can't find downloaded gpx file

Forgive me if this has been addressed before but I am about to leave for a road trip and my wife is telling me we are late so I don't have time to search.

I have not used the 350 for about 8-9 months. I pluged it in to the wall charger and instead of going into charging mode it showed as connected to the computer, however it did take a charge.

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Merging Garmin's Red Light & Speed Alerts with POI Factory's Red Light & Speed Alerts

OK, I've had my Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT for over 2 weeks now and I've driven around my neighborhood a few times now testing POI Factory's Red Light & Speed Alerts. I've noticed a few red light cameras had been physically removed yet POI Factory indicates they're still there.

Weird behavior in 3790

Recently it will put a destination and time in the green bar on top when I start the car and it turns on. I have no destination set. It most frequently will say " Home 5 min" or once "VIllage Inn 6 min" . I haven't told it to do anything. Am I missing a setting someplace?

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Is it worth fixing/refurb. my 465T

Hello, I have a garmin 465LMT (465T) with lifetime maps and traffic receiver. It died on me two months past the two year extended warranty. I called garmin, they will exchange it for a refurb. unit for $110.00. I'm just wondering if it's worth it or if someone here knows where new ones can be purchased for a little bit more?

Has anyone had any luck using Navteq's "Map Reporter"?

Yesterday morning, I took my wife to the emergency room at Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City, CA (broken wrist and thumb). My Garmin took me from south of town up US 101 and had me turn left on Burtschell St. After 1 block, I reached 41.76728,-124.19516, where I was to continue straight ahead (Check it in Google Earth or Maps).

Garmin Drivesmart 61, Nuvi 52, Nuvi 1390

Nuvi 50 does have a(n)...

The Garmin Nuvi 50 does have an SD memory card slot, just fyi. That is probably a no brainer, but I found it amusing that there were no diagrams in the manual labeling the parts of the unit, so I couldn't be sure. I read the full manual online and saw that it says the 50 does have the slot, but it isn't mentioned in the quick start guide.


Can't load gpx file

On my nuvi250W I am unable to download a gpx file although I can download a csv file. I have used the Garmin updater, which did not help. Any suggestions?
Also, I am unable to download, to my computer, the latest version of POI Loader2.7.1. I have Windows 7, and I receive a message that states "This is an unsupported OS version. This application requires XP SP2, or greater".

Unable to unlock maps

Hi Everyone , Admin and other Hi ranking Members.

34xx v.7.10 Released

Changes made from version 6.60 to 7.10:

Fixed an error that caused the device to lock up and drain the battery when powered down.
Fixed an error that caused the device to periodically lose GPS signals.
Fixed an error that caused the device to shutdown when receiving traffic events from a GTM 60 cable.
Fixed several route-calculation errors.

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