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POI Sounds for Garmin 2595

I just bought a Garmin 2595 and have loaded some POI in CSV and GPX formats. I put the SIM program in the same program file as the POI Loader. I have tried putting wav and also mp3 audio in the same folder as the Csv or GPX files, making sure the names are identical as the csv file or the gpx file.

When I also went into manual mode in the poi loader to select the alert and set a distance.

Garmin Mobile PC alternative?

I have been using Garmin Mobile PC for years and for the most part like it. But recently the unit hasn't been acquiring as quickly and so I am wondering if it is getting old. I like using a pc for navigation because of the screen size and ability to upload pins (and it is also what I am used to) so though we have another Garmin unit as well I want to stay with the my PC set up.

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Entering Google Longitude and Latitude in nuvi 760

I am having trouble entering Google Map coordinates into my nuvi 760.

There is a location in Google Maps on Long Island (Melville, NY) that reads 40.779209,-73.429012. When I go to the coordinates in my nuvi it has three boxes over three boxes such as N 40 and W 73

How can I enter (convert) Google to my nuvi.


Dakota 20 is it possible to install life time maps?

I have a Garmin Dakota 20 with US maps. If I purchase lifetime map updater, will it work? or does the unit must come with maps pre-intsalled? Is there a work around?

Any info appreciated.

To Lock Map (gmapsupp.img)

If I download a map to micro sd card and don't want to allow other people to copy the map, how can I lock it? Anyone can help? Please,thanks in advance.

2013.30 "Updated"

Interesting. On the Garmin 'Try before you buy' page, it shows "2013.30 - Updated" on the pop-up map.

See here:

Is the new map (almost) finally here? Server loading in progress?

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I last used my GPS to Guide me into the City, so I could find the correct Bldg to Pay my Annual House taxes. I love my Garmin and can't even Imagine ever being w/o it.

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Montana 650 POI ALERTS

When I Create a poi file with my own sound file and place it on my nuvi 1450 it plays the sound I put on it but when I put the same file on my Montana 650 and place it in the car dock It chirps out this loud warning noise is there a way to make it stop doing that ?

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WAV files not loading

When I try to download a WAV files to my Garmin using POI Loader I get an error message stating "Unable to convert speed camera WAV to the proper format,therefore audio file was not transfered. I am using a Garmin Nuvi 1390LMT. What could be the problem? Does anybody have a solution to this problem?

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Red Light Canera files on Zumo

How can I delete the red light camera files from my Zumo?

Lifetime Maps giving less

While checking Garmin website for new map I ran across the following in my history:

City Navigator North America NT 2012.10 - Map+P+JV(G&N), Apr 11

City Navigator North America NT 2012.20 - Map+P+JV(G), July 11

City Navigator North America NT 2012.30 - Map+P, Oct 11

City Navigator North America NT 2013.30 - Map+P, Oct 12

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Deleting favorites in 1490

I downloaded the low clearance files, Somehow they were put in MY FAVORITES. Which filled it.
Is there someway to delete all these LOW CLEARANCE files out of My Favorites instead of doing it one by one. I want to keep my origional favorites, just rid the low clearance ones.
I will be at it for days.

downloading sounds

Where do I download sounds? Do i put them all in one folder in POI Garmin downloadsfolder or do I load each one individually in the POI folder? On my old nuvi 760 I had them in one folder in POI garmin Downloads and they worked great now I have a nuvi 1390 even though I converted them to .wav files they dont work.

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What is the update message code?

I have a nuvi 260w, it works fine. I keep it updated regarding maps and software. I find out about new maps from postings here at POI Factory, and about new software by connecting my nuvi to the computer and My Garmin

From time to time I receive an email from Garmin announcing available updates, e.g., GPSMAP 695/696 6.50 (January 31, 2013).


anyone changed their mind in the garmin v. smartphone debate?

I had concluded Garmin is superior, and stuck with that for a while. But since we only have 1 garmin (1 garmin broke), I've found myself relying on the android more lately. And for whatever reason, it hooks up to the satellite super fast now, and works much better than I remember. It really seems like the technology on the smartphone side is progressing much faster.

Grouping saved waypoints by folder on Garmin Montana

Does anyone know if you can group saved waypoints by folder on a Garmin Montana. Sorting thru a multitude of saved waypoints is a pain.

Red Light Camera POI for NUVI 2555LMT

Apparently, the Cyclops Red Light Camera detectors offered on the Garmin site, are not compatible with the NUVI 2555LMT. Can anyone tell me where to find a POI program that will work with this unit?



Crow Flies Favorites

It took me a while to realize it, but when you look at your list of Favorites, the miles shown are "as the crow flies", NOT driving miles. You only get the driving miles after you select the favorite and the unit "calculates route" or words to that effect. Not a huge issue, but worth noting.

One more time....Steering Map to SD card with a Nuvi 660

I did save a link to the steps necessary to download a map to an SD card in a Nuvi 660, but it's a bit un-clear as to the steps.

I believe it is not an "automatic" procedure as in newer units.....

Could someone who knows steps explain them one more time so I can be certain of the steps so that I don't make mistakes when attempting to do it for this upcoming Map Update...

Thank You..

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SD Card additional map name

I updated a few Nuvi's recently ( 200, 600, 700, and 800 series NUVI's) and I noticed in the change logs for the software update that there was a change to add an additional map to the SD card. What is the naming format? Is it still 8.3? The first map is gmapsupp what is the second maps name.. I've tried gmapsupp1, gmapsup1, gmapsup2..