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What Garmin Models need SOX.Exe?

I need help putting together a list of the Models that need SOX.Exe, so that I can make an FAQ page with the list.

Could someone figure this out for me and post it below please?


Miss POI

Scratch Resistant Sheet

Can I purchase scratch resistant transparent cover for my Garmin and have it professionally installed?



Missing Data Rest Area Combined File ?

On the Garmin 855 only a few of the rest areas are shown from the file. Those few present are 2200 miles from my current location. The device has 1.5 MB of memory available after loading the file. Why doesn't all of the rest stops in the file appear on the Garmin?

3 new Garmin vehicles ...

Garmin has "parked" three new "vehicles" in the garage.

2 cars and one nutcracker (named Sir Cashew)

SD Memory Card & 765T

I can't find any answer as to why my Garmin 765T can't see or read my SD Memory Card
I've tried to load pictures and MP3's directly to the card thru Microsoft Explorer, that doesn't work. I've tried to use the POI loader to transfer to the card and no luck. I'm sure I'm missing something simple.
I see the files on the SD when in Explorer, but the GPS doesn't see them.

hershey Fulltime RVer My wife does all the driving, I just hold the wheel.

Can someone share sample CSV file? Can Proximity be added by POI rather than by entire file?

Thanks for reading my query.

First of all, is it correct that the "Proximity Field" in Mapsource 6.15.6 does NOT work on my Garmin 885T? Garmin tech support says it does NOT but it took the guy 15 minutes to find out...and so I have little faith that he actually had any firsthand knowledge.

How to find downloaded POI's

I am a new Garmin (Nuvi 765T) owner. I found the POI Factory website (it's great). I downloaded "24 hour pharmacies - Cincinnati Area" but I can't find any on my Garmin. I assume they are there because the "POI Loader" told me they were installed. How do I check or find what POI's I loaded and if they are really on my Garmin and available to me.

Thanks for any help you can give this rookie.


Returned the 765T for the 755T

I got the 765T for $280 from Costco.
I tried to keep my patience with the Bluetooth feature, but when it disconnected the bluetooth device during a call to my wife and she got mad because she thought I'd hung up on her, well, that 765T almost went out the window while on the highway.

When you can't say something nice....say RECALCULATING.

Need Help Updating to Latest Map

I've just gotten the replacement for the Nuvi 265WT that died a couple days ago; I've updated the firmware, registered the unit and am attempting to update to the latest map, 2010.30. I downloaded the Garmin Communicator addon for Firefox, agreed to the EULA, and authorized the download. The website presented me with a product key and 2 files: prodkey.bin and prodkeyNA.bin.

How low can prices go?

A year and a half ago $300 was the price barrier to be broken, for getting a full-featured Garmin ($299 for nuvi 660). Now the 780 is selling for $168. GPS is becoming like smartphones, everybody's (50%) got one.

Maybe Garmin will be like RIM and keep on chuggin'!

nuvi 7x5 series update 12/17/09 is a Text/Translation Files update.

The update reported by myDashboard for the 7x5 series dated 12/17/2009 is actually a Translation Files update and NOT a firmware update. myDashboard will state "updating firmware" when even non-firmware updates are found.

Simply use WebUpdater for your updating to correctly identify any updates made to your unit.

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755T prices continue to drop

I've been watching the Nuvi 755T using and have seen its price steadily drop over the past few months.

I'm still waiting before I make my purchase, but it just dropped below $200 on Amazon: $198.74 with free shipping as of this morning.

Some of their vendors have it for even less.

Nuvi 2595LMT, Nuvi 1490T, Nuvi 260, GPSMAP 195

Problem adding comments to custom POI

I'm a newbie with a Garmin Nuvi 265wt. I have tried downloading some of the custom POIs on this site & have also experimented with creating my own custom POIs. I have built CSV files and also GPX files (using EasyGPS) and used POI Loader to put them on the Nuvi 265wt. They load OK, but only the first 3 columns from the CSV file show (the coordinates and the label).

Garmin Nuvi 205w POI Issues

Installed on my drive to work is a traffic speed camera. The only thing I am trying to do is create a POI for this location so that my Garmin Nuvi 205W will notify me when I approach the camera. I have the poiloader from garmin, and have created poi's but nothing has shown up on my gps screen or has it ever alerted me. Is there a poi shell where I can plug-in the coordinates and use?

Newbie with Garmin 255w and POI question


Where can I find free voices for Garmin?

I found a couple on the Garmin site, but have been trying to find some more good voices for my Garmin Nuvi 765wt. Thank you in advance for your information. $79.99 for Garmin nüMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates

Pretty good deal today 12/16/09 - $79.99 for Garmin nüMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates.

Includes free shipping and no tax for most folks.


csv vs gpx? Which to use?

My 765t is sitting under the tree. sad

I've been looking over some of the POI files and I'm confused as to which format to download.

If I understand correctly the 765 can use either csv or gpx. Is that correct?

If so, which would be the better choice?

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GPS Chipset Type M update

Usint WebUpdater, I just now hooked up my 765t. I have as a option, a update called "GPS Chipset Type M". I googled for it. There is some info on it, but doesnt really address whether it will help my unit or not, or what it will do. Has anyone here got the update, if so, did you have any problems or improvements? I kinda feel like if it isnt broke, dont fix it.

Unless you are the lead sled dog, the view never changes. I is retard... every day is Saturday! I still own the StreetPilot c340, and the Garmin Nuvi 765t, but upgraded to the NO "recalculating", 3590 LMT.