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Default Icon

Is there a way to recreate or edit the default POI icon. I'm trying to rid the icon of the bmp restriction of the white square border that encases the custom bmps used in custom POIs. I thought if I could find the default, ( gray circle ) I would be able to understand the format and possibly edit or revise. Much like how a transparent GIF file would be.

Inventory Pass/Fail

On my 855, when I view the undocumented Inventory page of the diagnostics, it lists all of the software and versions on the machine, as well as status (Erased, Pass, Fail, or a Number).

For both of my maps, it always shows Fail, despite the fact the maps are freshly downloaded from Garmin support. They work fine.

Does anyone know the significance of the "Fail" indication?

Traffic Option on the Nuvi 295w

On the Garmin Nuvi 295w, if you go to Settings/Navigation/Automobile/Avoidances and click "On" there are several options you can "avoid." One of those options is "Traffic." What does this mean for the 295w?


Nuvi 1490 and 3D display

I normally use the track up display. This morning I had the unit on 3D. The unit for some reason was locked onto nearby streets and not the one I was on. I switched over to track up and the 1490 displayed correctly. Has anyone else experienced this?

A new question again for the 295w

I looked up youtube videos to see how to find the current map version on the gps. And for anyone familiar with it the 295w doesn't have tools>settings>maps. nor does it have settings>maps. Any idea at how to get to it? it seems garmin has updated a few different things on this as I also cannot get to the satellite info screen nor the other test screens that you see in youtube videos.

Language setting

Why does the voice personality on my 885T revert back to "Jill - American English" every time my unit resets? Is there a way to change it so that I won't have to continually reset it to my preference?


My friend just bought a new nuvi unit.. 1350 or something like that... We found out that these new units does'nt have routes/itinary as programming option like my 755.

I often use them on long trips in order to program my multiple waypoints to make sure the planned trip use the road I want.

2 questions for discussion:

- Am I the only one using routes? Is it a useful option for you?

Over the speed limit alert possible on 295w?

Is it possible to set an over the speed limit warning for more than one speed on the 295w?


Have the basic Garmin Nuvii. Was wondering how to navigate around accident on the fly.

Anyone else do walmarts site to store option?

OK, so the day I've been waiting for very impatiently has finally arrived! My garmin nuvi 295w is now here. But already I have some questions. Not so much about the unit but rather walmarts shipping preferences.

How to copy a garmin sd card?

Hi Folks,

I just bought a street map on a micro-sd card for my 60CSx. I'd like to back it up to another micro-sd card. Is it just a matter of copying files over, or is it more tricky than that?


Editing CVS Files

How do I edit a CVS file downloaded from this site? Can I edit with Excel. I am using Excel 2007. After I edit, what format (workbook, 97-2003, cvs comma delimited) do I save it in so that it works properly?

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Single or Mass POI Download

I am attempting to learn this system!!! If I have 30 favorite POI files, is it best to load them all at once or one at a time to my Garmin 1490LMT? If one has a data format error (AAA Office Locations)on line 29 will that stop or affect the loading process. What are the pros and cons of performing a mass download vs single downloads?

Kingston, Tennessee

File(s) for Garmin Favorites & POI's

We just bought a 2nd GPS and I have a couple of questions about copying favorites and poi's.

1. If I wanted to transfer my Favorites from the old GPS to the new GPS, what file(s) do I need to copy?

2. If I wanted to transfer my POI's from the old GPS to the new GPS, what file(s) do I need to copy?

Thank you in advance for your information.

Data Format Error on Line 29

When I try to import POI AAA Office Locations (CSV) to my Garmin 1490LMT I get a data format error on line 29. How do I correct this error so I can download the whole file.

Kingston, Tennessee

Corrupt xx.GPX Archive file

I use the archived "xx.gpx" files to go back and remember where I was on my work travels (I loose calenders). I have one GPX file that will not open in Mapsource. A Mapsource popup comes up and says "xx.gpx is not a valid Mapsource file and could not be opened."

Anyone know of anyway to recover this file?

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Nuvi 1300 maps or software?

1st post and I Hope i'm doing this right. Just decided to purchase a 1300LMT instead of buying lifetime maps for my 750. It's fully updated and i've noticed that the maps are not as detailed. If i'm not navigating a route, but just have the map displayed as I drive, the maps on the 1300 do not have many street names for the streets in the area; especially for a suburban development.

SD card problem

I am a new user and have purchased, formatted installed an SD card for my Garmin 255W. When I connect the GPS unit to the computer I do see the card register as a separate drive. (I have saved a few things on it).

My problem is that when I turn on the GPS I don't see the things that are on the card (vehicles etc). Do I need to change something in the setting?

Red Light Camera POI

I just recently installed the Red Light and Speed Cameras POIs to my Garmin 1490LMT and tested it on the road today. Are the "alerts" activated "only" when you are traveling on an "active" route? I would prefer to be alerted to the cameras when I am just driving around with no set destination. Can I change a setting to make the latter happen?

Kingston, Tennessee


Dumb question but I want to register and setup a profile for this unit. Does anyone know where the sn is located on this unit?

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