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Traffic Text update

I think this is a new update available at least for the nuvi 24x0 series through WebUpdater. It is not offered for the nuvi 7x0 or 8x5 models:

Traffic Text, All Languages, GLX

Changes from version 3.60 to version 3.70:
Add new translated traffic phrases

Deleting more files on the 1450LMT

I want to free up more memory for 2013.40. Here are some text files that I am not sure about. Which ones can I safely delete?
I only need US & Canada

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Garmin Nuvi 1450 LMT (NO DATA AVAILABLE)

My gps is less than a year old. Last week while traveling I received a message that I had to use www.mapupdater. I pressed "ok". However, I was then unable to get my gps to navigate any of my chosen routes. Upon returning from vacation, I went online and hooked my GPS up to USB and performed all the steps.

Oregon 400t time zone

For those, who are using this Garmin. There is a update for Time Zone Map to version 11.

Changes from version 10.00 to version 11.00:
Updated timezone database.

2012.40 vs. 2013.30

I managed to update the firmware in my 34xx to v.7.50 but with all the complaints RE: less detailed Lane Assist, navigation errors, and lost streets with mapset 2013.30, I held back with 2012.40. It appears that 2013.10 was the last good update but when I tried to update via myGarmin, it only gives 2013.30 as the option.

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pin unlocking

I forgot the pin of my garmin nuvi 710, how can i reset it

Accessing the phonebook

Has anyone been able to access their smartphone's contact list on their nuvi 1450? My Samsung S3 is running 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

City Navigator on CD

Can I get City Navigator for USA on CD with lifetime updates? I have it on SD for my Montana 650 But no updates

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New Nuvi50 question (lower left looks like a paper airplane)

I have just recently purchased a Nuvi50 and put my old Streetpilot C330 out to pasture. Before I did, I ran BOTH units to be sure the 50 was gonna route me as the 330 did. I have pretty mucvh figured out how the Nuvi works, but one thing still eludes me. just above the lower left hand corner is what appears to be either a paper airplane, or a Stealth fighter.

Trying to make some room

It’s the New Year and I was cleaning out all the extraneous stuff that I don’t use anymore from my laptop. I came across “Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2012-20, 2012.30, 2012.40 and finally 2013.20, which I assume is the latest version of the maps for my unit.
Is it safe to flush the earlier versions of the map update or does Base Camp require all the old versions too?

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I can't get anything to download properly from this site to my garmin nuvi 40


How do I get Birds Eye View on my 3590LMT GPS.

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Garmin used with Bluetooth

Today after several years I finally paired my cell phone to my GPS and even made a phone call.

Now that I have done it, not sure what the REAL benefits are... wink wink

Mind you, I do have a Bluetooth device hanging out of my ear.

So please, very gently enlighten me.

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Nuvi 260 (I know!) How do I replace 'HOME' favorite?

OK, so I have my ancient Nuvi 260, still going, and I have lifetime maps, so it's gonna keep going!


nuvi 2555lmt Battery

Anyone know how long a Battery SHOULD last? My Device is only about a Year Old and will not Charge in AC or DC

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Nuvi 760

Looking to get a flash card for my 760 for MP3 media. I was thinking about getting a 32gb card. Has anyone tried one on the 760?

are favorites automatically deleted?

My girlfriend and I are having a friendly debate. She insists that, over time, our Garmin Nuvi 265 WT deletes certain favorites, saying that she's sure we saved them as favorites at one time and now she can't find them.

I can't believe that the GPS would do this, seeing no reason for it.

Can anyone settle this? Thanks.

Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT Cant Recognize Micro-SD card

What a nasty surprise Garmin has put me through... the maps of Canada and USA do not fit on the GPS unit, so it suggests to install the the SD card, which I bought. It's an 8gb card. Unfortunately, their AWFUL software doesnt recognize it. And it's not just me. I've read other threads here of the same problem. The solution is mind-numbing to say the least and confusing.

Garmin 3590LMT Red Light Button Stuck on map

My Garmin 3590LMT has on occassion left the red light button stuck displayed on the left side of the map. This button appears when you are nearing a red light camera. After passing the red light location the red light button should vanish. When I press the button it is a location that I am no where near. Has anyone else experienced this and know why this occurs?

Trip planner and speed alerts

We just took an 800 mile trip (400 each way). I did a trip planner before we left and put it in my Nuvi 2450.

It went in great and all was just fine.

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