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Missing Trip Log

Just curious. I did the ol' GPS on a plane trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Orlando, FL using my zumo 665 in OFF ROAD mode. It shows the blue track line on the screen ... but ... there is no sign of it in the Trip Log looking on the zumo, or in the Current.GPX file using MapSource or BaseCamp. It must be somewhere in the zumo memory but it sure isn't sharing it with me.

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How do I add Bimp icons to my poi files?

Such as How do I make the Bob Evans or McDonalds icons show up on my garmin? Thanks this is a great website

Garmin 50LM safety camera alerts, questions!

I got a new 50LM with camera alerts built-in. Is this a 30-day trial that will just quit working? Or will it continue to work but just not update the data unless I pay for it?

Aside from the price, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of the Garmin camera alerts versus the POI Factory Camera file?

" This feature is not available for United States in American English"

Here is my fix Just in case you get this message while using the voice command on the NUVI:

I spoke a voice command to find an INTERSECTION and my 3490 LMT responded with a message that "This feature is not available for the United States in American English".

Following my Garmin - Awesome Sign

Following the driving directions on my nuvi last weekend. Found this sign and turned around. grin

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Garmin 1490LMT Routing

My Garmin 1490 routed me onto a 20 mile stretch of unpaved road even though I had "unpaved roads" checked as an avoidance. Any ideas why this would happen? The road had some paved sections but was mostly unpaved.

Kingston, Tennessee

Uconnect 8.4n and exrtra point editor

I'm trying to get the custom poi's in my connect 8.4n. I can get them in and have the proximity alerts to work but the don't show up. I been using epe and works great but I can't get the help file to work. I'm trying to figure out what the fields in 'recalculate fieds' are I.e display. I've tried using the values true, yes, and 800 (thinking it was a map scale to display at).

2013 Models?

I'm in the market for a new nuvi. My 260W is on its last leg. Thought about buying a 3490LMT but the price hasn't dropped yet, and new models must be announced soon.

Any word on when the 2013 models will arrive? Past release dates were in early November. Wonder what new features they will offer. Any ideas?

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2460 Keeps rebooting

A recent trend I've noticed, when I select a new route (one I haven't gone on before) that is programmed on my GPS. I find that when it starts to calculate the route the unit just reboots itself and I takes about 5 or 6 tries until it finally caculates the route. Any suggestions?

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Garmin Parts (mini usb port)

Does anyone know where I can buy the exact style mini usb ports to be soldered into a Garmin nuvi 200?

Ecoroute MPG estimate is accurate

Ecoroute logs my last 30hrs driving and gives me an estimate MPG.
at the same time i enter into my gps miles traveled and gallons refueled whenever i fill up.

i take that file into excel and avg my mpg.

for the past 30hrs (forgot how many hundreds of gallons of gas), ecoroute calc my mpg=33.6.
the excel file says 33.5mpg

"New" Garmin Traffic

Is it just me or is all this Garmin traffic name change stuff just hype? Does it really work or is it simply the same traffic data just fed in different time intervals? I think a smartphone equipped with maps and live traffic data runs rings around this Garmin traffic particularly because Garmin / Navteq traffic focuses only on highways and biways not surface streets.

Nuvi 2595 - Routes do not show the next leg!

I lead a motorcycle group on a ride last weekend and loaded a route that one of the guys put together. When I was leading a smaller group on the ride I came to the first waypoint at an intersection and the magenta route just stopped right there at the little flag. I didn't know which way to turn!

POI not showing on 2555lmt

Hello folks, I just uploaded the McDonalds poi and icon on my 2555lmt and I don't see the locations showing up on the screen when I'm driving. Is there something that I missed? Thanks for any advice:)

Nuvi 760 replacement battery

I need to replace a worn out battery in a 760 so that my daughter can use it on her bicycle when she moves to DC. Has anyone had experience with this battery offered in eBay? It's inexpensive but is it cheap?

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3790 lmt Traffic icon

Lets see if we can fix this thing. Some where in Map version 2013.10 I lost the Traffic icon on the Map screen.

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Garmin repairs. What do I do?

I have a Garmin nüvi 1450LMT that I have had for just over a yr. Figures that it is having issues now. When I plug it in and turn it on in the truck, it looks like it thinks it is plugged into a power outlet for updating the maps. If it goes into navigation mode, it continuously recycles..

What can I do?

GPSr for my mom

Hi everyone,

My mom (72 years old and not tech savy) is saying she would like to get a GPS for her car. It doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles but I figure the key items are large screen and I'm thinking bluetooth would be nice along with voice activated navigation. She already has a standalone Motorola bluetooth for her car, so if the GPS has it, it could also replace the Motorola.

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Horribly inaccurate speed limit info...

I was driving on a country road yesterday - one I've driven many times in the past. The speed limit varies along the stretch I was driving from 55mph to 35mph depending on whether or not you are going through a short stretch of residential area. In the past the maps have been extremely accurate as to the speed limits along this stretch of country road.

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