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Quest 2 questions

Well, I know I'm pretty full of questions, but I figured out how to sort of get a better answer to my dilemna of wanting a GPS unit that's portable, but suitable for both auto and marine navigation.

Finally waking up, I figured I could go to a Marine dealer web site and see what GPS units they are offering. One that West Marine offers is the Quest 2. This unit looks to be highly portable, much more affordable, and works for both auto and marine.

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Garmin GPSMAP 276c

Based on my earlier comments, and my wish list, I may need to step back one level and consider this unit. I'm posting this here in case anyone has experience on one of these units. They aren't too terribly expensive, but the thing that I truly like is that they have both Auto and Marine functions. That's what I've been looking for, rather than buying an expensive chart plotter for the boat and a separate GPS receiver for the car.

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

more than 1 poi file?

just wondering, i loaded more than 1 poi file to my gps Nuvi 360) but i can only see the latest one i loaded. can you load more than 1 file? if not, should i combine the 2 files together?

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Garmin C550 Street Pilot - More Maps?

I have been searching for maps that I can load on the SD card in my unit with out spending several hundred dollars. There is a Garmin Mapsource CD for World Maps on EBAY that according to the Garmin compatibility chart, will work on the C550.

If I got one of these, would I be able to copy map sections, like for example the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and load that on the SD card? Then would the


Password Protect on c320

I just purchased a Garmin C320 and haven't taken it out the box yet (it is suppose to be a Christmas gift to myself but don't know if I can wait another 26 days).

Does anyone know if the Garmin's have a password option on it?

___________________________________________ I'm going to save so much gas with this thing.

BIG Mistake!!

Bought a new c330 garmin for my first GPS and what a mistake.(SD card is non functional in this unit) After looking at the POI Factory site I found that my GPS does not have all the ammeneties that a unit that cost about $100 dollars more has. I think if you really want to be able to utilize the GPS and POI Factory to its fullest extent (UP GRADE). I am sure you will not be unhappy with your purchase.

Differences between Waypoints and POI's

Hello All,

Great website. Lots of great info.

I have recently purchased a new c550 on sale during the mad rush of black friday. I think I have figured out how to use and enter information into the unit pretty good, but it seems to be very time consuming to do. I travel alot for sales and engineering for my employer and would like to put a list of customers in the gps in order to have reference to them when I am in a certian location.



My brother came down to FL. for Turkey Day.
He lives in NC, and travels alot, all over the world.
I used my van to take everybody out one day, And he MADE me stop at a store, and ran in and bought a C330.
I spent the next day showing him everything I learned about it.
He used it going home, and learned a few new roads, and was VERY impressed.

That makes my Mom, and now my Brother, who have seen mine, and were impressed enough to run out and buy one.


making your own background maps

The recent Mexico maps post by rcpeters made me recall an article I once read that describes how to make your own maps for Garmin GPS. The process sounds pretty complicated, so I haven't ever taken the time to try it.

The end result produces a "background map", which is just an image that scrolls behind your position on the GPS display. It doesn't contain any road data, so it can't be used for routing. Still, there's a lot of interesting info that you might find helpful in understanding what goes into making GPS maps.

Loading POI's to the Garmin c340

I cannot figure out how to DL to the 1GB SD card I have installed on my Garmin c340. Please help or direct me to where it has been discussed. Thanks for any help.

Mexico with Garmin Garmin Street Pilot C550

I was at a Fry's Electronics after Thanksgiving sale this a.m. intending to look at the Garmin Street Pilot that was being sold at $300. off the regular price. When they showed me the size of the box, I immediately bought one... my first GPS device. I used one a few months ago in a rented car and was really impressed, this little Garmin was a WOW! I got it working in the parking lot and it directed me home nicely even though I chose to ignore the directions to the freeway, preferring a street route. It did not scream at me like the rental car did, just kept quiet as long as my route was proper, then gave me instructions when significant turns were important.


C530 SD Card

I just bought a C530 and was reading this thread with interest. Here is what I have discovered on my unit.

The SD card is seen in the diagnostics screen. The only card I have is one I have previously used in my Kodak camera and Kodak had initialized it giving it a drive label (Kodak) and a few directories with a couple of files in some. I didn't want to erase these files since I believe they contain the sync information for the camera picture (file) numbering.

gotta run


Hello "ALL"
Anyone know if you can change font size in POI LOADER ??

I'm changing my format on my Paintball downloads, to show Name, City, and Phone Number.
Problem is that some of the info is to long, and gets get off.
Anyone know of a way to change the font size, so It will hold more info ??

I use the C330


New Zumo owner here

I'm new to GPS but have been riding motorcyles for years. I enjoy getting out and exploring on two wheels. The Zumo and this forum and

Zumo 550 Forum

should be of great help to me.

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I have a question regarding POI's and the Nuvi 660

I have loaded all the free POI's from this site using the POI loader provided by Garmin into my Nuvi 660. My problem is that I can not find any custom POI's available under the custom POI section in my Nuvi, however I do see that the space is being taken up for the POI's based on the HD size decrease. I have also tryed just scanning for them manually by using the most available items like schools and post offices in my area, but they do not show up in my map at all as a POI.

help. my laptop wont recognize my nuvi 350

I downloaded the poi loader and put a couple of files onto the nuvi yestday. I wanted to try and add some music to the player today and the nuvi isn't seen as a known usb device. Not sure if it is the poi files,but it is the only thing new. anyway to get rid of them to see if this will take care of the problem?

any help would be most appreciated. I am just getting used to this "spooky" technology

my goal in life is to never ask for directions, and never get lost again.

poi files

i just got my unit nov 17 (yesderday)i downloaded your poi but i dont know what to do with it. yes when i open it its in an excel format. what do i do next and how do i see it in my gps.

Current Garmin software 11/16

Garmin has been busy updating software for many of their GPS models.

speed information entered in manual mode

i have been looking at the help files in the poiloader.
the proities r the information entered in the poi file and then in information entered in the manual load. my question is why would u ever want to not enter information in the poi file and rely in the manual load. i cant think of a reason. anyone have any ideas

Help w/ maps on C330 SD card

You can check to see if you have the same problem:

I bought a brand new C330 from Amazon on July 2006. The unit works very well when i´m in the us using the preloaded maps. The problem is that the unit seens to be not recognizing any SD card inserted on it. Just bought from Amazon 7 days ago a fresh copy of Mapsource European navigator version 8 DVD, unlocked the product with success, used a card reader to program the card (it´s impossible to use the unit to tranfer the maps to the SD card) and nothing happens.