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I'm confused about the demise of the 3597!

I'm confused about the demise of the 3597!

Earlier posts claimed that the 3597 is being discontinued, but today I get an email from Garmin trying to sell me one for $329.99 (USD).

Are they just getting rid of inventory?

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Decisions, decisions

It's about time to put my 855 out to pasture. I'm considering:

2555, 2595, 2597, 3590 for starters. Welcome any comments or suggestions.



DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA


I am currently a streets and Trips user however since they will no longer update it I am thinking about changing. I have heard of DeLorme but not real familiar. The big question I have is can I create routes with it and export to my Garmin RV760LMT as I do in Streets and Trips?

Any help appreciated


Custom Route for Garmin Nuvi 765T Help

I am a newbie and would like to know how to input a custom route into my GPS, heading to Florida and do not want to take the GPS's route. I do not have any idea how to go about this and would need to have someone with a lot more knowledge to guide me thru this. Any help will be much appreciated.

$250, Oregon 600 @REI untill 11/23/2014

REI has Oregon 600 on sale for $250 until November 23rd.

Might be of interest to some. I do not own one and have no particular desire to get one either.

eBay cheap maps - what is the catch?

I have a Garmin 765T which I haven't really used for navigation for a while. I primarily use it a BT handsfree in my car. Once in a while it gives me the msg about updating maps.

Nuvi 855 biting the dust

Think my 855 is on the way out. Have recently been having issues with many intermittent 'reboots' while in use; unable to enter new destinations - tells me no space; unable to delete old destinations/routes. Backed unit up, did a hard reset, restored - poi's show back on the unit from PC, but not on the unit; typically have kept them on the SD - moved them to the unit, still no joy.

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Two Factory Refurbished Units On Sale Today Over At Woot

Two deals on factory refurbished units over at Woot today:

5" 2557 LMT for $99.99

7" 2797 LMT for $179.99

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Some POI entries missing NUVI

I maintain a library of thousand of POIs and have been doing this for years with no problems. I just refreshed the device and some entries of one POI file do not show. I have erased the device and then loaded it with just the one POI file and it still show only about 50 entries of a 108 entry POI file. When running POI loader it says it loaded 108 entries but about half are missing.

Nuvi 3597 Power Down Issue

When I turn off the ignition in my pickup, my Nuvi 3597 displays a screen which says “Vehicle Has Been Turned Off” and starts the shutoff countdown even though there is still power to the unit. This differs from the usual “External power Has Been lost” screen which also initiates the shutoff countdown.

Nuvi 35x7 And 35x8 (GCD File) Software Version 4.60 is out

Nuvi 35x7 And 35x8 (GCD File) Software Version 4.60 is out

Updater not smart enough

to delete current map before installing new one. Keep getting message that there is not enough room. You would think that the updater would simply delete the old map, then install the new one.

Is the 3597 still the Top of the Line Unit ?

I know it's been discontinued, but is the 3597 still considered to be the top of the line Nuvi unit at this time?

I know they recently came out with a few new units, but I don't think they were in the "Prestige" category.

My 3490 is acting weird and I may have to replace it, but I wanted to get top of the line.


City Navigator 2015.30 North America has been released

City Navigator 2015.30 North America has been released.


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Garmin Repair via Sharcnet-USA

Does anybody have experience using sharcnet to repair their old Nuvis? I finally got an emailed response from them re the $35 cost of replacinbg my N650 screen, which is quite reasonable especially since they will also replace the battery and on-off switch for $15 and update the maps with SD card for $5.

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Spanish audio conversion for US use

After searching in the forum, I found the Turbotcc voice editor.

I wonder if there is a list available of what changes needs a Spanish audio file (I assume a tts would be the best option) so as to use it in the US.

Whether 3 Way Intersections with Red Light Cameras Exist

Today, I was going straight on a street and had to stop at a 3 way intersection because the traffic light had turned red. At that intersection, a person--going in my direction, that is--could turn left but not to the right because a street to the right did not exist. But it occurred to me that I had always assumed that a red light camera existed only at a 4 way intersection.

Any experience with RV760?

I've owned a Street Pilot and now have a Nuvi 1390. Lately, I've been longing for a larger screen (older eyes like larger screens), and I'm wondering whether there are any benefits to the RV760 for me. Reading some user reviews on Amazon, I see a few comments about poor POI's, particularly one "truck stop" that turned out to be a convenience store (ouch!)

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755 Lost Sound

We just returned from a trip in the Hill Country of Texas. On the way home, I noticed that I was not getting voice prompts for turns. Discovered of course when I missed a highway turn off!

Checked the volume and it was still set at 100%. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? Is this fixable, or am I going to have to upgrade to the RV gps I have been looking at?