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Garmin Repair Recommendations?

I have an old, Garmin Nuvi 205W that I've taken pretty good care of over the years, but recently the touchscreen went screwy until it stopped responding altogether. I tried recalibrating the touchscreen, and reinstalled updates a couple of times, but it quickly stopped responding again.

Nuvi 35x7 And 35x8 Software Version 5.10

As of July 23, 2015

Use Garmin Express to install this file.

Changes made from version 5.00 to 5.10:

Fixed an issue that could cause traffic events to obscure the navigation map.

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3597 no Map Symbols display ever

I have a bunch of saved locations I imported from my 3790 to my new 3597 but none of the map symbols display on the map.
How do I get them to display? I loved this feature on the 3790.

NA 2016.10 Map Update should be available 8/5/2015

Maybe a mod can temporarily pin this until the update comes out, since people are still coming on here wondering about it well after we already discovered the date for the release. Just a suggestion.

Nuvi 3597 Favorites/Saved Places issues

I've just upgraded from a Nuvi 755 to a Nuvi 3597 and I'm having some odd issues with the favorites.

I transferred my favorites from the 755 to the 3597 with Express and it worked, but...

There are two GPX folders on the 3597.

: Garmin\GPX

Also, the POI

Garmin Search Function & Garmin Wifi Connectivity

I was thinking about how the search function works on my Garmin Nuvi 3597. I enter data and it checks for information stores on the device. Or, if I use the Garmin Smartphone Link, I can send it to the Nuvi 3597. Have we actually lost grounds on this? For example, the connected Garmin Nuvis 1690 and 1695 allowed a search directly on the unit.

unit does not learn (remember or learn past routes)

my 760 denzel does not remember or learn my past routes. is there a setting i missing?

Road Closures & Detours With Garmin Traffic

I am still getting a feel for the Garmin Traffic function. If a road will be closed for say a week, or more, does that information make it to Garmin for routing purposes?

Garmin Express not communicating with Garmin servers

I am having problems with Garmin Express including the latest version to check updates for my devices. I had same issues last week in Edmonton on my cousin's PC. So it is not my laptop.

Whenever I try to check updates for my devices, most of the time I am getting red color bar at the top with the message, " X Sorry, we're having problems communicating with our servers".

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Updater 3.3.4 Not Finding Flash Drive

I'm trying to update my Nuvi 650. My procedure has been to use a flash drive containing only a Garmin directory with GarminDevice.xml in it. I pull this file from the Nuvi so it is from the last update. I've done this several times, with the last time about a year ago. Updater will find the drive and d/l the needed files for NA, at least it always has.

765T Issues

Anyone else with a 765T past or current have issues with the unit staying powered on? Mine will power up, get through the load screen just fine then gets to the main "where to" screen then passes out, goes dark. It powers itself off and won't stay on for more than 15 seconds. I have tried to contact Garmin about it but they aren't much help.

Garmin Express v4.1.4.0

PC Version.

Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v4.1.4.0 for the PC today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Updates to Express on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

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Nuvi 3597 Question (Voice Command just comes on)

Anyone else have an issue with the Voice Command firing up for no good reason? Sometimes, not often, the Voice Command just comes on...happens with the music on and start command is the default "Voice Command" any ideas?

"You can't get there from here"

New Software Updates

For many different series for those interested.

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Need new GPS recommendations

my 1490LMT got stolen. sad

What's a good, inexpensive Garmin gps now days?

I have an Ecoroute device so it has to be compatible with that.


Garmin Express Updated

version is out

Under no circumstances whatsoever, will logic and common sense be tolerated.

delete files?

When I plug my Garmin 855 into my laptop it automatically starts the Garmin Express program. In this program there is a Device storage tab that tells me my device memory is 95% full. Is there a way to delete unused files from the internal storage? How can I tell which files to delete? Do I need to delete files from the internal memory if I use a memory card?

Garmin Express: How to Get Basecamp to See New Maps

I finally got over my fear of using Garmin Express and I installed ver. last night and downloaded 2015.4 to my NUVI2555LMT without a hitch.

In the past, when I used Map Updater, I had the option of loading the maps to my computer, my device or both. I always used Both. That allowed me to have the map available for use with Basecamp.


Clearwater Traffic

Does anyone know if the Clearwater traffic subscription is still operational?

Charge for 1450

How can you tell if your GPS is being charged when hooked up to a computer? It shows the picture of a GPS hooked up to a computer. I know if I am using it that will take a long time to charge but I'm not using the unit while plugged in. Has been plugged in for a couple of hours and when I disconnect, it's still at 2 bars.

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