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Could not input addresses after downloading latest map updates from Garmin (long)

After downloading and installing the latest map updates from Garmin on my Nuvi 3790, I launched Garmin BaseCamp just to play around with it a bit and learn how it works.

Nuvi 3790T w. Lifetime Maps/Macintosh OS Lion/iPhone 4/iPad 1


Just order my 3590LMT, should arive in about 5 days. Will give my 3595LMT to my wife.

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GPS Protection

GPS Protection ..........

"Me? I'm not worried. I leave my GPS in the car. Sometimes I place it under the seat, sometimes in the glove compartment, and sometimes in the trunk. No need for me to take it inside with me. I don't believe that anyone could break into my car other than smashing the windows. I feel safe."

--- Imconfident


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Oregon 450 Custom Alert for POI's


Zumo 550 problem

I experienced a problem with my Zumo on my motorcycle today, the speed and the next street names were running right along with me but the map was a few blocks behind, freezing at points and not keeping up.

Think a hard reset will work? If so how would I do it?

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3590 6.50 Update Available

Device Software update 6.50 is available for Nuvi 3590. Listed as 74.0 MB. Changes indicated are "Improved Software Stability."

This appeared June 7. I had last run a WebUpdater check on June 5.

accidentally formatted garmin 1450. please help!

Hi guys. I'm freaking out here. I just formatted my garmin 1450 and I don't know how to get everything back. It was stupid of me I know. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here. Any advice how to fix it?

Garmin Pilot Android App

It looks good for the pilots with this application. I sure wish we could get a Garmin StreetPilot Onboard For Android application!

Got my 1st reboot of my 1490LMT

driving from nyc to DC.

i noticed it just rebooted.
then cant find my EcoRoute HD device.

the 1490 was sitting in the hot sun on my dashboard.

i figured it just overheated???

i pulled into a rest stop.

after i used the facilities, i started the car and everything was fine. 1490 saw my ecoroute hd.

Internally recharging NiMH batteries in eTrex30/Oregons?

I am looking to reduce the amount of wear on the internal battery contacts in our new eTrex 30, Oregon 450.

New Webupdater available from Garmin

A new Webupdater is on the Garmin site. For Windows XP3 and later.

Their acceptance page says, partially, ...

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Suffolk County NY Doubles Red Light Cameras

New York State has granted Suffolk County in Long Island NY to double its Red Light camera locations from 50 to 100. Adjoining Nassau county was also approved in March to double its cameras from 50 to 100.

These two counties will have 200 cameras which is far more than many other states combined totals.

What disturbs me is the following statement:

Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units

How to turn on tour guide for POI'S to alert when close?

Hi Gang,

Ive looked around for the specific answer to this but can't come up with it anywhere.

I have some custom POI's on a memory card in my Garmin Nuvi 250w. Red light cameras.

I've just downloaded POI loader, but i still can't figure out where the loader come's into play, and how to get a tour guide mode so the alerts happen automatically.

Thanks for any help.


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File to save to back up all favorites.... Nuvi 660

I asked this a long while back, but didn't save the information name/location.... So I ask again....

There is a file that contains all the favorites I've saved.... in my Nuvi 660....

And, If you back this up, can you reload it later in case your favorites get deleted from a reset, and by copying it back, does it reload all the favorites?


A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Garmin Guidance 3.0. Is it really better?

Garmin claim that the new models with Guidance 3.0 has better routing and better traffic avoidance. Anyone found it true? Is it worth upgrading?

Microsoft Streets & Trips as Tracking Map

Using a Garmin 265wt. I would like to be able to use Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 as a tracking map, but can only show the first leg of track. Does anyone know how to get the entire track to show? I've setup GPSGate to see track live, no problem, but can't get the GPX file to show.


Nuvi 2250LT @ Sears Garmin NUVI 2250LT 3.5" GPS w/ Lifetime Traffic - $57 w/ FS AC

Apply code LUVDAD for $3 off

Credit to slickdeals usergabe23111 for the post.

Looks like a great deal, especially given the lifetime traffic. Not sure about availability.

Montana 650t

ok has anyone ever heard of this?

Everyday is a GREAT day :)