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Garmin 2797 Charging Problem

Got message i haven't seen before on Nuvi 2797. Said device cannot be charged with this cable try using cable that came with the unit. Did that also tried both ports ( indoor and car) only one that worked seems to be one that plugs into round power port in truck. tried several cables. any ideas

Nuvi 2557 says no more street names.

Michelle only tells me to turn left or right. No more street names. I checked the owners manual but can't find what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

GPSmap76Cx handheld, Nuvi 2557LMT, Nuvfi 2598LMTHD

Nav voice not working Nuvi 2555

My Nuvi 2555 isn't providing voice directions when I set a destination. The voice does work for camera and speed trap alerts. My guess is that I accidentally changed a setting somewhere, but I can't figure it out.

Would FM Broadcast And NOAA Weather Radio Be A Good Feature On Garmin Auto GPS Units?

As posted above, do people here think that FM Broadcast And NOAA Weather Radio would be good features on Garmin automobile GPS units? I picked up a Garmin Monterra a week ago. Granted, it is a trail GPS, but it has both of those features. I know some people do use their automobile GPS units out of their vehicle and it might to handy to have that capability built in.

2595lmt upgrades make unit more buggy

Has anyone noticed that the more upgrades you do to a device the more the gps gets buggy? Everytime I do an upgrade, I notice that new bugs occur. The units gets slower and map refreshes slow down.

What happens when you drop a 3597?

A dropped 3597? Or maybe it was run over by a car—or a bulldozer!

Trouble with rest area download

I am having a problem downloading the rest area file and only that file.
I was downloading this file for years with my old laptop (HP with vista) I use the latest POI loader program.
My new laptop (HP with Windows 7 professional) When I try to open and save the file, I get a error message "system data exception and it can't find the file"
I am using a free opener program.

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Nuvi, Basecamp and maps on SD card.

This may have already come up on some long since post, however...I recently got CN NT Europe on a SD card. Plugged it into my 3597 and plugged it into Basecamp. The Europe maps (which I had looked at on the Nuvi) did not show. I had to put the 3597 into Mass Storage mode for the maps to show and load (very slowly)into Basecamp!

nuvi 2598LMTHD factory refurb - $119.99

Groupon is offering (sold by Groupon Goods) a factory refurbed nuvi 2598LMTHD for $120. The listing states that it comes with a 1-yr Garmin warranty and that over 1000 have already been sold.

It seems a good price for a nuvi with RealDirections, HD traffic, etc. although I have no experience with that model. I have had good luck with my rare purchases through Groupon.

New Garmin 760LM settings for commercial van not truck. Help.

Hi. I purchased a 760Lm to replace my wonderful Nuvi 660 that never had any issue. Does anyone use the 760 for a commercial van not a truck. Here in NYC commercial vehicles are not allowed on commercial routes or parkways but 760 clearly stays away from many roads causing me to take longer routes but I never had this issue with Nuvi 660 in truck mode.

'Cross-Use of Garmin'

Let's hear from you on whether this is do-able....
My daughter has taken up mountain-biking, and she also had her Nuvi ripped off.
If I got her a Garmin Edge (for biking) could she use road maps on an sd card to navigate on roads?
If I got her a Nuvi (for road nav) could she use it for mountain biking if a Topo map was put on the sd card?

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old vs the New

What is your old Garmin Model vs your new Garmin Model? Will you keep the old or give it away if you don't have other use for it?


remove restaurant icons from map? 2555lmt

I must be missing something..
I don't care for all the restaurant icons on the map while using the gps. Is there a way to turn these off from settings?
I go down certain roads and it is filled with restaurant icons, it's just saturated..
THX smile


New to garmin gps (just bought my first Garmin)

Hi everyone.I just bought my first garmin gps unit it's a 2460 I bought it used from ebay but can't wait to receive it an start using it. Idk what to expect from it an Idk if I'll need to update maps it anything. .if anyone could help me to knw what to expect an is the 2460 nice to have? What is the best thing about them?

Ronald Smith


Is it time to start a thread for City Navigator 2015.40 yet?

Wav files.Help in converting

Wanted to start new thread addressing converting the current mp3s to wav files in discussion

To prevent any duplication of what I have sent to POI Factory for adding to sound files.

1. The files I maintain for POI Factory. Contained the current wav files I had or convereted in the past.They were linked to each csv or gpx file.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

Garmin 60CX with map updater (Mac) not giving me latest maps

My Garmin 60CX USED to work with Garmin Express, and this is what the Garmin website says to use. However, even though Express recognizes the 60CX, it has me download Garmin Map Updater instead. And today, Jan 17, 2015, it downloads North America 2014.3 as the latest map, even though I have 2015.1 installed.

Old Garmin systems Vs. their new ones - major shortcomings, customer service no help.

I recently purchased a NUVI 2598 LMT to replace a apprx 10 year old NUVI 760 that, regrettably, is dying (both battery and screen).

A year ago, I also purchased a NUVI, a 3597, to replace the old 760. I had to return that one, just like I'm about to return the 2598. I did so because both had major issues that, per customer service, weren't flaws but "features".

Watching Movies on Dezl 760

Can you watch movies on the Garmin Dezl 760? I know it is capable of such a feat, but there isn't a program on it to utilize it. I would imagine being able to watch a weather report broadcast from the local area would be great, and with the screen size and location, would be perfect.

can I add music (mp3) files to an SD card that has a map data set on it

I want to use my garmin to playback music. The microSD card which I have a map on it, still a lot free memory spaces.

can I make a folder to contain some MP3 files? will effect the map rounting or the music playback?

Thanks so much.