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3597 LMTHD loses voice guidance intermittently. Please advise.

I have had the Nuvi 3597 for about a month. The maps and software (v 4.40) are current as of this post. I just used it on it's first long road trip and, for some reason, the voice guidance frequently does not come on when I choose a saved location and hit "go". The map shows giudande but the voice prompts are silent.

Minnesota OHV Trails Downloadable GPS Data

I am an ATVer. I was looking at the Minnesota DNR webpage and I noticed that they have OHV trails downloadable GPS data. Has anybody here tried anything like this on their Garmin?

Wallmart CSV has a problem

Multiple downloads indicate that there is a data problem in the latest wallmart CSV file...

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Smart-Phone Link wants to send me to Virginia for Restaurants in California

Planned to meet a couple of my buddies for lunch at Trellis in nearby Menlo Park, CA. Fired up Google Map on my MotoX, found the restaurant without incident. Using “share” via SamrtPhone Link to send the coordinates to my 3597, I was amused to find that the SmartPhone Link is ready to send me to a location in Merchant Square, Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Nuvi 650 bricked?

Can anybody give me some 'fix' suggestions? Unit powers on and boots up to the page telling me the maps are out of date, but touch screen won't allow the 'ok' click to continue, then screen goes dark. I tried the 'button' reset under the flip antenna, no luck. Suggestions?

Michael J. Moonitz Massapequa, NY C340, N650, N660, N1490T, N2797 LMT, NuviCam

Navdy HUD (Head Up Display) and Garmin

I have seen ads for some new HUD Navdy. Looks pretty good but not sure if it will be compatible with Garmin units? Not sure how it will do the navigation? Has anyone read about it? I will appreciate your feedback.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597

Looking for a C340 mount

Anybody have an old garmin C340 mount they will part with? Specifically the part that snapped onto the GPS then the car power cord plugged into it with the older RCA type jack.

Michael J. Moonitz Massapequa, NY C340, N650, N660, N1490T, N2797 LMT, NuviCam

How well does HD traffic work in Phoenix?

I've been reading some threads here and it seems that everyone's opinion of HD traffic differs. Can anyone tell me how it functions in the Phoenix area? I use the traffic feature on my 2595 every day and, while it may not always be accurate, it's not bad. It certainly has proven to be a feature worth having.

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GTM 21 power cord

My GTM 20 cable cord busted on me so I threw it out and bought a GTM 21 cord that's suppose to be compatible with my unit. Can anyone tell me if it's compatible? Whenever I plug it in to my lighter then to my unit it says "Accessory needs external power".

How do I register this cord that I bought on Ebay from someone in China? Any help appreciated!

Nuvi 660 says "Bong - bong - bong."

When I drive by a rest area the device starts going: "Bong - bong - bong." Is it possible to cure it from doing this?


BaseCamp / excel and Extra Poi Editor

looking to discuss how to do a few very different things with my Garmin(s)

currently i have access to 765 / 56 / 2495 and a few more that i do not know the numbers of.

-the setup -

Update Frequency

How often does Garmin update the maps? Has anyone had success with having map errors corrected?

Garmin discontinuing nuvi 3597?

I went to amazon to check the current prices on the NUVI 3597 and amazon said Garmin was discontinuing it.
Has anyone heard anything about this. They may be
coming out with something in the new 2015 line.

Jim Jones

Battery Replacement

Anyone know how to replace the battery in the 2797 ?

GTM-26 Power cord

I just got back from a good trip from AZ to IL. The power cord on my Nuvi 2595 appears to have a short. Since it has traffic built-in, I wanted one that has a traffic receiver. My wife has a 1450 that came with the same cord. I used her cord during the trip and the traffic does not work with her cord, even though the coprds are the same model (GTM-26).

Nuvi 2597 / Nuvi 2595 / Nuvi 680 / Nuvi 650 "Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment."

Does Garmin StreetPilot Onboard Allow Custom POIs?

I am just wondering Garmin StreetPilot Onboard allows Custom POIs?

completaly formatted,fat 32,nuvi 1390t's internal memory

goodmorning,i'm intelligent:i formatted completaly my garmin,i resolved the wrong format by using garminsecurity3,but now i miss the operating system.i try to find the installer,or something like it,but it s quite difficult...and i didn t back up my,if someone can help me,thanks really a lot,i hope
have a nice day

Difference with maps (2014.10, 2014.20, etc.)

I have a Garmin 765T and I downloaded a 2014.10 map. Can someone tell me what the difference between a 2014.10, 2014.20, 2014.30, 2014.40 maps mean? My mother has a newer Garmin and she has the 2014.40 map.

Error when Device connected

Downloaded 2015.2 to my 3490. When it is connected to my Computer running Win 8.1 or laptop running Win 7 I get an error message indicating it is not recognized. However, it does show in the my computer windows both the nuvi and storage card. Garmin tech says "no problem" but I am not so sure.

looking for a new gps

I want a new gps
would like one that leaves a breadcrumb trail/tracks
currently using a nuvi 205 also need a model that i can plan a route using mapquest/google/ or my map source pgm.
the 205 will not upload a route

any suggestions thanks gary