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How to back up all files on Nuvi 55

Just bought a Nuvi 55LM. I would like to back up all the files before updating the device but in its internal device there is about 200 MB of files. I enabled hidden files in the folder option but still nothing.

Revisiting a 660 that sat for ~6 months

About 3 years ago we realized the 660 directory structure was corrupt, preventing any backup. 660 still worked, so we continued on without backup capability.
About a year or so ago, the power/traffic interface on the rear of the 660 died. I first thought it was battery. Changed Battery.. No, it's the interface that died..

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

storing routes

Does anyone know of a Garmin device that will store a list of waypoints in the form of a route?
I currently use a nuvi 2200, which has a trip planner, but it treats the POIs I enter as individual journeys rather than waypoints.

Garmin RV760 LMT Fahreheit to Celsius

Not sure if this is news to anyone, but I recently bought a Garmin RV760 LMT (on black Friday)and as my first trip using this is in the USA I set it to MPH. Later looking at the weather screen I noticed this was in Fahrenheit and being in Canada I preferred this to be in Celsius, however I could find no way of changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Looking for advice:New Garmin

At present I have a 1490T that will not hold a charge so I am looking for a new model.

It must have lifetime maps and traffic, bluetooth and I would like voice activation control. I also would like it to be around $200.00 or so.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Downloaded Maps Missing LA & JV

So I'm aware that when you download maps or buy the microSD card that the Lane Assist and Junction Views are missing. According to Garmin they say:

Garmin: GPSIII / StreetPilot / StreetPilot Color Map / StreetPilot III / StreetPilot 2610 / GPSMAP60CSx / Nuvi 770 / Nuvi 765T / Nuvi 3490LMT * Pioneer: AVIC-80 / N3 / X950BH

Re: Garmin North American 2016.10 Map Update

This topic is out of date the current map is CN North America NT 2016.20 ALL


What New Garmin Units Or Features Would You Like To See In The Future?

I was thinking a bit ago that I would like to see the following:

-A US/North American version of the Garmin Nuvi 4592R Plus

-A newer Garmin Monterra with a better screen

-Garmin RINOs that are a bit smaller

-A Garmin Epix that is thinner and more feature rich

What would you folks like to see in the future?

Garmin HD traffic

I am reading about Garmin HD traffic and have a question.

Is this a receive only traffic system? Or does the nuvi transmit anything?

I saw a youtube video where it said it also gets information from other cars - this implies that the nuvi transmits too.

RV 760 will not boot up

when trying to power up my 760 I get the splash screen and the ribbon "loading Maps" then the screen goes blank. I've tried reset procedure to no avail.

Nuvi 3590 and RV760

nuvi fried? (power cord wiring)

To install my nuvi 2689 w/BC-30 back-up camera, I needed to extend the cord to the nuvi (and power the BC-30.) To do so, I cut the plug off the BC-30-supplied power cord for the nuvi, added a length of wire, and wired the nuvi power cord and the BC-30 to a third party cigarette lighter plug (with an off/on switch and fused.) The camera is to be "always on."

Multiple Red Light Warnings

I have a Nuvi 2555 and have installed redlight and speed camera locations with alerts. For some reason, I'm getting as many as 4 audible alerts as I approach a camera. I'm sure it has to do with my setup, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Garmin POI Loader Software - will not install in Windows 10

I cannot install v2.7.3 of this software on a Windows 10 Home system. Installing it generates a .msi install error.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any workarounds?

Thanks for any replies!

3490 No Longer Supported?

So it's been awhile since I did a firmware update and it appears the last update was March '14 (v.8.20). I'm assuming they no longer support this model? Seems like it had a two to three year run of updates. Is this about the normal time frame for updates?

Garmin: GPSIII / StreetPilot / StreetPilot Color Map / StreetPilot III / StreetPilot 2610 / GPSMAP60CSx / Nuvi 770 / Nuvi 765T / Nuvi 3490LMT * Pioneer: AVIC-80 / N3 / X950BH

Lane Watch Side View Camera DIY "Mod" Desired on Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT

I have a Garmin 2798LMT with a wireless backup camera in my Honda. It works great but recently I've been thinking that it would be great if in addition to the backup camera, I could also have another side view camera mounted on my door mirror which would activate when the turn signal is turned on like my other car does from the factory.


garmin 750 files

hi, can anyone tell me what files i should see in the garmin 750 folder

Insufficient space to update map on 2597LMT Garmin

I just receive a Garmin 2597LMT from GPSCity. When I run Garmin Express, I get a message that there is a upadate but there is not enough space to load it (at least 6 gb needed).
I have install a 8 gb card, but do not see a option to load the map to the external card...since the system file is 5+ gb, how can I update this device


I am looking at getting a refurbished 3597lmthd. Only thing I am concerned of it is discounting by Garmin. How long do they typically support software updates for older models?

Garmin Gpsmap 478 obsolete?

This must be an already discussed topic but does anyone know a solution to the 478's memory or lack there of. It has the special Garmin proprietary slot but no memory to be found other than so small sticks on ebay that wouldn't help much and still would hold the latest map.

Garmin Nuvi 1300, GPSmap 478

Nuvi 1300 won't load external maps

A few weeks ago, I added a 16g microSD card and loaded the latest maps using map install. Everything worked great up to yesterday when I notice the GPS appears to have only the base map showing. It was obvious the detail map with POI and detailed streets etc.. was not being loaded. The GPS boots properly with no error either with or without the microSD installed.

Garmin Nuvi 1300, GPSmap 478
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