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Just Curious... How often do you update POI's?

Every time I visit the site, I update my Favorite Files and check for new Speed and Redlight files.. So I know that my list is current...

But I usually don't Erase and Update my POI's but once a month or just before going on a roadtrip....

Is this about the norm here, or do you folks update your POI's more or less often?

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!


I was born yesterday with the arrival of a Garmin 1450. My first GPS. I'm getting around it okay but I have a couple of questions and I appreciate your help.

I downloaded some POI's, looks good. But I haven't actually taken the GPS out of my house.


removing all saved favorites...PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have a garmin 465t and am getting a new job. I have saved some 400+ delivery spots into my garmin. I want to know how to delete these off of my unit without having to manually do it one at a time. I have already tried deleting the current.gpx file, but when I disconnect the gps and power it back up, they are still there. Any thoughts?

260 Shuts Off Accessing Certain POIs

FYI - Sometimes it pays to try the other format.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Map on SD card in nuvi 350

I have a nuvi 350 with a Europe map, but there is not enough internal memory for the map after a map upgrade. I have bought a 2 GB standard SD card, but when i start up the GPS after having installed the map on the SD card, it crashes. It does not crash when the SD card is empty.


HELP please...... I was trying to free up memory on my new Garmin 1450 LMT, everything was going good. I was removing all the languages except english and I accendently took out the QWERTY keyboard file. I still have a keyboard in english but it just runs from a-z. Anyway my question is.... Is there a place to download the original file?

Delay-inacurate traffic data

confused Lately I receive lots of inaccurate traffic data. I frequently have a red delay of 8-12 minutes on my nuvi 265wt. After checking the "traffic on route" to see details and then returning to "my traffic map" the delay suddenly disappeared from the map. Minutes later when I actually pass the traffic delay area, there was never any delay period. What could influence the delay to pop up?

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Memory for 1,000 point POI file?

Just curious as to an approximate amount of memory used in a POI file with 1,000 points of interest?

Anybody ever take their GPS to Bestbuy to update maps?

I understand they will do an on-line update for a fee. I'm on dial-up so can only update with CD.


Planning a longer RV trip this winter and thought why not use my Garmin 765 more than have locally.

Came here before, and found it full of great content and discussion.

Stupid Question regarding Special Offers Coupons on Garmin 1490T

There was this offer for Red Lobster for $29.99.
It had a coupon and and scissor coupon picture.

How do I clip the coupon?


Sub $100 unit? 295w or other model???

So my brother just sold his "legacy" megellan maestro 3100, which they are no longer making maps for.

I told him to buy a garmin. Pricing around, there are LOTS of sub $100 models... I saw the 295w model, which for sure has lots of buzzers and bells, but a small screen...

What would you guys suggest ??? Something under $100 (more under, more better smile )

What makes a Red Light POI work?

I have Bank of America and red light cameras .csv files yet only the red light question is what makes this announce but not the other csv files? Thanks,Tom

Nuvi 760

I just started having a problem with my 760. After awhile it begins to stop giving directions voice directions or warnings about Red Light cameras. It doesn't completely stop, but becomes intermittent. If I stop routing and reenter the destination, it will begin working again.

It has latest maps and software from Garmin.

Any ideas?

Kenwood dnx5220

I'm new; many thanks for allowing me in.
Does anyone know how to use Garmin maps on a Kenwood dnx5220?
I ask because they're so much cheaper and you can buy lifetime update tickets.
Regards. Ray.


downloading a custom poi file to my nuvi 265w

im trying to load the FDNY box locations poi file to my garmin nuvi 265w but am unable to get the file to transfer from my computer to the gps unit! any help out there?

Deleting voice files

I have a 1450 and I was wondering if anyone has deleted voice files to make room?

Garmin 255 Audio Problem

My GPS has decided to talk with long gaps in her speech. All the instructions come through but there are long gaps.
. Any ideas for a fix

Thanks All

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1490 loss of voice

I have a new Garmin 1490LMT. I lost the voice the other day. It was very cold that morning. After several minutes I powered it off then on and it came back fine. Anyone else experience this problem? Just wondered if this is a common problem. I have the latest firmware.

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2011 Maps, are they worth it?

Just drove from Northern California to Phoenix, AZ. I have the 2009 maps in my Nuvi 650. I downloaded POIs, icons and sounds for gas stops. There are lots of new gas stations, strip malls, etc! But they never showed up on the screen. Sounds didn't work, icons never showed, empty fields are what I saw. Anyone that has downloaded 2011 maps, are you satisfied? Improvements?

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