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POI Loader and different sound file types

I know POI Loader will work with either MP3 or Wav files(if SOX is loaded)but what will happen if you put both types of sound files with the same file name in the default directory and ran the POI Loader program?

Sound Alert file types

Is there a document or listing that shows the type of sound file (MP3 or WAV)that are used by the different Garmin models?

Question (filename keywords)

I was reading this thread regarding the "keywords" used in files for custom POIs and I was wondering if there is a full compilation of all keywords available and what they do.

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Garmin - Mac App Store Additions

Mac App Store - Garmin additions as of 01.06.2011:
- Garmin BaseCamp - management of tracks, routes, waypoints and geocaches
- POI Loader
- Garmin Training Center

There are Nav apps from other vendors as well

Macintosh OS X 10.6.6 +

Skips over restaurants

Hey guys,

POI package and BMP image

I have downloaded the RestAreasCombined(Ver.AD)POI package and the Bitmap image for it. I have renamed the bitmap image to the same name as the.csv file. Should this cause the icon to appear for the rest stop entries that were loaded for the POI package, or am I not doing this correctly??

voice problems with the 1450LMT

Newbie here. Wanted to ask if anybody has experienced a distortion on the voice directions given on the 1450 model of Garmin? Is this voice the same on the 1490 ? Had a 265WT 2 years ago and sound was clear and crisp.
I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Favorites Issues

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if there is a place on your computer that is backing up your Garmin when you plug it in through the USB port. I have noticed a few favorites that I have removed keep being restored or duplicated after I am done plugging it in.


Can get Red Light custom alerts to play on Nuvi 265WT

the 265wt doesn't play mp3 ... so I d/l the red light & speed camera sound files in wav format.
Put the Sox Exe in the poi loader folder and tried to put to Garmin ... All I still get are the beeping alert sounds that I previously was getting.

Any suggestions most appreciated.

The files I attempted to load are:

POI not showing on my Garmin

Just got a Garmin Nuvi1490LMT and have downloaded several POI's one being The Kentuckey Bourbon Trail which is not shwing up on my I doing something wrong or not looking in the right place for it??????

Alerts (mp3 on 265W)

I just picked up a 265W , is this model able to install mp3 alerts, I'm not able to get them to work. I see the icons but all I get is the default sound. I also have the 885 and there is know problem, I have them all typed the same as the 885 ?

Can I play music from an SD card? - Nuvi 255w

i have music stored on a 32gig SD Card. Any 3rd party programs to be able to play music on my device?


New Firmware 4.90 released for 1xxx Series Nuvi's

New Firmware version 4.90 available for 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series

Change History
Changes made from version 4.70 to 4.90:

* Fixed issue with junction view files not updating properly during a map update.
* Fixed issue with audio intermittently not working.
* Fixed issue with Australia Topo map turning off the unit in certain conditions.

Update available using Webupdater.

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Garmin's Future?

not sure if you've seen this yet....perhaps explains the nuviphone

non-native nutmegger

deleted gmapprom.img file

I was thinking when i was clearing out my desktop of old photos i took off my nuvi 200. Does anyone have the 2008 north america gmapprom.img file. I am losing my mind tryin to wait for garmin and i sat on hold for an hour today and couldnt wait due to work hours. Please someone help!

Custom POI icons on map

Hi POI Factory,

Here's a simple question for you. I am sure you all know this, but for some reasons the answer eludes me.

When using POI Loader to create a .gpi file, you can specify an icon file with the same name as your .csv or .gpx file and this icon will be shown on the map at each POI locations.


No voice?

Never paid attention to my dictionary, till i received my Oxford Travel Language Guide. Loading was easy but it doesn't speak the phrases, icon is not grayed out, but nothing happens when i push it. Just to see if i was missing something i used the webupdater and grabbed all the language files. No luck. Garmins website shows they did something to the language guide between version 4.7-4.8.

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Garmin 1490T map color

How do you change map color? This one is gray and dark gray. day and night

calibration issue

Just recently I noticed that I am unable to input addresses into my Nuvi 765t correctly b/c the letters are not calibrated right. If I press "a," "s" prints out, if I press "n," "m" prints out. With most of the letters, it is okay b/c I can just move to the left but the lettes on the right side are a problem, i.e., q, a, and z, b/c I can't press any further left.

755t map issues

Back in Oct. I bought the life time maps. since then i noticed several issues. A exit i go past my gps guided route now has me in a field. and when i look at planned route then back to view map my gps reboots. can anyone help?