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Nuvi 2450 Route Problems

I am a 2450 user and when I download routes from Mapsourse to my Nuvi and turn on the Nuvi the routes go through a calculation. This takes a little time if I have several routes.

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Route recalculation with updated map--855 trouble

I'm a mostly happy Nuvi 855 owner. Almost always I use simple navigation to next desired point, but in a couple of cases I do use a route. One case was to investigate the problem discussed in the [url=]Lane Assist Odd Errors[/url] thread.

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Garmins future lineup

Since Magellan have several different units that have 7 inch screens and now Tom Tom is releasing a model that has a 6 inch screen the question is will Garmin follow and do the same with their next generation ?

Time will tell but the overall trend going from 3.5 arrow 4.3 arrow 5.0 seems to be that bigger is better.

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nüMaps North America 2013.10 Available

Hi All,

Was on the Garmin site and just got a note that 2013.10 is now available.

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How Much Garmin Memory Should Be Available?

As I updated the City Navigator 2013.1 on my second hand Garmin Nuvi 350 a few days ago, I ended up removing most (or all) of the non-English voice files to make room for the map. Then I got to wondering if a certain amount of memory should be left un-used? I seem to recall reading, and hearing from others, that with personal computers a certain amount of memory should be unallocated.

Garmin Nuvis With Powered Cradles

Does anybody have a list of the Garmin Nuvis that use a powered cradle? My Garmin Nuvi 350 power connects to the cradle, but my wife's Garmin Nuvi 500 connects directly to the power cable.

New User / Search Custom POIs Along a Route on Garmin Nuvi?

I have a 2460LMT and recently loaded a number of POI files from the site. Can you search for custom POIs along your route just like you can with the built-in Garmin POIs? This would certainly be helpful but I don't see the option to do so. It seems to only show you what is around your current location.

How to convert Tomtom POI to Garmin

I have a Tomtom Go 910 for several years now, I have a bunch of Safety Cam POI and other custom POI in it, is there a way to convert it for my garmin 3490?

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New Nuvis

Does any of the new Nuvis show the name of the crossroad ahead instead of the name of the street or road you are on? My 855 just shows the name of the road I'm on where my old 2820 shows the name of the road I am approaching. Sometimes my 855 will show the name on the map and sometimes it doesn't.

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Garmin MapInstall software version 4.0.1

Change History

Changes made from version 4.0.0 to 4.0.1:

Fixed an issue where MapInstall was writing maps to the wrong location on memory cards.
Fixed an issue where MapInstall would display some maps twice.
Fixed an issue detecting devices with attached memory cards correctly.
Fixed an issue where MapInstall would not detect some pre-programmed maps correctly.

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Interstate MM on the new City Navigator NA NT 2013.10 ??


OK, as others have pointed out, the latest City Navigator map now includes Mile Markers for many/most/all/?? interstate highways.

I can easily view these in Mapsource and BaseCamp using the 2013.10 map.

Nuvi 2460LMT keeps getting slower

I've had my Nuvi 2460LMT for almost a year and it keeps getting slower. It takes 45-60s to power up and load the maps. Calculating local routes takes 30-60s. Searching for a POI and selecting takes 5-10s to draw it on the map. Everything is just slow.

I have the latest software and maps. Any ideas on things to try and speed it up? I thought about using Windows defrag o n the device.

Another Reminder!!!

Just received a postcard from Ford Dealer that an upgrade is available for my Escape GPS!

Obviously the phone call to Ford a few months ago didn't help... Requesting they not call me until a lifetime upgrade was available.....

Only $199 for a single update!!!

Let's hope the higher-ups at Garmin don't own Fords and get this same postcard!!!

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Nuvi 7x0 series v5.30 pulled from Garmin site...

According to the above link, the nuvi 7x0 series v5.30 has apparently been pulled (yet again). The page has been updated today, May 16, 2012 and shows v4.90 as the most recent version.

v5.30 is however still accessible (view the page source to find the file link) and has not been pulled from the server.

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Garmin 2360LMT Custom POI

I have loaded the Dunkin Donuts and Rest Area POI (including a BMP and MP3 for each) and loaded them using the Garmin POI Loader ( The file names were changed so that the nuvi would recognize each BMP & MP3 as part of the corresponding CVS.

Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT POI's and Red Light Camera

Hi, I'm a newbie here, planning to download Red light camera POI's on my new Nuvi 3490LMT, any feedback here?

Setting it up means i need to download POI Loader in Garmin website, buy and download "red light camera" files here then just use Garmin's POI loader right?

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Nuvi 34xx Version 6.40

Change History -

Changes made from version 6.30 to 6.40:

Improved map and content transfer speeds.
Improved software stability.

Custom POI Files

I have loaded custom POIs on my Nuvi 1490. I named the file "Custom POI". It appears under the Extra section. Two Questions: 1. Can I load another file using the POI Loader with a different name such as "Travel POI" and have both of the files appear in Extra as separate entries? 2.


lost the poi's by category function on my on Nuvi 2495LMT

For some time, I have used folders to categorize my custom poi's on my pc and the categories would appear on my Nuvi units. Now my 2495LMT just shows all the individual poi's alphabetically within category. I have not made any changes to the category structure on my pc and run poiloader as I have in the past.

3750 takes twice as long to calculate route compare to

my 350?! Did I miss something?

Another question: I have to enter the correct state first before I can search by zip code. Did I miss something again, or is Garmin totally gone nuts?