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Garmin Nuvi 1450

I just got a Nuvi 1450 Gps as a gift, the Gps is in great and good working condition, the person who give it to me he only had it for a few months, and he register already after he purchase, Do I still get all the update ,I have an account with my garmin c550, does anyone know what is the policy with garmin when a product is already register with someone else name?

Nuvi 50 zoom level

Is there any way to change the default zoom level for low speeds? It's currently at 800ft but I'd prefer the additional detail of the 500ft view without having to tap the + button all the time. Tx

3790lmt or 2595lmt Help me - Buying Suggestions Please!!

My old Nuvi 265wt died. Now I am faced with buying another Garmin. But I need some help - I have kind of ended up with a choice of two and need some Pros and Cons from you guys.

Garmin 1490 Bluetooth doesn't work

Does anyone have a Nuvi 1490 where the Bluetooth connects to their phone in the way described on the owner's manual?

Occasionally this unit of mine will load the phone numbers from my favorites list, but most of the time it downloads nothing. It will answer the phone when a call comes in, but without the phone numbers it can't I'd the caller.

Nuvi 350 stuck on loading maps. HELP!

Gah! I messed up somewhere while uploading custom POIs on my Nuvi 350, is there any way to recover it or it's a brick?

I tried the updater.exe thing and that doesn't work. Clearing user data and waypoints doesn't work either. Any suggestions?


favorites from 2460 to 3590

Copied current.gpx file from 2460 to 3590. Renamed 3490 current file but nothing changed, still what the 3590 came with. Didn't load my catagories and of course any of my stuff, not even the whole group in saved tab.
What did I do wrong

One LMT But Want Maps on 2 PC's

Okay here is what I would like to do. I have a desktop and lap top PC's. I currently use my desktop to upgrade my 3590LMT so both MapSource and BaseCame are using the most current maps 2013.2. No problems with the install and both MS and BC were updated to use the current version of maps. What I would like to do is also have my lap top to have 2013.2 installed and working.

nuvi 3590 and panning a map

One thing about the 3590 that really annoys me is that you cannot pan the map out while the vehicle is in motion. Yes, it will pan, but as soon as your fingers are removed, it immediately returns to the scale it wants. If someone has found a setting to prevent this, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

3590 LMT speed limit + sign never disappearing

Hi,this is my first post on this forum.

I bought 3590LMT few days ago, and I had City Navigator Europe 2013.10 NTU map on it. Speed limit works as it should.

Then, new firmware came out, and I update device with it. Also I update my device with new map, City Navigator Europe 2013.20 NTU.

Garmin 1390T & Garmin 3590LMT

Error loading Red Light Cameras POI file (after conversion to GPX)

I only recently starting changing my .csv files to .GPX and have been (mostly) successful. When I change .csv files to .GPX, it's to add proximity alerts and they (mostly) work just fine. They all work except for the Red Light Cameras POI. I get an unexpected error during the load process using POILoader.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

3590 memory

Anyone know how much internal memory (2-4-8gb)this unit has? Other posts don't list this units or memory. Appears to be a good unit in reviews.

How to install a micro SD card in Nuvi 1450

My nuvi 1450 seems to come with only 2GB of storage. Which seems to be about what the North American maps need to operate.

Barbara nuvi 1450LMT

user end agreement

Just got a replacement for my 2595lmt in from Garmin. Every Time I turn it on the User End agreement comes up first to accept. It did not do this on my old one. Any way to get this to stop? Thanks in advance, Jerry

usb charging in car and using gps at same time

I have a garmin 710 or 720.
The regular auto charger broke so i use the usb instead.
To get the unit running, i plug in the usb cable to the car usb charging port and the gps device.
Let it boot into full computer mode (shows computer picture) and then unplug from gps device. It will reboot.

GPX/CSV format

What is the difference of these formats and what benefits do they offer?


How can I stop my Garmin from thinking the name is abbreviations? I have a favorite named "I W S". (there are no quotes in the name). When it is referenced it is called "I west south". Any ideas how I can stop this?

3490LMT Update 7.20

Version 7.20 available for the 3490.

Changes made from version 7.10 to 7.20:
Fixed the text font on the Trip Computer.
Fixed a resetting error with Traffic Provider settings.
Fixed Yandex traffic severity indicator numbers when ecoRoute is enabled.

Update - Catagories still work.

nuvi 7x5 (GCD File) software version 4.50

Surprised I didn't see this posted since it is 6 days old.

Changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50:
Fixed an error that sometimes caused the device to disconnect when updating the map.

EDIT Update:
Updated my 2 765Ts with no problem.

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Transfering Waypoints to new NUVI

My Nuvi 350 screen cracked.

Got a new Nuvi 1450.

Loaded the *.gpx file with the old waypoints into BaseCamp and somehow loaded those into the 1450.

BUT - none of the waypoint symbols appeared in BaseCamp or the 1450.

How do I:
delete all the waypoints now in BaseCamp and the 1450.

then, get my waypoints with symbols into the 1450.



Nuvi 35xx (GCD File) Software Version 7.20


Change History

Changes made from version 7.10 to 7.20:
Fixed the text font on the Trip Computer.
Fixed a resetting error with Traffic Provider settings.
Fixed Yandex traffic severity indicator numbers when ecoRoute is enabled.

Changes made from version 6.60 to 7.10:
Fixed an error that caused the device to lock up and drain the battery when powered down.