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Data Errors in CSV Files for Garmin - POI Loader Chokes

Hey all. I've been gone for a long while but I got a new Nuvi and was trying to put some POIs on it. I've got some CSV files I obtained from a website, and the POI Loader doesn't like something about them; it says there are data errors on say line 57 and it won't go past that. I've fixed the obvious things I can see but I'm still getting the errors.

Garmin Real Directions, does it really works?

A few days ago I saw this feature on a Garmin GPS and I was wondering if it really works? I have doubts since sometimes Garmin tries to lead me to a POI that doesn't exist anymore (e.g. gas station). Your feelings about this feature?

A new one on me

As I was getting ready to leave for our Christmas gatherings, I turned on the Garmin to set the destination it came up with "Memory Full".

Multiple alerts for POI Factory speed camera locations

I frequently pass a pair of speed cameras, one pointed each direction on the two-way street. I begin to be notified at the appropriate distance before the first one (the one I need to worry about), but then receive FIVE MORE notifications (three per camera).

DC Area, Nuvi 2797

Unable to D/l Full NA Map

I have a Nuvi 650 + 8gb SD card. I d/l to a flash drive that has a Garmin directory containing GarminDevice.xml. I connect the flash drive (not Nuvi) and run MapUpdater. It connects to Garmin, recognizes the Nuvi, and tells me the Nuvi is limited to under 2g so I cannot get the NA map. I settle for the states map and it d/l fine and I can install it on my Nuvi.

Safe and Happy New Years 2016

I'm going to Foxwoods to play poker.

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

Will power cord included with Nuvi 2689LMT support traffic

The 2689LMT model I looked at did not have the rectangular box on the power cord like my 1450LMT does. Will this power cord support the traffic right out of the box?

Nuvi 3790LMT will not display traffic

Hi All,
Happy Holidays!

For quite some time, and through a few upgrades, I do not get a traffic icon on the 3790LMT. I tried resets as well.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation and found any resolve?

On my older nuvi660, you could see on the charger cord if the radio was receiving traffic data. On the power cord for the 3790, all you get is a red power light.


Maps -> Wife -> Garmin 12XL -> StreetPilot 2610 -> Nuvi 660 (blown speaker) -> Nuvi 3790LMT

3597 Impressions

After wanting it for 2 years now, my wife got me a 3597 for Christmas. I haven't seen some of these things documented here so I just wanted to give some differences in no particular order I have seen so far between the 3760 and 3597:

Visual Map Differences
1) Obviously, the 3597 has 3d buildings and terrain
2) Tunnels actually show on the map

CES 2016 - Questions For Garmin?

Not sure how many here are going to CES but I will be going next week. If anyone has some questions for Garmin, I can "try" and get some answered while I'm there. They don't always a) have the answers or b) want to release info but I know one of the guys there that has given me some insight into unreleased or upcoming products in the past.

If you do, let me know by next Monday.


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Garmin Virb Elite Action Cam on Sale For $179

Anyone who didn’t get an Action Cam or Go Pro camera for Christmas might be interested in this 70% off sale at the GPS Store:

Or on Amazon:


Can you use other types of maps on a garmin car pnd other than a garmin maps ?

2595 "places along the road" layer stopped working

My unit froze up after it froze up while turning off Bluetooth. I hit "disable Bluetooth" and the unit froze up and "places along the road" is no longer working.

I could still select POI and get it to show blue dots, but the features that show the default POIs are broken. The default view showed actual logos for corporate locations like Bank of America and Wells Fargo.


So my brother got a nuvicam.

He claims it used to give traffic and wreck reports.

He upgraded the map and now it doesn't anymore.

Oh, he's in the LA basin of SoCal.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

Saved Locations

I am unable to save locations to the SAVED folder on my 3590. I select the location, pick SAVE from the menu, enter a name, select DONE, but the location is not there. Only the 3 Garmin locations are listed.

I copied the current.gpx file to my desktop, read it into Extra POI Editor, manually added the address, and exited the program, saving the file.

Order of Categories

When I load the Custom POI file and select Categories in the "Where To?" dialog, the Custom POIs appear 3 screens down. Is there anyway to rearrange the list so that the Custom POIs are first?

Similarly, is it possible to move the Smartphone Link App to the first screen of the Apps page?

I have a 3590.


Merry Christmas

Here's wishing all POI Factory members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Nuvi2797LMT (2) Nuvi260,Ford Sync3 Navigation. Captain Cook was a Yorkshire man too.

(SOLVED) POI Loader problems

Hi, I have used POI loader successfully for years.

This year I purchased a new computer with Windows 8. I haven't used POI Loader for around a year. I installed the version I used to use and have problems. Using the latest version has the same problems.

Interesting (Waze traffic)

Waze saved us a lot of time last night due to police closing down a major road (rt 22 near Newark Airport). Garmin was solid green. I think like it or not Garmin is becoming slowly obsolete.

CN EU Junction View files.

I have seen that an European Nuvi can have both the Junction View and the DEM files. However if I purchase a CN EU SD card for my 3697 I will only get the maps. Is it possible to down load the EU JV file from some Garmin site (as we can do for the NA version) and if so can I install it onto the card and will the GPS see it?

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