Which is better C550 or Nuvi 360?


I got a C550 3 days ago and a friend got the Nuvi 350 no bluetooth. I have used mine that last 2 days at work and the boss like it and wants to get one to use for deliveries where we don't have good directions. Today I was at CC out of town checking for him on a pickup looking at the nuvi 360 which has same features but smaller footprint, the display was showing flags for the restaurants nearby, yet my c550 in the truck wasn't is this a different feature? I'm asking cause I may exchange the c550 for the nuvi any ideas on this?


It is all personal preferances. I like my Nuvi, because it is easy to carry, small and works well. Of course, I like to play and have several different models, ALL Garmin...'cause they are the best.

Well I got my c550 at

Well I got my c550 at Circuit City and co-worker got a nuvi 350. I played around with his and loved the extras, but no bluetoothe, I like that as i can hear better then thru a headset. I checked on the nuvi and see the 360 has bluetooth, but CC doesn't carry it in store and I have to return in 14 days of purchase if I want to exchange or refund. Then I would have to order it online! arrgh why doesn't anyone carry that model in-store, BB across the street doesn't have it? SO i guess I have to pick the big bulky with bluetooth or the slim easy to stow in my Jeep nuvi 350 sans bluetooth. You guys want to weigh in and help me decide by saturday night?

Nuvi 360

got it ... love it.

PC Nation offers it online for under $400 and you will have it in a day or two.


Check buydig.com - great prices, pretty fast shipping and better business bureau rated as a decent company last time I checked.

well guys when I meant order

well guys when I meant order online, I meany off CC website they carry it, they would give me the refund on a giftcard and let me add on the differnce and just use the giftcard on their website.