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Freeing up space on 2797LMT

I recently purchased a Garmin 2797LMT and I would like to remove the non English items from the following folders to gain additional space:


Has anyone done this and if so can they give me step by step directions on what files can actually be deleted.

Thanks Mike

Garmin Nuvi 2797 LMT (installing aftermarket voice)

After trying to find out how to install an aftermarket voice on my new Garmin 2797 LMT on the internet with no success, I found through trial and error the following procedure. First off I'm using Widows 7 but I believe this will work on most windows operating systems.

Russ Lansky

Formatted Nuvi 760

I accidently formatted my garmin NUVI 760 instead of the sd card. Now my computer will not recognize the Garmin or the Sd card, while it is in the Garmin. Is there anyway to recover it?

Voice alerts (trying to get them to work)

I have a Nuvi 2757 and I have been trying for a while to get the voice alerts to work. Here is what I have done so far. I installed the Sox.exe file in the proper directory. All the files have the same name. I have deleted all my added poi file and reinstalled several time and still no voice just a tone. I'm sure I am missing something simple put I just can't find out what it is.

School Zones

Can anyone tell me where the School Zone CSV files are located on my Garmin 3597

Red Light Camera Warning for a spefic camera does not release from my Nuvi 3597

There is one Red Light Camera that I pass every day and once it triggers on my Garmin it stays there until I power down the GPS. Anyone have any ideas on this issue.

Known enforcement areas

I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 2598 with lifetime maps and traffic. On my old Nuvi 2460 I used to use Trapster to download Red Light Cameras. Tried to use Trapster with the new Nuvi, but found that they're out of business, so I found my way here. Trapster also had files for known enforcement areas (police hiding places), but I don't see those available here. Am I missing something?

Until morale improves the beatings will continue

deleting older map updates

Every time I update the maps, it fills the memory and now I had to buy a SD card. I think it is slower to respond because of accessing the SD card. If I do a factory reset, will it free up room by deleting all the old maps?

Garmin Nuvi 2555

Garmin Announces Its Most Advanced Truck Navigators Yet

I was just reading about the features of the Garmin Dēzl 570 and Dēzl 770. They look like they are very well designed for truck drivers. In fact, I suspect that there might be some automobile drivers that will give the Garmin Dēzl 570 a try. The Up Ahead feature looks interesting. In fact, the Service History Log looks interesting, too. Note that the tabs are customizable.

tourguide question to Garmin tech support

i now use Nuvi 2797LMT and asked Garmin tech support:
question: my poi folder is titled costco tourguide, will the sound alert, when I get within the set range (manual downloaded & set to 8000 ft) ?

strange reply:

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

CES 2015 - Garmin products

Inconsistent Route Calculation Garmin 52LM

We just upgraded from a Garmin C530 to the Garmin 52LM and was testing it out on a recent trip whereupon we noted strange route determination calculations. The problem can be duplicated on our 52LM using the GPS Simulator mode as follows. (...but I am also wondering if this is a problem for other Garmin models.)

Randy C530, Nuvi 52

how to set starting address?

I'm using a 2555LMT and I'd like to program a simulated route but I'd like to move the starting address. Is there any way to set the starting address?

2 Km/h

At certain areas around Ottawa, I get speed limit readings of 2 Km/H; this happened with my 855 and now with my 2597, usually for just a few hundred meters. Not a big deal, by annoying at times.


DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

BaseCamp on Mac with 3790 Garmin

I have several routes on my Garmin that I'd like to be able to see in BaseCamp but I have no idea how to get it to show up. I can import waypoints etc. but it doesn't import routes. In the import pull-down it lists routes but none come onto the computer. I see them in Trip Planner on the Nuvi but not on the BaseCamp. How do I get this to work?.

NUVI 660, Late 2012 iMac, Macbook 2.1 Fall 2008, iPhone6 , Nuvi 3790, iPad2

Send Mapquest Maps Results Straight To Your Garmin GPS

I know that this has been discussed in the past, but I haven't seen much of anything posted on this lately. Some time back, both Google Maps AND Mapquest Maps has the option of sending results to a Garmin GPS. I do seem to recall seeing that Google to Garmin is no longer an option. Does anybody here know what happened?

You have HD traffic on your nuvi—should you add LiveTraffic?

Here's the question. You have a new nuvi that has come with lifetime HD traffic, but you also have a smartphone and your nuvi can connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth with the Garmin Smartphone app. The question is: after adding the free Garmin app to your smartphone and linking it to your nuvi for basic weather, should you pay the one-time $20 fee to access LiveTraffic?

Telephone Calls Through Your Garmin GPS

I have had a Garmin Nuvi 360, that I bought used, that has the ability to make Bluetooth connected telephone calls. I have never even tried that feature. A big part of that is because a friend of mine is a big Bluetooth advocate and his calls generally sounded awful through Bluetooth.

nuvi 2797 LMT direction voice

i was real surprised that a fairly expensive GPS does not have TTL . it will only tel you "turn right in 1/2 mile" etc, but no street names
just an observation

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

older garmin software versions

i am trying to find the website that had all previous software versions available for download. Anyone have the link to the site ?

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT
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