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Garmin Communicator Plugin with Google sucks

Garmin has screwed up again(no surprise). In Firefox and IE an update to Garmin Communicator Plugin 4.0.3 is required but the new version doesn't work!

Nuvi 2460LMT

Traffic Receivers, 2460lmt/1490t

I have a 1490t and a 2460lmt.The traffic receivers look like there compatible with each other and Garmin site says they are. GTM 25 (1490t) and GTM35 (2460lmt).Has anyone used either with either unit. Actually the GMT 35 looks more like 36 but I'm sure it's my eyes or Garmin typo.

Thanks, Ed

Missing Threads?

I don't think it's my computer but there seems to be a problem with lost threds on this site.

I posted this morning (7/3/12) but that thread has disappeared.
Also I only see one thread was posted on 7/2/12, I know there were more than that.

Does anybody see more posts for 7/2 as well as any for 7/3?

Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units

nüvi 1300 Formatted

Hi all,

I have nüvi 1300 SW Ver 5.90 and i accidentally formatted everything, after i erased all nüvi flash memory on next startup device automatically restored 3 folders:

- .System
- Garmin

Trip log size

Nuvi 2460: Is there any way to tell from the GPS how full the trip log is? I think it'll hold something like 10,000 points then starts aging out the oldest points. On long trips, I've had varying success at pasting trip log segments together so I'd like to get it near capacity before I copy it out so I have fewer segments to paste together.

Nuvi 2460

Just In case the Nuvi Smartphone Link Stops Working

I have a Nuvi 3490 and use the Smartphone Link application and like it a lot. On our recent scooter trip to Ohio, the GPS stopped receiving any data. The weather app would just endlessly say, "updating". The traffic would never update either. I checked and rechecked all the settings. I reinstalled the Smartphone Link application on my Droid.

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GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems

[of interest]


GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems

UK defense firm BAE Systems has developed a new positioning system that uses existing transmissions such as Wi-Fi, TV, radio and mobile phone signals to calculate the user's location to within a few meters.

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POI to maintain speed?

A friend with a TomTom said if she exceeds the speed limit (or a given speed) it makes a sound. I've yet to see that function in my Garmin. Could a POI be created that does that for a Garmin? Any ideas?

Garmin Drive Smart 61 NA LMT-S

triffic on nuvi2555 LMT

how do I get the triffic to work on my nuvi 2555LMT. I'm missing the boat somewhere. do I have to download or what? Do I have to pay for it way I see is it is part of the package Thank you for the help



Someone please fill me in. Sometime ago one of the GPS related boards had a gripe from a user that Garmin defined what was considered lifetime for map updates and cut him off. If I replace my 855 I'll most likely go with a GPS that has the free updates and I'm wondering if Garmin has pulled this on anyone that has had their GPS for quite awhile.

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Suddenly, insufficient space?

All of a sudden, with the latest 2013 update for the nuvi 750, I don't have sufficient memory and need an sd card or a reduced map. Do I really need to do this?


The el-cheapo 50Lm gives longer Junction View time than my 1490LMT?

I tested the 1490lmt side by side with the 50LM for wacky routing:

during that test, i noticed that the 50LM's junction view stayed on the screen longer than the more expensive 1490lmt.

(new 50LM cost me ~$60 during xmas sale, 1490lmt was $130 refurb. both bought in last 7months.)

What gives?!

It is the 2013.10 map that gives wacky routing

I posted a thread a few weeks ago about how my 1490LMT w/2013.10 maps gave wacky routing.
(all avoidances turned off.)

ie: i'm on the highway approaching the Verrazono bridge. my 1490 tells me at EVERY exit to take the exit and go local to the bridge. WTF?!
my 255w with 2012.30 maps didnt do that.

well, i got ahold of my sister's 50LM with 2012.30 maps.

Garmin 1300

Just a question..?
garmin 1300 are units without mp3 capability?
Can you add voice to the POI red light cameras in this unit.?

Wireless Emergency Alert On Garmin Nuvi 1690 And 1695

I was looking at the information on the Wireless Emergency Alert system here in the United States and I was thinking it would be nice if that could be added to the Garmin Nuvi 1690 and 1695. I still use my Garminfone, so I should be all set with that.

Installing POI .csv File

I know this is a 'simple' question. How do I 'install' a file once I have downloaded it?

Reno, NV Traveller

3790 LMT Map Refresh Rate

I just got a refurbished 3790LMT from Bestbuy at a great price. So far I am loving it! The screen clarity is awesome and the feature set is pretty comprehensive. With the life time map update this is going to be used for a long time.

nuvi 7xx (GCD file) software version 5.40 released

Hopefully they got it right this time...

And don't let the "7xx" confuse you. Garmin should change this to "7x0" since "7xx" could mean either the nuvi 7x0 or 7x5 series. This firmware is ONLY for the 7x0 series.


Changes made from version 4.90 to 5.40:

nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 855, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3490LMT - SoCal area

1390lmt nuvi

will the 1390lmt nuvi accept downloaded redlight sounds from this poi site?

Me Bigmac

AnyOne Familiar with the Garmin 2195

Is anyone familiar with a Garmin Nuvi 2195 ??
Spoke with a friend that claims he has one, but it is not on Garmin's website.??

JG - Nuvi 2460