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Updated Map on 3590LMT

Here is my problem. I was updating the latest map om my 3590LMT. It was at the section where it was loading map to computer. At that time we had a thunder storm rolling thru, shutting down my comuter, so the downloading stop. I disconected the GPS from the computer.

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Minimum POI Distance?

Anyone know if there is a minimum distance that can be set via POI Loader?

School Zones???

A few days ago -- BEFORE THE LATEST AP UPGRADE -- I was driving in Los Lunas, New Meico when a new icon popped up on my Dezl 560LMT. I had never seen it before -- it showed a little girl running, and was in a white window, similar to a TourGuide icon.

Sure enough, about a quarter-mile down the road, I encountered a school zone. I had no idea school zones were in this unit!

KD5XB in DM84

Micro SD on a Nuvi 1490

As current maps tend to grow beyond the internal memory capacity of various Nuvi models, they must be stored on an external SD card.
Do you suppose that the micro SD card on a Nuvi 1490 is continuously read while navigating? In other words, does the 1490 need to access the micro SD card in real time to retrieve map information during navigation?

3590 Question (turns off while connected to PC)

My new 3590 turns off automatically after a few minutes while connected to my PC. The time before shutdown varies. It can be anywhere from 1 minute to 8 or 10 minutes. It doesn't matter how I connect it with the USB cable. I've tried it with the unit on and with it off.

660 Free Space Remaining after latest map upgrade...

After the upgrade last night, I had 70.5Mb free on my 660. I had taken out some of the voices and pictures, music....

I took out more tonight, and about 1/3 of the non-english help files.....

I do have a question about one file...

In the 660, in the MP3 directory, there is a 109Kb file named: Welcome to AudioLunchBox.mp3

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POI and my 2595LMT

Hello All,

First post. I searched a bit but still need a couple things cleared up.

Purchased a 2595LMT old unit was 780.

Driving to work using both I noticed the 2595 showed a Wendys as I was driving by, the 780 did not.

Sticking w/Wendys example, If I install the Wendys custom POI, what advantage is that over stock unit. Won't I have duplicates then?

Speed Limit Correction file?

I remember reading somewhere, the location of speed limit corrections in the Nuvi series. I can't find it now.

Just upgraded to 2013.20 and I want to delete what speed limit corrections I have put in in the past. Where are these files?


KD5XB in DM84

Careful - killed my 50LM last night

Last night I was updating some POI files and I wanted to load them onto my 50LM. I had a POI file for Qdoba restaurants already on the device but had made some changes to the csv file in Excel and wanted to load the updated version. When I ran Garmin's POI Loader program, I came to the step where you have two options and the software says something like "1) Load or replace a custom POI file.

Garmin 50LM

Mapsource/Basecamp Poll

Moderator, can you set this thread up to be a poll allowing users to vote their preference between Mapsource & Basecamp?
I'm thinking that Garmin would be interested in the results.

File size for split screen JCV file

I just updated my 3590 to 2013.2. The new JCV file is smaller than its predecessor.
D3191060A.JCV 449.0MB for 2013.2
D3191050A.JCV 449.2MB for 2013.1

Garmin Montana Address book

I have a new Montana and I am trying to copy my address book from my Nuvi to the Montana . So I copy and rename my "current.gpx" from the nuvi and put it in the gpx folder on my Montana but they all go to the waypoints and not the address book ANY ideas????

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Large JCV File for CN NA 2013.20 is available

For any one needing the the large, non split screen view, JCV file it's available at:

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converting GPI to GPX

Does anyone know if you can convert the POI.GPI file on a sd card into a GPX or cvs file so that i canedit some errors?

City Navigator North America 2013.20 is available

City Navigator North America 2013.20 is available as of a few minutes ago. I'm downloading it as we speak.

Nuvi 350, 760, 1695LM, 3790LMT, 2460LMT, 3597LMTHD, DriveLuxe 50LMTHD, DriveSmart 61, Garmin Backup Camera 40 and TomTom XXL540s.

Adding POI's to Nuvi does it handle duplicates?

Hi, I just found this site and am excited to add POI's since the existing ones are so lacking. I would guess 50% of the places I look for are not in the database. Question; if I download, say a file of POI listings of Holiday Inns, does it override any existing ones or will it duplicate them? Appreciate any help or tips! Thanks!

SD Memory card (how to access from my computer)

This may be a stupid question but how do I access the SD memory card in my Nuvi 765t from my computer.

I have some pictures on the card that I would like to transfer to my computer. I plugged in my Nuvi and have the file open but cannot find a file for the card or anything that shows where the pictures are stored.

GPX files

I cant read GPX files. How can I change the POI to CVS. I have a PC Windows 7

Thanks for the info. I'll try that. Why can't the files be in CVS or TOM TOM not GPX (royal pain) I need to download all the truckstops Love, TA, etc. but it only in GPX file.

GTM 60 traffic

Is the traffic recieved with the GTM 60 much better than than the 3d traffic? I have a 2595lmt with 3d traffic and am considering geting the GTM 60 Antenea which will give me the 3d digital traffic. wondering if it is worth the $ 70.00?

Garmin Nuvi 350 Blue Screen Of Death

While I was driving home tonight, my Garmin Nuvi 350 starting displaying erratic readings. I attempted to re-boot it, but now I get a "blue screen of death." Anyway, I will contact Garmin in the morning, but I am just wondering with a unit this old if Garmin will still repair it for a price or will they not even repair something this old?