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What is the purpose or significance of the routes for Automobiles vs. Emergency vs. Bus? How would the routes for Emergency vehicles be different than the ones for regular civilian vehicles? Also, I've noticed that if you select bicycle, then all street names are displayed. How would I enable that feature but in vehicle mode?

Routing vehicles

The differences are kind of like this:
Truck will take you on truck routes, like for a semi

Emergency, takes you on the wrong way on a one way street.

Pedistrian: like you were walking.

Taxi: shortest route.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. How did you find all

Thanks. How did you find all that out?

I think they work the other way round

Selecting a particular vehicles type is used to avoid routing you on roads on which you aren't allowed.

My evidence for this, is the cGPSMapper manual (cGPSMapper is 3rd party software for making your own Garmin maps) - you can define various attributes for roads. It explains them as "No buses allowed on road", "No Pedestrians allowed on road" etc.
('No emergency vehicles allowed' is also one of the attributes, though I don't know where in the world you get roads like that!)

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