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POI loader problems

I'm a confused newbie here after owning 5 previous Garmin products. I'm now the unhappy owner of a nuvi 50. I just used POILoader for the first time and downloaded 1 file. After completing the download I've lost all of the factory installed POIs! I must have done something wrong.

Name of the street you're driving on

In the map mode, Garmin shows the name of the street you're driving on by not in the destination mode like TomTom does. Why doesn't Garmin do that as well and has Garmin addressed this in the past and decided it was too expensive to revise their maps?

7 km/h speed alert

I purchased the POI Factory's Speed Alert Camera csv file last week and while driving this morning in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I noticed quite a few 7 km/h speed alerts on my Nuvi 1490LMT screen. Yes, 7 km/h! I opened the csv file and I was unable to locate which lines say 7 km/h.

Nuvi 1350 bottom speedometer getting stuck

The speedometer on my 1350 has been getting stuck. It will display the speed for a while and it becomes stuck at one speed for a while.

When I push on the "speed xxmph" it briefly displays the current speed and switches to full screen dashboard view.

In dashboard view, speedometer works.

Go back to the main map view and speedometer is stuck until I power cycle.

How to generate GPX file for Garmin GPS device?


I know that GPX files use XML schemas to generate. I have been trying to generate GPX files from google maps directions for more than two destinations/waypoints. I want to develop a gpx file that uses the extensions just like the POI files in this POI factory website.

Can someone please give me an explanation? or point me in the right direction to get started?

Thank you.

New nuvi 50LM

Just got a nuvi 50LM and was able to download the lifetime map tool (I think), and was definitely able to add all the POIs (including the camera files) from my old nuvi 205 to the 50LM.

Walmart/Sam POI

I downloaded the POI for walmart and Sams Club on my Garmin 2350LMT. When I got about .4 tenths of a mile or .2 tenths of a mile an alert comes up on the screen showing speed alert. Is this the alert for Walmart. I noticed this at different Walmarts in different towns.

Create a log file suitable for tracking mileage?

Any way to create a log file suitable for tracking mileage so I can use it for business use on my Federal Tax return?


Nuvi 2360 Cannot Generate Custom POI Sound

I read a bunch of FAQs and visited "Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas" and can generate csv and bmp files that work, but I cannot seem to get a sound file to work.

My POI Loader rejects wav files and mp3 don't play.
I suspect this model does not support mp3. True?

I've tried SOX etc and all the sound I get is the Proximity Alart beep.


Unreliable navigation

I am new to Garmin GPS. This morning I was driving to a programmed Destination when the male voice instructed me to make a left hand turn and then immediately a right hand turn. If I had done that, I would have driven into the grassy area of a local school. The right turn I should really be taking was 75 m away! This had happened to me with TomToms also.

Magenta stripe hides almost the entire POI icons

In the Destination mode, there's a magenta stripe and an orange stripe to the left of it. The magenta stripe hides almost the entire POI icons such that it's quite difficult to make out what they are, however the POI icons appear above the orange stripe which is fantastic. Why didn't Garmin place the POI icons just to the right of the magenta bar? Is there a POI Factory fix to this? Thanks.

Simulator speed 10 kph over maximum 60 kph speed limit

Hello. I just purchased a refurbished Nuvi 1490LMT unit and POI Factory's latest Red Light and Speed Alert csv file and I installed it. I tried the simulator mode and I noticed the little car icon was traveling at 70 kph and I know that this Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada main avenue's speed limit is 60 kph. What gives with the simulated speed of 70 kph?

Thank you.

Garmin Zumo 350LM

Garmin has recently introduced yet another motorcycle friendly GPS called the all-new Zumo 350LM. Has anyone purchased or have experience w/ this new unit? I need a GPS for my Harley, but I'm torn between the new Zumo 350LM OR the HD Road Tech Zumo 660 also made by Garmin. Thanks in advance for any input.

Adding Sound to "Home" on Garmin 660

I kind-of remember a post a couple years ago on how to add a Sound file to HOME, but now that I want to add it, of course I can't find it.... smile!

I want to add a short Audio file to the "Home" flag indicator on my 660....

I know it wants to be an MP3 file, just need to know where to put it, and what to name it!!



A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Camping (State or County parks?)

My wife and like to travel. We go to many different states but only like to camp in State or County parks. Is there a POI that lists just State and County parks? We have a teardrop camper and prefer to camp in more woodsy type areas than an RV park.

New 3590 - No Security Lock???

I have about 1 day of experience with the 3590. In my opinion, all the features are easy to use and locate. However, I cannot find how to set a security code, nor can I find it referenced in the manual. Can you set a PIN on this device?


Sometimes, it is better to travel than to arrive.

Zumo 550 Slow with Actual Position

Since I've started using the latest map update, CTNANT 2013.1, for the Zummo 550, I'm noticing that as I'm traveling, the map is not keeping up with my actual current position as quickly as it did before this map udpate. Is anyone else experiencing this problem with their Nuvi or Zumo? What is the solution, besides going back to the previous map 2012.4?

New POI files

I just returned from a 3 wk trip and wanted to check to see what new POI files have been created (I don't mean updated, but new). Is there a way to go back more than a week to see what new files were created or do you have to go into each category (or alphabetical) to see what was created? Also if you have to go that route it would be nice to have the newest ones listed first.


Walmart/Sam POI

I downloaded POI for walmart. I tried to upgrade new POI sites. I think it duplicated the POI on my Garmin 2350. Do you need to delete the old POI from the unit. I nned some help on this. I have general knowledge of computer.

Need help to purchase a Garmin

I have a TomTom but; the newer models don't allow personal customization.

I'd like to purchase a Garmin.
I use a Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

I need a decent unit that I can add my own poi's, car symbols, color schemes & voices.

Can you help?