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Questions About CSV vs GPX Files (Basecamp won't import CSV)

I am using Garmin's Basecamp software to sync my waypoints with my Zumo 590. I am pretty new to this website. I just signed up a few days ago. I am unable to get any use out of the CSV files. The GPX files, when they are available, work just fine. But Basecamp will not import the CSV files or convert them to GPX. Does anyone know a way to convert a CSV file to GPX so Basecamp can understand it?

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Garmin Nuvi 3597 Power Cords, Mount, Etc.

As I am waiting for delivery of my Garmin Nuvi 3597, I decided to review the manual and I have some questions. It looks like the mount uses a mini USB to connect to the power cable traffic receiver. If I use the Garmin mount, but connect with an after market mini USB cord, will I get all of the functions EXCEPT traffic?

Nuvi 3597 route calculation miracle

Today, I was surprised when my Nuvi picked up the exact route I use in the evening to go home. I always deviate from the Nuvi route to avoid traffic and divert to few side less busy roads and then finally merge back on highway 427. Normally, it always tries to put me back on highway again and again.

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BaseCamp 4.4.6 Has Been Released

BaseCamp 4.4.6 is out.

Change History

Changes made from version 4.4.4 to 4.4.6:
◦Fixed issue with BaseCamp copying BirdsEye from a SD card each time the card is connected
◦Fixed issue with dragging a find result into the route point list

The Garmin Got Me Lost

A map error in Garmin and other map-sets almost caused me to be late to my daughter's college graduation ceremony this weekend. The GPS directed us onto a dirt road dead-ending at a locked gate behind the stadium at Indiana University of Pennsylvania at 40.612878, -79.163032.

Icon for Garmin bmp 24 Bit

Hi again.

Anyone around here that has any idea how to get transparency for some parts of an icon when you save the icon as .bmp in 24 Bit?

When i save in 256 colors i get the transparency to work with the old trick magenta (255 0 255)
But i really would like to find a way to do it also in 24 Bit for my garmin 3597.

best regards Jocke

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Buying A New Garmin Automotive GPS: Digital Traffic Vs. Lifetime Traffic

I am giving some more serious thought to buying another Garmin automotive GPS. the reason is because we now have another vehicle and I want to have one in each vehicle. I have a Garmin Nuvi 500, Nuvi 360, and Nuvi 350. Even though they are current on software and maps, they are still pretty dated at this point.

Recalculating Revisited

"Recalculating" was annoying as many had said before - but with the newer units - it just assumes you intended to go that way. On a recent trip - a wrong turn resulted in a 30 plus minute unintentional detour on some narrow mountain roads. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a visual warning if the "time to destination" changes by more than a couple of minutes or so confused


Garmin Sweepstakes

In case anyone is interested, Garmin is running an "Elevate Your Holiday Sweepstakes" now through 12/17. It's free to enter and the prize is a 3 pack of Virb Elite HD action cameras plus $3000 cash.

CNET Garmin Nuvi 2689 LMT Review: Garmin's Advanced Navigator Doesn't Fight Your Smartphone, It Works With It

The Good The Garmin Nuvi 2689 LMT is an excellent GPS navigator with smart routing software and accurate maps. Lifetime map and traffic updates increase the value. Natural-language directions, real-time lane guidance, and always-on voice command help the driver to keep eyes on the road and the vehicle on the route.

Replace battery Nuvi 2597

Looking at the Garmin Support Page.Listed under FAQ's was this video on how to change the battery.Looks pretty simple. Will store away in case I need info in the future.

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Getting the best directions

I'm using the 40LM and consistently get bad directions. Not bad as it won't get me to the desired location, but directions that choose to take me on 8 miles of city streets versus continuing on the highway that would cut 10 minutes from the trip.

Any tips on getting better results from this basic Garmin?

Surprise! Garmin MapUpdater v 3.3.4

I just learned on another forum that Garmin has released version 3.3.4 (on the PC) of Garmin Map Updater. I don't know what has been changed, but maybe that will come out in the discussion. It was a surprise to me, as I thought Map Updater was pretty much dead. Apparently Garmin has recoginzed that it is still required in certain situations.

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Red Light Camera Alerts with my Nuvi 2597

My Nuvi 2597 is acting strange. As soon as I pull onto a street that has a red light camera I get an alert, even if the camera is over a mile away. I get two alerts at that point and a short time later I get another alert. Then I get the alert at the distance I have set.
Any ideas?

Garmin Upgrade Program

Garmin has an outstanding GPS upgrade program going on.

I just bought a GPSMAP 64s directly from Garmin at a decent price, and because it was an upgrade replacement to my GPSMAP 60 CSx, Garmin applied a 20% discount and transferred the maps associated with the 60CSx to the 64s.

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Smartphone Link -- Advanced Weather

A message banner popped up on my 3597 since yesterday, indicating there is a "Flash flood watch". The alert banner collapses to a orange-red thunder cloud icon in the upper right corer, in the same fashion as School-Zone alerts, and pops open again periodically. This is the first time that a weather alert shows up since I have the advanced weather, for quite a few months now.

Nuvi 660 finally died - what's a good new similar model to replace it?

My 660 was having battery issues, but worked when connected to power. Did a map update over the weekend, and now it won't get past the boot screen when connected to power. Makes a little quick buzz sound when it brings up the model and then nothing - locked up. Can't reset to factory settings, can't connect to computer, etc.

Nuvi 52 LM (transfer favorites from nuvi 350?)

Can I transfer my old favorites and custom POIs from my Nuvi 350 to my new Nuvi 52 LM?

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mounting garmin 50LM

can you share your experience, good and bad, of mounting a Garmin GPS to windshield or dashboard?

it seems bean bag mount is the best but would like to see how creative everyone is.

Traffic for Nuvi 780

I understand the MSN service that sent traffic and other info to my receiver via an FM signal has been discontinued since 2012 or so. Are there any other options or am I stuck with a (used to be really cool) unit that no longer gives me traffic?

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