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Upgraded nuvi to Firmware v3.40

I just upgraded from v3.30 to v3.40 to take advantage of the increase volume. Well, now I cannot dial-out from my 360 using Bluetooth (not sure about incoming calls, haven't gotten one yet).

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

Data loss when loading maps - eTrex Legend

I to got the map source CD free after complaining to Garmin that they shouldn't charge after you purchased a GPS. Now I would like to generate a map and upload it but understand that I will loose the Marine Point Basemap that is part of the original software on my etrex legend but not if I just add waypoints.

loading poi to c530??

Would anyone who is familer with the c530 know if downloading poi's is possible?? I've tried and i'm sure if it is working.....


Keeping The Same City On Top

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the city your in online while just changing the address? I work insurance and if I am in one city, I will be going to maybe 15 different addresses but in that same city. While it helps you to remember the spelling of the city, it gets real old real fast. Can we keep the city on top and just change the address? The state seems to stay on top all the time.

Garmin 2720 storage "out of box"

Hello, I looked but didn't see this discussed, but may have missed it.

Does anyone know the amount of POI storage in the 2720 out of the box (i.e., without buying extra cards or anything)?

I ordered mine but haven't received it yet, and this may be in the manual, but I just didn't want to wait.


SD limit on Nuvi 360??

Just purchased a 360 - should arrive any day. Plan to use SD slot for MP3 files - question, is there any limit on the size of the SD card? I'd like to spring for a 4GB card but this site indicates a 1GB limit

This is the first I have read about a limit. (I did a search here but did not turn up anything) Anyone using a 2 or 4GB card?

Windows Vista

The Garmin Web Updater & POI Loader seem to work fine and dandy under Windows Vista.

yes, I have a new computer...

*Keith* MacBook Pro *wifi iPad(2012) w/BadElf GPS & iPhone6 + Navigon*

POI Storage Space on c530

I have the Garmin 530 and I would like to know if there is a storage limit for POIs

Garmin Nuvi 360 vs. 660 map software different?

Is there a difference in the base maps of the Nuvi 360 and Nuvi 660. I own both and can't tell the difference in the maps on the unit, but Garmin shows this on their site:

Nuvi 360:
Americas Lite Routable

Nuvi 660:
Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America(full coverage)

OutdoorGuy27 Nuvi 660, Nuvi 360, Legend Cx, StreetPilot III & eMap

NUVI 360 "foot accuracy"

I stumbled upon this one. By pressing in the bar status for about 4-6 seconds a "foot accuracy" window appears. I believe showing the global satellite positions ? Any answers to this ?

Murray Blandford E.C.


60CSX waypoints not showing names


How do you access Mapsource created route in nuvi 360?

Hi all;

I requested a copy of Mapsource from Garmin tech support. They did not give me any hassle and sent it for free.

Now that I have Mapsource, I created a route with 2 way points. I sent this to my nuvi via the "send to device." I also saved the route in a .gpx file, and copied this to the SD card.

I went to the nuvi to lookup the route. No luck. The way points showed up in the "favorites", but no routes? In addition, I can't seem to access the SD card except for MP3's.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

garmin c340 and SD memory

I just put in an sd card (1gb) and then hooked up to download som poi's. I have some poi's already in the unit's memory. when I tried to load the new poi's it said not enough memory. it apparently is trying to load the new poi's into the unit rather than the sd memory but I see no options anywhere to chose the sd memory as opposed to the sd card. Is anyone familiar with what to do here?



nuvi 360 resetting automatically while charging ... thinks that it is plugged to PC USB port

My garmin nuvi is gettign reset during charging if the power source is slightly removed. The unit starts to think that it is plugged into the PC USB port and then freezes and then resets itself automatically. It happened to me couple of times.

FYI, I updated my software with latest recently. Could it be because of that ?

Please comment.

Latest Nuvi 360 has "Proximity Points" under Settings to change Alert settings

I found that the latest version of Nuvi 360 software that I upgraded yesterday adds the "Proximity Points" under the settings to change Alert settings for Custom POIs and Safety Cameras.

Nuvi 360: How to find total distance to the destination

I found that the lower right corner show me the distance to the next turn or exit. But I could not find a way to tell me the total distance to the destination. I have seen magellan units giving this kind of detail so hoping that garmin also provide the same. Is there any kind of stting to view that information ?

How often do the maps on the Garmins get updated?

How often are maps updated? Are the updates free?

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Speed alert with shorter proximity?

I have a c340. If I enter some speed alerts (by using a file name of "SpeedAlert_30.csv"), the POI Loader creates the speed alert at 30 mph, but it also automatically calculates a distance alert of 1585 ft., which is adds to each POI in the file.

I find that distance alert to be WAY too long.

Even though POI Loader will assign both alerts, it doesn't allow ME (in manual mode) to specify both speed and distance alerts for a specific .csv file. I am forced to choose one or the other, but I don't want to sacrifice my speed alert in order to configure my distance alert to a shorter distance.

Buz (Garmin StreetPilot c340 with GTM 12 Traffic Receiver)

GPS Newbie

Wow - this place is fantastic!

I just got a Garmin C340 for my B-Day about a month ago. I picked the C340 over a TomTom One - I guess more for the fact it actually gives the street rather than "turn right". It's simple to use, that's for sure. I've started to download POI's (the reason I stumbled

Are there any "tricks" or enhancements for the C340 to download & play with?

Garmin C340

Accessing GPS Hard Drive

Reading some of the posts of Garmin users, I doubt whether they can access the hard drive of their GPS units while connected to PC. When you connected to the PC using USB cable, does the GPS show as another removable drive? My c330 certainly does not show like that. Or is their any other way of accessing the internal hard drive to find out how much is full, what is in there etc.?