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Garmin Nuvi 3590 lmt

I just replaced my old Nuvi 885t with Nuvi 3590LMT. Noticed the internal memory total is 8gb, but with all those files installed its at 2.01 gb.
My question , Are there any unwanted files internally on the nuvi 3590lmt that i could backup first then delete it, so i could add more space.
Thanks for your help.

n uvi2555 Application

Anyone with the nuvi2555 with Audible apps and would like to Trade some Books, contact me at my Email Address I have about 300 Audible Books, including the entire Bible (Dramatized) All of the Audible Books are in AAX Format. The Device WILL NOT Support MP3.

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Nuvi 50 screen not accepting touch input

It displays fine but touching anywhere on the screen does nothing. I remember my 250w had a switch that would disable the touch screen. Could something like that have happened here?

Garmin (GRMN) Stock rose 5.74% today

Because it was selected to join the S&P 500 Index.

I know there has been much discussion concerning smart phones taking market share from PNDs. Maybe things are improving for Garmin.


Garmin Product comparison

I'm looking to update my Garmin from the nuvi 360. I really want an external speaker capability, bluetooth for my phone and preferably music or books.

Which products work best?


nuvi 265w (limits to the size of the file?)


Are there any limits to the size of the file?
I am not able to download more than 62 lines in my GPS (nuvi 265w) and my file contains 815 ...

Es-ce qu'il y a une limite pour la grosseur du fichier?
Je ne suis pas capable de télécharger plus de 62 lignes dans mon GPS (nuvi 265w)et mon fichier en contient 815...

4GB MicroSD Required For 2013.20+ Updates?

This may have been posted here already although I haven't found it but I was reading someplace that when doing the map updates for the 34xx/35xx, your unit now requires a 4GB microSD card to accommodate the expanded junction view files for map-sets 2013.20 or greater. Is this correct?

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3490 RLC Symbol Won't Go Away

I have D/L the RLC POI File onto my 3490LTM.

Whenever I get close to a RL POI, I get an alert of sound AND the goofy looking RLC camera symbol pops up on the screen.

The problem is... most of the time, that symbol stays on the screen and does not disappear. I have to re-start the unit to get it to go away.

nuvi 50 does not show POI created with POI Loader

I downloaded a number of POI files from this website and used POI Loader to download them to my Nuvi 50 as a GPI file. Nothing shows up. I erased the default GPI file on the unit and nothing shows.
I restarted the unit several times but no change.
When I open the POI/ GPI file manually on the PC everything is right there. Any tips or suggestions???

Any updates on Garmin ecoRoute HD OBD II monitor?

My son has asked Santa (pretty sure that means me) for one of the Garmin EcoRoute HD OBD II monitors to use with his Nuvi.

I've looked at the forums here and read the few comments, and some on other boards. Most seem to be a year or more old.

Any updates from folks who are using these, or tried but gave up?

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Pinch To Zoom

I've been happy with my Garmin units since buying a Nuvi 200W, but have been increasingly annoyed by the clunky (and unsafe) methods of changing map views on the fly. Touch the screen and wait for it to go into the mode that lets you pan, then use + and - buttons to zoom in and out. Really? I know you should pull over, etc. to 'play' with the map but let's face it ..

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route numbers instead of road names

one of the biggest annoyances of my Nuvi 765 is that the maps and directions insist on referring to roads with their local names (e.g., "Main St.") instead of their route number (i.e., "Route 17"). a road with a number is very likely to be signed that way, and if i'm using a paper map along with the GPS, it's more likely to have the route number than the street name.

Maximum POI Name Length

I've been working on some new POIs for my Florida Trailheads POI file. But before I download them here, I want to test them out on my car GPS (a Kenwood DNX710EX powered by Garmin). I've noticed that if I use the search function and the name of the specific POI is over a certain length, it reboots my GPS.

Kenwood DNX710EX (powered by Garmin) Garmin eTrex 20 Florida Trailheads POI File

Custom Avoidance

Can anyone tell me which Nuvi models have the Custom Avoidance feature where you can specify an area or a particular section of road to avoid when building a route.
My Nuvi 855 has this feature but it is not documented anywhere. And I don't see it in any of the specs for any other Nuvi.

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Unhappy with new 2460LMT - options?

Hi all - I'm a long-time lurker on this forum who's just registered. Having found much wisdom here over the years (thanks, Dorkus Nimrod!) to guide previous buying decisions, I'm looking for a bit of advice.

My Nuvi 760 was my daily companion for the last 4 years. I decided it was time to upgrade, so selected a 2460LMT based on the following criteria:

POIs old and new?

I just signed for the POI and Speed camera downloads, and after finishing my Garmin shows several files Poi, Poi1 etc. Will it automatically use the newest ones or do I have to delete the old ones?

Same with Speed cameras?


what is the latest US map version that is smaller than 1.6GB?

what is the latest US map version that is smaller than 1.6GB? I wanna find the map to replace the map in the internal memory of my garmin device. The latest map 2013.30 is too big for it.




Feature not available message

I was driving on the Long Island Expressway when my 765t dinged and a message flashed on the screen, "That feature not available", and it had to be selected to remove the message from the screen.. Anyone ever have that message pop up, or know what caused it.. The only poi file I was using was the red light camera csv from this site.. Wierd, never happened before..

Better than GPS?...

What will this mean for the next generation GPS models?

You Decide!...

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