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Has anyone bought a GPS on eBay? Could they register it? What about mapping?

I read on Garmin's site, they will not support products purchased on an online auction site. I called, asked and was told the following:

When you purchase a "used" GPS unit, Garmin has no way of knowing if it is stolen, sold as used, or what. Because of that, if you purchase a used piece of equipment, you need to have the original owner call and change registration. They will not take the "Pay Pal" reciept, as this does not prove anything other than someone gave someone money for the GPS unit.

I thought this was harsh, until I started thinking about it. If my unit was stolen (my GPS unit that is), I don't want the theif to sell it on eBay and the new owner that paid $100 for my $500+ GPS unit to have all the rights to it. I'd like to know who sold it, but I don't want the guy that took advantage of the "deal", knowing full well you can't buy a GPS for $100 to get the benefit of my unit being stolen.

After considering things, I have figured out that Garmin is really protecting our best interests. They try to keep the GPS out of the wrong hands, and from what I have heard, they try to get stolen GPS units back so they can turn them over to the police. I spoke to a rep at Garmin and was told they get about 10 stolen units back a month. While this is only a drop in the bucket, it's better than none.

Let's all work together and find the theives, let's work together and put the word out to only buy from legitimate sellers, and ask if the seller will call and re-register the unit when we make the deal. This will help cut down on stolen units, and maybe help get the stolen units back to the people that purchased them with their hard earned money.

I have a lot of GPSrs, and I have paid good money for them. I have refurbished and new, and even one I purchased on eBay, but the seller changed registration for me.

Only by working together can we slow down the thefts, and I for one, can't "cotton" a theif.

There are legitimate vendors on ebay

I purchased a brand new unit on ebay last winter. You need to do a little research to ensure the vendor is legitimate.

If the seller is selling just the unit I would be a little leery.

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Got to go with firenutts on this

Not everybody on eBay is 'crooked' - caveat emptor!


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