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Garmin Lifetime Updater

Bin talked about before, just boggles my mind. They get you to download the Garmin Lifetime Updater and they give you 3 options, one of them is put the update on your Computer. I have NEVER gotten that option to work.
Even if I choose Device and Computer it still doesn't work.

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??? New Nuvi - works well with PC transferring data both ways ???

Hello all.....need advice. I am looking to replace my Nuvi 205W with a better model of Nuvi. I am a computer geek in that I like to export my favorites to my computer to use in Excel and use for backup. I know I can upload limited data into the GPS but wanted to do more with Favorite "maintenance" and additions through the PC.

Are There Certain Times Of The Year Or Certain Trade Shows When Garmin Announces New Products?

I was wondering about that tonight and it might be nice to know when they are likely to release announcements on new products.

Garmin nuvi 2455 software update and custom POI

I have updated to software version 6.30. Since the update, when I look up custom POIs, instead of a list of files by category (Arby's, Harley-Davidson dealers, McDonald's, etc), I get a search of all custom POI locations within 10 miles of where I am located. I'm scratchin' my head over this one, folks ... how can I get my custom POIs re-organized by category?

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Nuvi 1450 Won't show content of GPX files

Hope you can help.
newbie here, so be nice;-)

I download some POI GPX files for Munich, Vienna, Prague. plus some other CSV POI.

Using Garmin POI loader, installed on on my Nuvi 1450.

All the lists show up as expected but all the GPX formated files are empty, whereas the CSV files have content as expected.

Any ideas?

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problems signing in to Garmin's "my dashboard"

Hello everyone, Been having problems connecting to "my dashboard" on the garmin site. I keep getting an error code=0x8002000a. Anyone else having this problem?

Are we there yet?


Hello Everyone! I got a question my 1450LMT just went black all I get is the Garmin logo and it flashes every now and then, no sound and the computer won't recognize it and I had some routs that I want back is there hope this nuvi can be fixed???


montana 650

anyone have one of these??

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Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich Shop

Does anyone know of a POI for Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich shop? This is subs & soup.

New Case Logic case for my 5" GPS

I have an older model 3.5" Case Logic case for my Garmin nuvi 255W. It is really nice. It has a hard case on all sides and a padded interior with a mesh pocket and a lens cleaner. It has plenty of room for the GPS and a cable and is protected very well.

Gotta travel on ... with my nuvi 2450LM.

Traffic stopped working on Garmin Nuvi 2400

I have had my Nuvi 2400 for about 6 months now. This past week the trafic on route feature just stopped working. I live in the DFW area and the traffic feature has always been great.
Any ideas on what may have happened to my GPS?

nüvi 13xx and 14xx Firmware Version 5.90 is out

Changes made from version 5.80 to 5.90:
* Fixed a bug that caused traffic data to not appear on the map.

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nuvi 34xx Version 6.30

Garmin released version 6.30 for the 34xx series.

Change History
Changes made from version 6.20 to 6.30:

Fixed a bug that caused Safe Text to malfunction.
Fixed a bug that caused the unit to display ASR messages on non-ASR units.
Fixed a bug that caused subcategories not to appear with certain custom GPI files.

Kenwood Excelon - Garmin POI's?

I'm in the early stages of deciding if I should upgrade my Pioneer head unit to another Pioneer or a Kenwood. The Kenwood uses Garmin as their NAV engine. I have a Nuvi for when I travel (3490LMT). However, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Kenwood Excelon series in regards to installing POI Factory POI's?

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low clearances

ok so im a new user of the garmin gps, ive been using earth and streets n trips for years to travel in my rv so i am interested in the low clearances so i dont hit a friggin bridge. will the garmin show the bridges as i approach them or what. with the s&t i can plan my daily route to avoid this issue before starting out.

Wineries in the Asheville, NC, area

When we travel, my wife and I enjoy visiting local wineries. At the end of the month we'll be visiting Asheville, NC, and would appreciate information on good, local wineries in that area. Any suggestions?

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Alphabetized List of POI Files (browser display problem)

When I go to this list and scroll down it, when I get into the "H" area it starts to run together and on top of each other, making it impossible to read or access these files. Any thoughts as I have tried several times, same results. If someone could post this as a file, maybe I can download and access. Thanks

Lifetime maps and new unit?

So I purchased lifetime maps awhile back. If I buy a new unit does the lifetime maps carry over to the new unit? Thanks

nuvi350 – I'd be "LOST" without it?


I have a 2595LMT GPS and I am trying to download a route that I built with Mapquest. I download showing waypoints. It show that the map downloaded fine. When I go to the gps I can't find the route map. Any suggestion.

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