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Navigation Systems in Toyota's

Well I had the misfortune of having to purchase a new car which is nice but the other car was paid for..My question since it came with a nice navigation system, and no I have not read the 500 page manual yet, is there a way to upgrade the POI's like my Garmin, I know you can update the maps, I want to know if you can upgrade the POI's.
Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

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TourGuide radius plus speed alert

I have modified a School Zone file to fit my needs by removing (historical) locations and adding and/or fine tuning the coordinates for all schools in the Bentonville, AR School Dist. I also saved it as Schools_SouthEast_TourGuide with a radius of 800 feet. Not wanting to leave well enough alone, I would like to add one more thing.

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Loosing the "I" or 9th column in CSV

I use EPE and have converted an XLS file to an "M" column CSV. When I open it everything is there. When I load it on my Garmin the "I" "comments" column disappears.

BMP File Management and Initial Download

Hello all !

What characters are invalid (or valid if that's easier) in POI CSV filenames?

I originally posted the question here: but it may have been the wrong place to ask it.



POI Duplicate Finder-Remover

Did a search, and did not find anything mentioned about this, but the other night, while surfing the Net, I found this free program that removes duplicate POIs.

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POI related applications

I'm not sure if anything like this already exists but I was thinking it would be nice to have an PC application that would scan highly rated POI files for specific types of POIs (good restaurants, breakfasts, rest areas, etc.) along a pre-specified route or highway (maybe within xx miles of route), for extraction to a new file.

please help (creating poi file)

please help creating poi fie for garmin

here are the locations

Marché aux puces Jean-Talon de Charlesbourg
1750 rue du Périgord, Québec
Québec, Canada, G1G 5X3

Marché aux puces métropolitain
6245 boul. Métropolitain E., Saint-Léonard
Québec, Canada, H1P 1X7

Les Encans St-Zotique
170 rue Principale, Saint-Zotique
Québec, Canada, J0P 1Z0


Problem With GPX File Dialing

I'm new at this gpx stuff, but I'm having quite the fun and, for the most part I'm successful at putting custom POI in my Garmin Nuvi 3760T. I did find, however when I load up a gpx file, such as the one for offbeat attractions US, I can't get the phone numbers to dial.

Geocoding Errors – Insight?

Have you ever read a post that badmouths Garmin, POI-Factory workers, or others for publishing inaccurate POI coordinates? Notwithstanding never having been to the POI themselves, how can anyone be off by two miles? I searched for a valid address (mine) on Google Earth and the screen zoomed in on a distant locale in a different city.

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Washington State Rest Areas

Did a search, and found nothing about this. Washington State, on It's Web Site, has put the Latitude and Longitude of every Rest Area in the state for our use. This is a step in the right direction. I have not verified the accuracy of them, though. Perhaps, KENFL could check a few.

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Suggestion for POI Files

I think it would be helpful if the names of the locations in POI files included something identifying which POI file they appear in.

For example, a restaurant in the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" POI file might appear as "Mad Greek's Diner [DDD]", or a location in the "Best Pizza In America - Rachel Ray's Picks" POI file could be listed as "Antica Pizzeria [Best Pizza-Rachel]".

Updating POIs from others

I'm new to the POI world and have been playing around with them a bit in the past couple weeks. In exploring GPX files I realized that there are some issues when converting from CSV to GPX. I know there are a lot of tools that already do this, but with varying degrees of success due to the accuracy of the source CSV file.

Is it a problem if you have duplicate POI's installed in GPS?

It looks like some downloaded POI files may overlap
on locations. So If I'm searching for lets say campgrounds & I'm on the road will my GPS show me multiple entries for the same location?


Custom vs Built-in POIs display lists differently

Custom POI lists display only one line while the built-in POIs have two lines.
Is there any way to format my CSV files so they will display 2 lines?
It is a pain to have to click the MORE button all the time.


Last Updated

I have been off the site for a while, but came back today to do some updates that I have been putting off. I was pleasantly surprised to find Maintainer Tools which made most of my updates very simple. However I noticed that when I updated this way the Last Updated date doesn't change on the POI download page. It does change in my list of maintained files on My Account page.

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I'm new so is Excel the best way to edit POI .csv files or editor?

I know how to use Excel and edit fields so that shouldn't be a problem. or should i use a software editor which one, maybe free?


Number of locations in a POI File

Just curious. Maybe Miss POI will have to answer this. Why, when you look at the RECEBT FILES, all csv giles show No. of locations, nut gpx files don't. I know you can see the file size and that gives you some clue. Maybe, on gpx files, you could list the No. of entries in the description. I probably wouldn't want to download a file with 10 or so entries, whereas, with several hundred, I would.

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POI Files Management?

Hi All,

I have a Garmin 7xx series device. And a POI (.GPI) file with hundreds of locations in multiple cities and countries.

My GPS is my external brain..

Resort Parks International Enjoy America

Resort Parks International & Enjoy America. I find Google search results for these (and even reference to "updating") but can't find the thread here in the factory, or in POI list. Do these exist and is there still interest? I am willing to do some data input with others.

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