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I love POI Jokes

laugh out loud greetings fellow memebers: I had a hard week at work, waking up to different starting hours.You know what makes my day.......Those poi jokes, really great and humourous. I love them keep it up.Sure makes my day to releive stress.

2460LMT general performance

This is my third garmin (660,1490T,2460LMT).Disabled eco-route, my trends,traffic trends also bluetooth (don't use it and command voice). Wanted to use it with pure GPS mode without it "thinking around me". I have to say its been superb at routing, local and far. Recalculations are almost instant. Calculating is quite quick, I'm impressed so far(2 months). 660 was a good unit and still is.

Garmin nuvi 50LM Boot problem

I have owned a Garmin nuvi 50LM for about 10 days (purchased it for a vacation) and we are 3 states away from home and it keeps freezing on the screen that shows Garmin. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Karissa Marie Garmin Nuvi 50LM

List your favorite/funniest Garmin mispronunciations

I love the text-to-speech on our 50LM, but emphasis on the syllables and street abbreviations are often amusing. Here's a couple of good ones that we've noticed in our travels...

Mitsubishi Motorway is abbreviated on the map as Mtwy. Our Garmin pronounces this as "Mistubishi Mih-TWY". Has no problem with the word Mitsubishi.

Garmin 50LM

No cameras on I-235,Windsor Heights is told

No cameras on I-235,Windsor Heights, IA is told
The Iowa Department of Transportation wants the Des Moines suburb to try ramp metering or speed displays instead of speed cameras. The city will appeal.

C530 POI transfert

I just got a Garmin 2595, possible to retrieve all the POI from my old C530 and download them onto my 2595?

Thank you

T Corbeil

Who gets Navteq to update POIs (or does Garmin)?

Capital One bought Chevy Chase Bank in 2009 and changed all branch branding in 2010 (I think). But searching for Capital One bank in the Garmin yields nada.

I have talked to a bank employee who claims to have worked for Garmin and he told me Navteq provides the POIs.

DC Area, Nuvi 2797


I heard on the local television news that a community in Maryland is trying to get approval to install a STOP SIGN camera.

I didn't even know they exist.

If these start popping up it will be something for poi-factory, garmin, etc.. to start including.

Prepare to come to a full complete stop, then wait 10 seconds to make sure the camera sees that you are stopped.


view logo

What may be the reason for that can not see my custom POI's in my GPs Nuvi 2555, when I make the simulation and I'm on the road only a small black box, are not the logos. Someone can help me? So I download the security cameras and follow all installation instructions to the GPS and then can not find them.

Jairo Gutierrez

Problems with Mini USB charger

For the past one month I struggled to solve the problem of my Garmin GPS 750 going in to data mode ( Computer icon popping up) when ever I used to connect the mini USB charging unit---whether I connect to the Laptop OR in the car.
The solution is simple.
1. Connect the GPS to the charger---let the Computer Icon pop up.
2. Now disconnect the charger from the GPS.

POI Sound Problem

I have a Garmin Nuvi 2360, software version 3.60, GPS Firmware 2.70.
Using POILoader, and SOX 14.0.1

I'm simulating my testing several POIs by setting 'location 1' and 'location 2' about 0.2 mi either side of the POI I want to test.

OK, when I test my 'My_Home' bmp, csv and wav and simulate a drive by it work fine.


Battery Charge Doesn't Last

My Nuvi 2350LMT doesn't hold a charge. I use an optional AC charge cable to charge it, leave the unit connected for 5 or 6 hours to get the job done, turn it off, then store it a closet where the temperatures are well within Garmin's acceptable range. Two weeks later I find the unit dead as a doornail.

Garmin Fenix: Is this the product you've been waiting for?

Garmin Fenix: Is this the product you've been waiting for?
Will this one be on your Christmas list?

Changing a Route in Nuvi 1490 Lmt.

Greetings Fellow Members: question Is there a way to change a Route when viewing in Simulation mode to, another, if I dont like the present. My Nuvi 1490 Lmt seem to prefer a hard way,

skipping updates

If you decide to skip the latest map update 2013.20 and then up date when 2013.40 comes out would you have to update 2013.20 before you go to 2013.40?

I ask because someone once posted they had skipped updates for a year then had to go back and update the skipped over updates before they could just update with the latest.


My Appologies- nuvi 1490LMt

Forum Master: To all my other replyers I do feverently appologise to everyone for Our Postings that has gone off tangent.I merely compared my units with all other units as a guide and it seem to have gone AWOL.Please forgive if I may have started a honest conversation and was misrepresented.I will be the bigger guy and appologise.I guess funny answers maybe deserved to be from questions misappropr

That LMT Again:

Hi Everyone, Im not the bearer of bad news, just a guy who brings you the bumps in the gps roads.I journeyed to the dentist 17 miles away, and my unit sent me in widespread tarffic areas, only to reach my destination entering the backstreets.My tomtom xxl 540 was so spot on and simple straightforward.I know i can erform a detour on my streetpilot if i dont like the route.

Nuvi 3790LMT Refurb. Deal

Hi All,
Just thought people may be interested in a deal on the Nuvi 3790LMT. It is a factory refurb unit offered by

I purchased one new, then purchased the refurb from WM for my wife.

My Garmin nuvi 785t stop working

My Garmin nuvi 785t was operating great. I was using with my car adapter. It failed to start last week All I got was the logo screen and go to the map loading and when it finished loading the screen went blank. What is wrong. The battery is charged and I did not have it on security lock.


Search Tool

I was out running errands today with my 3590LMT. I don't know what happen, but my gps was acting kind of funny. My dashboard wasn't showing what I had input into it. My VC commond was working. After I got home I checked everything and recovered my VC and dashboard. But now I have lost my Search Tools. When I use search it give me a msg "Map data in not available} (or no data available)

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD