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nuvi 680

got to do some ranting about my nuvi 680. I had mine for a few years and never had a problem with it other then replacing the battery and touch screen. Other then that it worked perfect. any how, I decided to go to the States and decided to do an up grade on my maps.Up to this point I had no problems in using it for directions, simple put, enter the address and of you go.

Nuvi 660/Map update

I have two Nuvi 660's. When attempting to update the FIRST 660 from CN North America NT 2015.30 to CN North America NT 2015.40 I got a message that there was not enough room on the Nuvi for the update.

I then tried the update on the SECOND 660. Bingo….. 2.5 hours done, not problem.

garmin express

strange thing happened to me while using garmin express I used express to back up my favorites,
any how when I finshed and turned off garmin express my 1450lm rebooted and started the green bar loading again, again, again,

BaseCamp software version 4.4.7

Basecamp has been recently updated.

BaseCamp software version 4.4.7
as of April 27, 2015
Direct download link:


  • System Requirements:

Wish Garmin had a "Learn" mode

just got back from Vegas, last time I came back with a buddy who lives in Phoenix. I was following him and he took a route that avoided about 25 miles of "1 Block traffic lights". I tried all the different settings and could not find that route, it also saved gas and cut about a half hour off the trip. Would have been nice to just hit a key to save that route.

2595 vs 2460

I just replaced my 2460 with a 2595. There are some differences that I wanted to throw out there.
First, there is no security option: requiring a pass code at power on. I guess these things are becoming so inexpensive that Garmin didn't feel the need.

Anyone have one of the Garmin backup cameras?

Since I bought a new Garmin 2599LMT-HD recently, I'm considering the BC30 wireless backup camera as an addition. My wife's car has a backup camera as part of her factory GPS system, and I really miss it when I'm driving my - just wondering if anyone had any experiences with the Garmin backup cameras.

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northern exposure

tried wifes garmin and my tomtom to add this to favorites ( place in Wisconsin to fish ) ( campground and cabins ) on web site it lists the address as chetek , wi but it says garmin lists it in Cameron , wi . the address is 1075 bronstad beach rd and neither device finds it . tried pois and that didn't work either .

Garmin 3790 acting really stupid!

I'm on my way home from Mexico now. Just outside Indianapolis, Indiana I directed the 3790 to take me home by hitting the "Home" button. Simple right? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So the simplest route would be via Detroit and then home. At that point about 600 some miles.

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Problem installing POI to garmin

Hi all i hope someone can help me i am trying to install POI's to my Garmin 3490 using POI Loader on Imac but i keep getting this message.

There is a data format error on line 2 of file /Volumes/HD/POI's for garmin/Speed_Camera_70-UK.gpx. The data earlier in the file will be written, but no more data can be read from this file.

If anyone could help me with this that would be great.

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Pro tip: How to get multiple route options to go Home

For most route planning my Garmin 3597 offers options for fast, most direct, and least fuel. However, when going home it only offers fastest. Here's how to get the other options:
Save a location at or near your home. Then, when going home DO NOT select the Home button as a destination. Select Saved and your new nearby home location. Take your pick and be on your way!

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

help with nuvi 50lm (change maps)

I have a Nuvi 50lm. It current has the lower 50 states and I need the some western states. When I go to the reinstall/change maps option, it doesn't actually let me change maps. I have a New sd card installed to hold the data. Pls help!

Garmin Express Is Out

Just downloaded to my pc. Never ending updates.

Nuvi 800 How Far Back BaseCamp

Garmin Nuvi has horrid help. I searched for days and finally had to call for help and than wrong info. I want to know how far back can you get the routes to load into Basecamp. It used to be you could go back a year. I am only able to upload around ten days. I am desperate as I need to get gps info to prove my whereabouts thanks

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CNNT 2015.4 Download Fails to Unlock in Basecamp

I downloaded CNNT 2015.4 using G.E. V4.0.17.0 with the “Install to device and Computer” option checked to my Win7-64 desktop. The download completed successfully but the 2015.4 map shows as locked in both Basecamp and Mapsource.

Garmin Announces new high end Nuvi - nüviCam LMTHD

OLATHE, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced nüviCam LMTHD, the first portable navigation device (PND) to feature a built-in dash cam and advanced alerts to enhance driver awareness on the road.

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Garmin StreetPilot Onboard

I know that there has been some discussion in the past about Garmin StreetPilot Onboard, but I want to re-kindle this since I am considering an Apple iPhone and I would buy this app if I bought the iPhone. How well does this work? I currently have Viago on Android. I am reluctant to buy it if it will be going the way of Viago soon, though.

"Lost" custom avoidance.

A few months ago we took a trip to a location in the countryside, let the GPS (3579) calculate the route. This involved many secondary roads and was a very pretty drive. However along the way we came up to a “Road Closed” sign (bridge out) so took the DOT detour to get to our destination. Before heading home I set up a Custom Avoidance for what I thought was the closed section of road.

CamSam Plus

I know that this is technically not the correct forum, however the reason I am posting here is that the correct forum Smartphones & Tablets is not very active and there is only one reference to CamSam there.

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A look at future technology

I was blown away by this video.

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