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My garmin nuvi65 has no voice alert for speed limit only red sign alert that useless ... Could u plz help me how to install sound alert for speed limit on my garmin plz...

765 not charging

My Nuvi 765 is no longer charging. I bought a new cable as mine was rather bent and if I held it in strange positions sometimes it would charge. The new cable came and it still does not charge. I bought a new charging base thinking this would solve the problem. Nope. Nothing. I seen a post from several years ago with someone asking the same thing, but not sure that post got resolution. Any ideas?

Good Buy on a Garmin Nuvi 3597

In case anyone's interested, I Found a factory refurbished Nuvi 3597 with warranty and free shipping on Ebay for $210.

Appears to be a reputable seller with more than 10 available.

Smartlink traffic

I find the smart link traffic provides very little information for delays - mainly shows average speed and Medium impact.

If i am not mistaken the Garmin gps adapter traffic provides more details cause of the traffic - such as accident etc.

Is this the same for USA traffic or it is because for Canada they provide less details.


Garmin nüvi 2597LMT

I just bought a GPS Garmin nüvi 2597LMT. Unfortunately it cannot support Cyclops and Safety Cameras. Someone can tell me why it does not support if the model nüvi 2595LMT does?
Compatible hardwares:

Any advice for me about this issue?


is HFT a Garmin sponsor?

I turn on our 2011 I think 2350LMT, and the top says Harbor Freight Tools 33 min no traffic.

Huh? I don't remember ever setting that as a destination in 3 years, but it is a favorite.

I enter the destination and the thing never calculates, just goes back to the same map with Harbor Freight.

All in same boat?

In the other makes of GPSs, (Magellen, Tom Tom), do they have the same map mixups as Garmin? Do they all get their info from NavTec, or who ever? I thought my RX auto did. I noticed on my Garmin, my physical address is in the wrong area on map.

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Vista, Win 10

Editing waypoint symbols in Garmin BC Mac?

Hello Listers,

I've tried to add custom waypoint symbols in BC Mac by creating a sub-folder (CustomSymbols) in:
~/library/Application support/Garmin/Customsymbols

No luck?

I've tried to edit one of the symbols in Photoshop, but the new file can't be saved?

Any ideas?


Bluetooth Phone and Smartphone Link

I recently purchased the Live Traffic and Weather for the Smartphone Link and I have it installed on my Nuvi 2597LMT. I really like the Live Traffic updates over the traffic alerts that came with the Nuvi; however, I don't like my phone calls going through the Nuvi, via Bluetooth, when I am using the Smartphone Link.

Removing screws on a Nuvi 2460

Have to get the back off to replace the battery. Does anyone know what size driver I need to get them out?


Jeff...... Nuvi 2460, Nuvi 2595

nuvi 35x7 and 35x8 (GCD File) software version 4.60 - Oct 22, 2014

Now I'm set for Russian traffic mrgreen

Change History

Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.60:

◦Improved traffic reception in Russia.

Garmin Express

Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v3.2.21.0 for the PC and Mac today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Application Updates on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

PC version:
• Fixed an issue where connecting a device when the ANT+ Help screen was visible would cause the application to crash.

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Rate This Restaurant

I don't know if this a new thing, but I've only just noticed. I have a couple of times, when I use my 2555 to find restaurant, it comes up later and asks to rate the restaurant, with 1 to 5 stars. I'm guessing, that doesn't do anything more than leaving a rating for my own future personsal use.


Map Corrections - Do you send em in?

Every once in a while, I find a changed ramp, intersection, or my GPS shows I'm traversing undeveloped ground. Most recently, I noted a place where lane guidance indicated there should be three lanes, but there were only two. POI locations are often off by quite a distance.

Need help w/ new Gander Mtn. store in Lake Worth, TX

I just updated the Gander Mtn. POI with a store in Lake Worth, TX. I use Google Earth to get coordinates for my POI's, and I use the entrances to parking areas as my locations.
GE shows the Gander store in the middle of an empty field, so if anyone here at the factory happens to stop by the new store I'd appreciate a more accurate lat/long. Thanks.


Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Re-create POI file ?

Guys, I bought a 3597 this week and was going to load my years of POI files. I got rid of a computer recently and cannot find my original, master POI file. So, I found in a Basecamp backup the POI file from one of my other devices and have placed it on the 3597 and it's working fine.

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Passport america by state

How can I or is it possible to d/l a PA file by ea state

Rest area Bong Bong Bong noise.

Every time I drive by a rest area Garmin starts saying - "bong - bong - bong - bong". How do I remove this feature ??



Any new updates out yet..

Base Camp with Windows 8.1

Have had problems with Base Camp not opening with Windows 8.1. I've had this happen more than once. I found what works for me so hopefully this will help others.

Go to the Run Screen. (Open apps and look for Run)
Put this in the box
Then delete anything files that come up, I always have one that shows up.

Once you do this Base Camp will open.

Good Luck!

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