Creating POI files


Can you extract and build a Custom POI file from built-in POI files?

I am a new user but the custom POI's look interesting. Is is possible to extract POI's from the Garmin POI database to create a custom POI file with proximity alerts? Example, create a custom POI with a specific restaurant name, i.e. McDonalds, that will alert you when you are within a mile of any McDonalds restaurant.

Newbie help creating custom POIs

Ahead of time, thanks for everyone's help. I have spent the past two days reading through all the posts and still have not been able to get my question answered. I understand how to create a custom POI, add wav file for sound and add an icon and load it on my device. I understand all that. I have a Nuvi 265T which I got a month ago, so I am still pretty new with using it.

Add additional POI's

Is it possible to add additional POI's after the first one is added with the POI Loader? It seems like I have to start over each time. I have sub-categories a batch file would not work. Am I missing something? Thanks!

New to creating POI's. Alert Setting question.


I have downloaded POI files for two nearby grocery store chains. I also have a small "personal poi" file with lists of friends homes, and places I commonly go.

TomTom POI details page

I just got a TomTom XL 335TM and noticed that the built in POIs have a details page that shows addresses and other information like Garmin units.

Welcome Home

I installed an alert 50 feet from my house.
"We are just about home......I hope you enjoyed the trip"

My wife likes it, it does add a nice touch.

Walmart upgrade in Maplewood, MO.

To donaldb530:

The Walmart in Maplewood Mo. is being re-constructed to be a SuperWalmart. This will be effective in July 2010.

As info



free "English Muffin Melt" day at Los Angeles area Subways Tue, Apr 27 - 7 am - 11 am

Well, today is free "English Muffin Melt" day at Los Angeles area Subways (see below). I was looking for the Subway POI that covers California, but only found

We need more Subway POI.

There are 32781 Subway Restaurants In 91 Countries.
The Subway Locator only gives five restaurants at a time.

Vince Nuvi 350

Software to use for POIs

If I can't actually go to the place, I use GOOGLE EARTH for the GPS coordinates.

What do you use?

To create the POI file (or convert a POI file to GPX or CSV), I use POI Edit.

What do you use?

I find both of these programs very good. What programs do you all use?

How to contact specific users?

Hi Folks,

Harvesting POIs

Hi All.

I had this perception that as I travel, I can capture points of interest as I go. It's a nice feature, press the "Where Am I" icon and boom, there you have it. Latitude and Longitude, a nearby address, nearest cross streets.

Moreover, I can save the spot, and name it as I wish, in My Favorites.

So here's my question.

How do I harvest that information?

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POI info on youtube?

Just want to encourage anyone who feels capable to create a youtube video on using this site and loading info onto our GPS devices. I've been searching and can't find a tutorial. I know it's all really simple to those who have done it, but for the technically, not so much.

Loading POI onto my Garmin c550

I have tried several times to add the POI to my Garmin c550 without success. I know this maybe an old question but I need help.

Speed vs. Accuracy when creating POI files

Having made a few poi files now, I find that although I obviously want to get things done as quickly as possible, I usually can't help but want to try and make every poi entry as accurate as possible.

Newbie here.....My POI Loader can't find the POI file

Ok, My gps in attached to my laptop, I downloaded the poi loader (garin nuvi 780) and the poi file for campgrounds, but when I select the directory where file can be found (download) I get "there are no data files in that directory". When I go to downloads and try to open that file I can't because I don't have MS Word (or Works).

my garmin pois and my extra poi

when i create poi and load them onto my Garmin when i look them up and go to my destination will both poi show up the one i have made up for say flying j and the original one on my machine will they both be on my screen ?

thanks guys just trying to learn

Excell format to cvs or cpx

how do I take a excell format say from Flying J and turn it into a cpx file or cvs are is there a program for doing this for mt Garmin 7200

Thanks All

Loading POI's as proximity (radius) in POI Loader

I had loaded all my custom POI's using the option of radius, with the mindset that even if I'm not on the same street as a POI, I would want to know if I was close, like one block over on another street. This uses a specified radius and acts the same as Tour Guide.

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garmin nuvi 265wt poi

Is it possible to have my custom pois show up on my gps screen? Sorry if this was answered somewhere already, I couldnt find it. I am new to this device.

255w wont load Voice file

Hey guys, first off i am very computer savy and have spent hours reading over posts and trying everything possible until making this thread. I have a 255w and i am just trying to make a custom alert for when i come up to red light cameras. I understand that the alert must be a .wav file and in PCM 44.100kHz 16 Bit, Mono format.

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