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DriveSmart 50 LMT Red Light camera poi and audio issues

I have the redlight camera poi seetup as a tourguide with audio and I get nothing. I have seen one red light camera image but that is it. I installed the sox.exe file in the garmin dictory, I am using windows 7. I have also tried the trial version of the garmain red light camera poi and I get no audio no indication that I have approached a red light camera.

Memory card, has garmin changed something?

Hi. a week ago i tried to update my Nüvi 3597 through garmin express, GE told me that it could not recognize the card and the update was cancelled.

Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps

Garmin Nuvi 2699 vs Google Maps

I went on a 10 hour trip this past weekend from Florida to South Carolina. On the return trip around Atlanta, I decided to test the accuracy of the directions of the Garmin vs my phone's Google Maps. I did have the 2017.2 version of maps.

Garmin Nuvi 2699 with 2017.30 Maps

New Map not recognized on my 3790

I have 2016.2 on my 3790 and Garmin Express tells me I have the current map. I really don't know why I don't have 2017.1 on there. I thought I had upgraded to that. Any ideas how to solve this?

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Garmin Express help needed

Need help. For the last 6 months I have not been able to run Garmin Express on my Mac laptop. Every time I try I keep getting a red bar on the top of the page that says "Sorry, we're having a problem communicating with our servers". I contacted Garmin and they walked me through to make sure all my settings were correct and then said they don't know how to fix my problem.

Base Camp Update Problem

A few weeks ago, when I fired up Base Camp, I get a popup to update Base Camp, the exact verbiage is

BaseCamp is ready for install. Details "Fixed an issue displaying route elevation graphs .

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Nuvi 67 icons

How do I put new Map Icons whether it for the vehicle or a new POI icon on my nuvi 67LM?

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How To: Housekeeping. Purging unnecessary Garmin files from your windows PC

Turns out Garmin installation process takes up about 13GB of space for each map.

Garmin Express deposits downloads in

The files used by Basecamp to use the maps on your computer are stored in


External USB Charger Question

Hey --

I've tried a generic external USB-to-outlet charger, but when I attempt to navigate through its menu, it complains of traffic receiver incompatibility with the next screen going entirely white and inoperable. Nuvi 775 had no problem with it.

It's set to Mass Storage Mode by the way.

Is there a compatible external USB charger?


Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Nuvi 2597 restarting

I typically have my 2597 connected all the time. I've noticed lately that when I turn my car off for even a few minutes, the unit goes through a full start-up, i.e. reloads maps etc.



DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

The frustrating thing about garmin

This is like Google 9, Garmin 0

Map updated in March 2016.

Garmin could not find the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

Google maps just click and go. But it does drain the phones battery...

My hunch is there is some "other" address to use. Just like Garmin never likes US State Route 1 etc

Express v4.1.22.0

Just been released. Corrects the map update option bug that appeared in

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Is the Garmin server down?

I just tried to update the maps in my 1450, but when I started MapUpdater (NOT GE), I'm getting the message "A connection to the server could not be established..."
Is anyone willing to try MapUpdater to see if you get the same result?


Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

How do you cure a boot loop?

My poor old Garmin nuvi 500 is stuck in a boot loop. I haven't tried yet to plug it in to see if I can get to the file system via the back door. Any hints? Booting while holding down the lower left and/or right corner didn't do squat.

Thanks in advance.

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No Sound (when plugged in to power)

I have a Garmin nuvi 3597 that when plugged in to power in the vehicle I get no voice or beeps when the screen is touched. When I disconnect power by removing the GPS from the holder or unplugging the power cord, I have sound. There was a previous discussion on sound but my issue is different. Bad cord, maybe?

Using 7-Zip to download the large .jcv file

Not to belabor a point, but has anyone here used 7-Zip to download the large JCV file? I'm still struggling to download it and saw reference that I can use 7z to do it. (I'm on IE11 so I can't use the browser method.)

First of all, can I, if fact, use 7-Zip to download RAR1 and 2 then use WinRAR to put the two pieces together?

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Proximity Issue


Chuck Stewart Benbrook, TX

Garmin Express Question

I've moved the map, JCV and SID files to my 8gb SD card.

Question: Is GE smart enough to update these files the next time a new map comes out?

Thanks. smile

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

2016 Chrysler with built in Garmin NAV

I would never have bought a built in navigation unit but the car was a pretty good deal and the nav unit was already part of the package. Garmin needs to offer a lifetime update for the built in nav units. The manual says you can only update the maps once a year and currently the cost is $149. My Garmin Nuvi1300 with lifetime maps is going strong and I do updates every quarter.

Something Weird with my 2639LMT

When the Unit was delivered from Amazon, the first thing I did was the Software and Map Update (2017.10). When I was Navigating with it, I was not getting the Junction View. I called Garmin and they said to re-install the Maps, so I did and bingo, got the Junction View.

2639LMT, 67LM (X2) and 65LM
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