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Moving filesn to SDHC

Planning to clean up extra files and move whatever I can to my SDHC card.

I pretty much know which files can be deleted thanks to all the posts and links such as:

Except there is no mention of folders such as tutorials, tracker, LEX_PKG, audible and probably some more in hidden system files.


garmin 465 lmt wrong location?

I have the garmin 465 Lmt. I just got it and found this website. I downloaded the low clearance underpass custom poi. Now my location Is not right Something is wrong with my gps now Is there anyway to take off the pois? when I hit where am I it is telling me I'm somewhere I am not I did a master reset but that didn't do anything.

wheres my home page


gpsdog For some reason my 1490lmt always opens up with my last driving position and have to await gps to reset to home.

Garmin 1450T -- $99.99 today only

1450T - New

Available for the next 9.5 hours only.

If you're looking for a new (not refurbished) unit this may be of interest.

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2 weeks New Garmin 1490 LMT.

Hi Everyone, Good day Admin and other Associates.

gpsdog: I just bought myself another Garmin, Gps 1490LMT.

Garmin Map Udates

I just spent several hours downloading the software to update a 755t and an 855. In both cases I received a warning that the device doesn't have enough memory to load the updated maps - the map selection(s) offered don't meet my needs so I'm forced to go without any updates.

Lifetime map updates?? I apparently got ripped off by Garmin again.

Nuvi Changes Route Created With Google Maps

My first time playing with Google Maps.
Using Google Maps, I get directions between two addresses in different states (NY & PA). It offers three routes to take, none are ideal. I move the pointer and change the direction of the route to take highways I want. Everything works fine and the driving instructions clearly display the route I want.

Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units

Garmin Nuvi 500 Vehicle Power Cable

Has anybody else here had a problem with their vehicle power cable? The reason I ask is my wife told me that the vehicle power cable for her Garmin Nuvi 500 was no longer working. Upon closer examination it appears as if the wire inside the plastic insulation may have broken.

Help with basecamp

Just bought a nuvi 3590 after having my 755 stolen. Trying to upload my adresses using basecamp. it seems to upload on the device but addresses are not showing on the unit. I used export to internal memory of the gps... the process has upload but nothing on the unit afterward... ? Never had problems before with mapsource.

Is poiloader still working with 3590?

gpsworldnet map of Central America

Hoping some people may have experience with the Central America map from gpsworldnet.

I'm particularly interested in the Nicaragua detail and POI's if anyone has used this map there.

Jeep BMP

Hi..searched the forum, but could not find an answer for my question(s).

Is it possible for me to create a BMP of my Jeep and put into my GPS?

From what I see, yes you can create a BMP, best if its 24 x24 or 18x18...example-for Starbucks etc..

But I don't see how to load it into my 465T as a BMP.

Please assist or redirect me.

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

custom poi on garmin gps

I reviewed the tutorial on how to download cemetary poi to garmin gps. When it was completed, he showed how to access a certain cemetary. when he accessed it he pressed "GO" and the garmin proceeded to the site. I downloaded walmarts poi on my 2350 lmt garmin unit. I pressed "where to", pressed Extra, showed custom poi, selected a certain walmart store.

New Nuvis (3490LMT, 3590LMT)

Thinking about replacing my GPS. Can anyone comment on the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT and/or the 3590LMT?

Ever shrinking map update

When I bought my nuvi 1300LM it came with the whole US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Mexico and Canada (full NA map), when I did an update in 2012 it only allowed for the continental US/Hawaii/Alaska. Latest update (2013) it is giving me trouble with the install, which it wants to be just the continental US. Any ideas why or is just Garmin being a$$&%#@L#*? mad

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Garmin suggestions.

A lot of members are always saying they would like to have certain features on their GPS. Submit them here. Who knows we may get it.

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Garmin's email help desk

Just saw on Garmins Facebook page that they are telling people to send emails to

The email address they told me is

Anyone have experience with the first email address?

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Nuvi 24x5 and 25x5 (GCD File) Software Version 7.00 Released

Nuvi 24x5 and 25x5 (GCD File) Software Version 7.00 Released today. Here is the changelog:

Changes made from version 6.60 to 7.00:
Fixed several route-calculation errors.
Fixed several navigation-related errors.
Fixed several search-related issues.
Fixed several map display errors.
Fixed several ASR errors.
Fixed several SmartPhone Link errors.

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nuvi 34xx (GCD File) software version 7.00 released

Change History
Changes made from version 6.60 to 7.00:

Fixed several route-calculation errors.
Fixed several navigation-related errors.
Fixed several search-related errors.
Fixed several map display errors.
Fixed several ASR errors.
Fixed several SmartPhone Link errors.
Fixed several locale-specific keyboard and display-related errors.

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FM Transmitter 465t

Hello out there..

Question about FM Transmitter 465t... Are their any settings we can change to make it more effective ?

I did read some posts "FM Transmitter Strength FIX" checked it out on my 465T... I could not see how it applied..

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.. Have a wonderful Day/Week..

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Lifetime Map

I just recently purchased the lifetime update for my Garmin Nuvi 680. (I broke it)... Trying to get it fixed. But was thinking I'd just update my sons Garmin. It won't let me. It tells me that this isn't the unit the map upgrade was purchased for. Can you transfer it to another unit?