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BaseCamp 4.5.2 for Windows

Changes made from version 4.5.1 to 4.5.2:
◦Fixed some issues sending data to devices
◦Fixed issue with cancelling a route calculation while editing data on the device
◦Fixed issue with FIT activities not being read from the etrex Touch
◦Fixed route vias showing up in the locations list of the fenix 3 and epix

Saved locations in Smartphone Link App

I was wondering if there is a way to backup saves locations in Smartphone Link App (IOS)? Every time I reset my iphone, I lose my saved locations on iphone.

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2595 Garmin having problems after map download need help

I updated the maps on my 2595 Garmin. When I used it afterwards it works for awhile in the car and then goes back and forth from computer mode(like hooked up to one) to on again. Performed a hard reset no luck. Reloaded the maps did another hard reset same thing. Anyone have an idea on what I need to do? Thanks for your replies, Jerry

2460 not showing roads after 2016.10

This just happened. After updating to 2016.10, there are no roads displayed on the screen. The vehicle icon is there and will leave a 'bread crumb' trail. I can choose a destination and it will appear to route, but it will just show the route line, not any roads. All menus seem to work and the settings/System/myMaps shows 2016.10 and is checked.

GE update

GE update launched now.
Not a problem to install it.
Good luck.


Garmin Express

Not much in this release for nuvi users.

For PC:
Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v4.1.8.0 for the PC today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Updates to Express on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

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Nuvi 3590 vs. 3597

I wanted to express my views on the 3590 vs. 3597 that may be helpful for those looking at these two Nuvis. When I got my 3590, I was convinced that the only differences between it and the 3597 were the magnetic mount and minor cosmetic differences. My opinion was supported by the many side-by-side table comparisons. I couldn't have been more wrong.

GTM 26 car charger wire identification for 1450LMT

I have a Garmin 1450LMT with traffic receiver built in charger cable model GTM 26.

The mini usb connector is damaged, and I need to replace the connector and solder cables.

I stripped the cable and there are the following colored cables:
- red
- white
- yellow
- green
- shield/ground wire

I need to know which colored wires correspond to 5 pins on the mini usb plug.

Garmin Express Bricked my nuvi!

I hooked my 885t and 765t up to Garmin Express to update the maps last week. The 885t took two tries but that wasn't unusual for me and it worked. When I tried the 765 I got an error message about a half hour into the update and the nuvi now will not boot up nor will the computer recognize it is hooked up to it. I tried Garmin support and they said to try a soft reset.

Windows 10 crashes during Software Update for Nuvi 255 when copying files begins.

I was wondering if maybe you guys could help me with this.

Windows 10 crashes during Software Update as soon as copying file begins. I am trying to update my Nuvi 255 with the latest system and maps updates. Garmin Express loads perfectly, my Nuvi 255 is found OK and everything looks good.

New Dodge Ram

How do you upload the read light info into to a new dodge ram that has a Garmin gps?

James T Warring II

download (sound and icon)

when you download a poi and it has sound or a badge does it automatic download with poi? stupid guess after instaling poi does it just pop up on gps when you are driving?

Tour Bus Driver

Who is the member here that is a Tour Bus driver? Anyone remember? Is he still around? I have some questions for him. I have started part time driving Tour/Charter buses.

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Garmin Express 4.1.7

Garmin Express 4.1.7 has been released. Must be getting time for 2016.20 to be released.

Backing up and Restoring Garmin 1370T Favorites

I backed up and deleted the favorites on my Garmin 1370T. When I restored them using Basecamp all of my categories were missing. What is the best way to backup and restore Garmin favorites?

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custom Points of Interest (POI) files with corresponding icon

I have loaded several Custom POI files and their corresponding Icons for each file into my Nuvi 2595.

When I approach the location of a specified POI, my GPS will display two identical icons near the same location. The icons are not at the same exact location but are near, or overlap each other.

load pictures

how do I load pictures on my sd card and see them on my garmin 760 ltm

where to buy mini USB socket?

Hi there, I have a Garmin Nuvi 270. Its mini USB socket broke off from the circuit board. I took some pictures of it here ( It is mini USB 5-pin surface mount vertical. I couldn't find any local or online store selling it. Do you know where I can buy it?
Thanks a lot!


re loading previous map

Recently updated to 2016.10. Lost the Jvc file. Is it possible to reload 2015.10 on my Nuvi 2557? And if so how ?

Garmin CIty Navigator NA 2016.20 Manifest Has Been Uploaded

The question is, when will it be released grin

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