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Automatically Start

Unable to find the setting that will turn off the "autostart" with Windows. Did G do away with the selection?

Don't be to hard on me for using GE in the auto mode. I WAS new and learning. Now I find that it takes resources I don't need to part with, and slows restarts to a snails pace.

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Install Maps to Computer

Couldn't find the post that said they were having trouble loading maps to PC because there wasn't an option in GE to do so. I have v3.2.4 installed and if you go to Device>Reinstall Maps>Advanced Options you have the 3 options available: Device, Computer, Both. I did not try the download to Computer so I don't know if the process works, but the option is there.

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Basecamp problems

I thought that I should start a fresh topic. I have had the same problems as others in downloading new map update into computer. As of today, I DL again and I didn't think it was successful but 2015.10 does show in uninstall programs list. It seems at that same time my computer decided to do a reboot.??

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Garmin Basecamp 4.3.1 for the PC

Garmin has released a new major upgrade for Basecamp, v4.3.1:


This release does not support XP.

Installation of this version will overwrite your existing 4.2.5 installation and replaces that version of BaseCamp.

Below is a list of changes.

Added waypoint categories to the waypoint and bulk waypoint property dialogs

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1490 download/installation error for 2015.1 maps

Guess I'm not the only one. Called the 800 # and they're working on a fix.
I don't know why I have so many problems trying to do updates with Garmin. Don't they have a testing division to see if it all works before they field it?


HI...when I cleaned up my DELL I lost mapsource on my PC... Can I just dl it from garmin ? I no longer have the CD's..


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Garmin My Dashboard

Does anyone have any Problem using Garmin Dashboard.The device it show on my PC but Garmin Dashboard does not detect them. I install again the garmin plug in and it install fine. I try with 2 different Gps and got the same result. and the same messages that the web page does not detect no device..I had the same problem last week but then it found the device after many try..


Previously WebUpdater had an install routine. This new version 3.3.3 does not. I downloaded and what I got was an executable that has to extract every time it is run. Is there another version of this that has an install routine?

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Inaccurate Mileage

I have added some Motel/Hotel locations. When I open the Lodging POI folder and see the listings with the miles they are NOT accurate. However, if I select the POI and then touch the location for the directions the mileage is accurate.

Example 1: (Home) Spanaway, WA to Comfort Suites in Astoria, OR is 142 mile, but from the folder listing it is 91 miles.

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Garmin 2757 Voice breakup

Hello all, I am currently having an issue with the voice (Samantha) breaking up. When she is announcing directions that are more than a word or 2, the speech is noticably broken up. I have deleted my track data on the unit. I was going to update the unit, but reading the mess that is the current update I'm stumpted as to what to do. Any suggestions.

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After using my 2597 for awhile I find there are things that I like better about it than my 855 but I sure don't think the voice commands are anywhere as versatile as on the 855. It would be nice if some firmware updates could take care of that. I also find the beeps that I can't shut off every time I use the touch screen most annoying.

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GE is out

GE Version is out.


Master Volume

Now that I have two 2460 units, and setting them up the same, I have found some differences. Some was files on one and not on the other. After deleting (saving to PC first) I am within about 100mb. Not worth looking for the differences. However, I found a setting in the mater volume on one, but not the other.

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Garmin nuvi 2555LMT $75

Just found this. Not too many left.

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2015.10 Large JCV File is available

The large full screen Junction View file for CN NA 2015.10 is available from Garmin at:

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3597LMTHD and the heat

I have my 3597 sitting on the dash and it gets extremely hot. I don't recall my other models getting this hot. I know some of you use the vent mount, but what if you have the heater or air conditioner on?

I don't want the unit to get too hot and die :'(

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2015.10 update out

its OUT

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Change Registration Email Address

I registered my second GPS to the wrong email address. I have no way of accessing that unit in myGarmin because is uses my primary email addy ... the one I should have used. Since I did not create an account when registering the unit is not available to me on myGarmin.

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Harley Deal Button Link Lost

I have a Road Tech Zumo 550 gps and the last time I updated the map I lost the link from the "Harley Deal" button to the file. When I click on the button the hour glass appears then it says "No Matches Found". I know I can install the POI in their own folder and get to it through the Extra button, but I would like the Harley button to work.

URL link to report new, or closed roads, wrong addresses, etc.

I just now reported a routing error that has been wrong on my Garmin GPS for several years. I thought I would share the link: . You do NOT have to register. Just click on the first "Map Creator" you see as you read down. China appeared on the map first, just rotate to USA, then zoom down on to the spot you need to edit. Right click on the spot.

Unless you are the lead sled dog, the view never changes. I is retard... every day is Saturday! I still own the StreetPilot c340, and the Garmin Nuvi 765t, but upgraded to the NO "recalculating", 3590 LMT.