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Tried looking...can't find the info on the 465t

Hi everyone.....I was looking at purchasing another Garmin unit.......the one that interests me is the Nuvi 465T (truck model)
Now I am aware that it is for truck but it can also be used for cars. It gives you the option for trucks as an over the road OTR driver or a delivery truck. The delivery truck is what I need the info on.

Canadian golf courses added to Approach G5

Garmin has added 800+ Canadian courses to the course map list for the Approach G5. See

See the Caddy Confidential: 12,000+ Preloaded Courses - Hello Canada! post in the Garmin blog for more details:
You'll have to wait a few months to enjoy them... grin

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Happy New Year to all Garmin, & POI Members

Hi, I am wishing all Garmin & POI Members a Happy & Safe New Year!!


Garmin Locking

I just bought a Garmin 265T and since my last one was stolen out of my car I though I should set the security lock on this one.
The problem is I am in Yuma for the winter and will return to Canada in the spring. If I set a "pin" here do I have to set the location too; and if I do can I reset it when I get back to Canada to my home there?

Turning off a 250W

Is turning off my gps always to be done by sliding the switch to the left or to lock to the right?


Nuvi 780 with MSN for $177

Garmin nüvi 780 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with MSN Direct Service at Amazon for $177.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping..

nuvi 250 --> 1250T --> 265T Lost my 1250T

Nuvi 255W voice skipping

Anyone else have an issue with the TTS voices skipping while navigating? I just updated software to 6.10 and hope it solves this issue previous SW was 6.00 and it appears to skip when the map is drawing.


Lifetime traffic to unit or cable?

Would appreciate if someone could point me to the answer. I've been searching this site to see if someone asked this before but cannot seem to find an answer.

I have a 265T with a receiver cable. Lifetime traffic.

I'm noticing a lot of Garmin units are going on sale but with the MSN service with x months. Same mini-usb connector.

Yeti Voice

There is a new voice called "Yeti" at the Garmin Garage. I saw this mentioned in a post when I did a search, but there didn't seem to be a thread on it.

Here is the link:


BATTERY (855 not holding a full charge)

The battery in my Garmin 855 is not holding a full charge. It only give me a half charge. I have had the unit since August 09. What could be the problem.

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GPX file

Will this file work on gamin Nuvi 765T?

765T - Can I load Europe maps?


I bought the 765T Garmin Nuvi. I have done all the updates, map upgrade, Custom POI's etc.

1) Can I load Europe maps as well?
2) Is there is a list of enhancements or tricks?

Thanks for your time.

Rest Stops Closed

We left home in central IL on Tues and tonight we're about 50 Miles N of Jackson, MS. We found several rest stops along I-55 closed in Missouri and Mississippi. Not good.


2010.30 Extracting problem

Hello, I'm trying to update my nuvi 680 to the latest nüMaps Lifetime™ North America 2010.30. I've downloaded the file two times. Once using Firefox and the second time using the Garmin downloader. Both times downloaded successfully but when I execute the file, nothing happens. It just says 0% Extracting Garmin Map Update and sits at 0% for over 1 hour.

Change Home Icon?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Is it possible to customize the Home icon?

x85 nuvi's discontinued

I noticed today that Garmin now lists the 285, 785 and 885 nuvi models as discontinued.

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Military Vehicles for Garmin

Hi, I'm new to the group, does anybody know where I can find military vehicle icons. I've seen the tank on the Garmin site but I would like a desert colored Hummer.

any suggestions would be appriciated.

Number of times a warning repeats

On my 255wt, I uploaded the sample red light file and added the sound and bitmap files. When I approach a red light camera, the unit repeats the phrase four times. I checked the wav file itself and it contains only one phrase. Is there a way to set how many times the saying repeats. If I remember correctly, prior to the wav file it "beeped" four times.

Thanks Jim

Jim Blackburn

nuvi 765t (how to change from degrees to decimal units)

Anyone know how to change the nuvi765t display for "Where am I" from degrees to decimal units?

Garmin 765t FM transmitter

Quite disappointed with the FM transmitter feature on my new 765t. Followed all the instructions to get the Garmin sound through my car speakers. Yes, it does work, but the amount of static is horrible. NOT a useful feature. Have tried different FM settings with the same poor results. Anyone having good success with this feature?