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Can’t find Info to Install Map to SD card.

Now I know there are Posts and maybe a FAQ to give me instructions to install the NA 2013.20 Map to my Nuvi 2455LMT but I just cant find it for the life of me...

If someone could point me to the right posts/faq/etc... I would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance...

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cityXplorer™ Maps

Has anyone had experience with these maps?

I currently have
City Navigator North America NT 2013.20 - MAP+3D+HT+PA+P, July 12
with a lifetime subscription for a nüvi® 3490LMT

Would I gain anything by purchasing the CityXplorer Toronto map.

Meet The Dēzl 760: Garmin's Seven-Inch Truck Navigator

Can somebody refresh my memory, is this the biggest Garmin display since the Garmin StreetPilot 7200/7500 series?

Garmin GPS Simulator

Is it possible to increase the travel speed when running the simulator?


Map Theme Summary

Not sure which Garmin models have "Map Themes" available but I found that changing this on mine (under SETTINGS, NAVIGATION, AUTOMOBILE, and then MAP THEME) had a huge impact on screen visibility. For those who can change their map themes, hope this helps summarize things a little. I couldn't find this anywhere on-line and it really does have a huge impact.

Down load Moose Lodges

How do I load the Moose Lodges to my Garmin 50?

Trouble with 1450T traffic

Hi all,

New guy here.

I just picked up a Garmin 1450 with lifetime Maps and Traffic. Updated the latest maps and everything ran well for a while.

About a week ago, the Green traffic button disappeared. I did a factory reset, and re updated the maps but nothing changed.

Any ideas would be helpful.


New Garmin Policy concerning NüMaps Lifetime

From Garmin:

nüMaps Lifetime

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deleting maps

I want to load the latest Europe City map but MYGARMIN tells me I do not have enough space.
Can I delete the existing maps on the 255w and how ?

Lane assist (lost after update to NA 2013.20)

Since I updated my Garmin to City Navigator NA 2013.20 I lost all of my lane assists. I still have junction views. Does anyone hhave any suggestions or have experienced a similar problem.


Created Route on PC..Xfer to Garmin... No Show

Hi..just created 8 routes for my trip out west.

Day 1.... send to GPS(Nuvi 465T)... Not there..

Day 2...Day 7 and so on... nowhere to be found.. I am confused as to why they are not showing up.

I have done this in the past and it worked.. confused confused

question What am I doing wrong

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Can you Load a POI to Mapsource on your PC

HI...getting ready to some traveling from the East Coast to CA.. So I have been asking a lot of questions today.

Using Mapsource on my PC to create my route to CA. This will entail many stops along the way via 75 to 10 to 20 back to 10 and to 8 to 15 etc.. Hope to use BW hotels as my stops..

I DL'd from the POIs the Best Western POI file to my GPS.

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Creating POI File

I would like to know how to create a POI for Garmin to be uploaded.

I am under the impression that you would need to create a CSV file. But how to you obtain the GPS coordinates for a large number of addresses?

Is there an easier method? Can you purchase software to convert an address to the GPS coordinates?

Is there a company that this can be outsourced to create the file?

POI file Loaded from PC to Garmin

Hi..I just DL the Best Western POI file to my PC..all good.

Then I wanted to upload to my 465T, it did but now I have an entry for each BW not a folder(so to speak).

What did I do wrong ?


Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Fog on the map

My granddaughter just noticed something I hadn't seen. On the 3790 with 2013.10 maps, every once in a while something like a fog appears over an area of the map. It's gray and transparent of course. You can still see the map. She first saw it going down Highway 20 in Dubuque and it appeared every now and then on Highway 151 to Madison, Wi. The area is irregular in shape and causes no distortion.

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Garmin Cyclops Safety Cameras in Canada

Does anyone know what Canadian cities the Garmin Cyclops Safety Cameras work for? Also, how accurate are they?

I just activated the 30-day trial but won't be in most cities (aside from Toronto) before it expires. I don't want to blow money on something with inferior coverage.

Updated Map on 3590LMT

Here is my problem. I was updating the latest map om my 3590LMT. It was at the section where it was loading map to computer. At that time we had a thunder storm rolling thru, shutting down my comuter, so the downloading stop. I disconected the GPS from the computer.

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Minimum POI Distance?

Anyone know if there is a minimum distance that can be set via POI Loader?

School Zones???

A few days ago -- BEFORE THE LATEST AP UPGRADE -- I was driving in Los Lunas, New Meico when a new icon popped up on my Dezl 560LMT. I had never seen it before -- it showed a little girl running, and was in a white window, similar to a TourGuide icon.

Sure enough, about a quarter-mile down the road, I encountered a school zone. I had no idea school zones were in this unit!

KD5XB in DM84

Micro SD on a Nuvi 1490

As current maps tend to grow beyond the internal memory capacity of various Nuvi models, they must be stored on an external SD card.
Do you suppose that the micro SD card on a Nuvi 1490 is continuously read while navigating? In other words, does the 1490 need to access the micro SD card in real time to retrieve map information during navigation?