Creating POI files


memphis tn zoo

can someone add a poi for the zoo in Memphis tn, my tomtom does not find it

Catholic Churches Colorado

Does anyone have a file for Catholic Churches for the United States, or for Colorado?

Creating A Personal POI FIle

What is the best way to proceed? Should I just copy the information from past routes for locations that I have into an Excel spreadsheet and create a .CVS file for import or should I find a GPX editor and use that method? Is a GPX file any better than a CVS?

Wafflehouse POIs

I downloaded the Waffle House POIs and am finding them to be off by several minutes. I have already correct three of them in the Northern Ohio area. I think whoever submitted the file made an error in conversion of the Long/Lat. I went on a wild goose chase twice, so I went to the Waffle House website and looked them up and sure enough they were miles off from the file. Just a warning.

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Reverse Geolocation

I'm curious how you guys solve this issue:

If you have many sets of coordinates, how do you get the zip code for each location?

I use a look-up table that I got from and with some Excel trickery, I get what I need.

Is there some other, and easier process that I should look into?

I'm sure there are other, simpler ways to do this...

garmin 1450LMT problem with poi

Got something here I don't understand. Garmin 1450lmt just out of box. been loading poi from factory. When I loaded camping sites by states I can not get the gps to let me GO to the site.. Sees it,, Give info etc, but not able to GO.


How to update an update that i have created?

Whitout copying all address from the website of the store again.

POI Loader will no longer over write old files

I have used the older version of POI Loader many times with no problem(it was just slow). Today I finally updated to latest version and moved sox.exe to that directory as well. After running the latest POI Loader I still have all my old files and subfolders. So I ran it again, this time using the option to remove all POIs. Now I have three sets of POIs. What am I doing wrong?

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Update POI

I have many POI that I use often, but not updated.

My question is: how do update thesse POI?

Step by step please

I know how to create new GPX but i dont know how to update an old POI


Adjusting the prominence of displayed POIs

This is a longshot, but here goes. Is there anything in the GPX file format (or Garmin's extensions) that would cause POIs to render on the map above the myopic 0.5mi level of zoom?


Is there any way i can take one item off of a POI file and download it instead of the entire contents of the file? Thanks. John

john p

Complete CostCo Listing

I work for a company that is a vendor for CostCo and I just received a master copy of all of their costco stores (US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Taiwan, UK). It is in excel format. Can someone assist in what would be helpful or needed to get it together?

It has store name, store address, city, state, zip, phone number as well as some other information (probably not needed).

Illinois Tollway Oasises and Toll Booths

Hi I am getting ready for a trip this week and I downloaded the Illinois Tollway Oasises
And the Illinois Tollway Tolls + Chicago Skyway with toll booth detail

I made a .wav file for each at after down loading on my hard drive I renamed the files


Garmin 765T redlight file re,oval

I tranferred redlight files (.csv) to my unit for intersections located in my local area, just for testing the procedure. Poi Loader option to remove all poi files does not remove these redlight alerts from my unit.
What am I missing?

West Marine Garmin POI File Does Not Load

I've tried loading the West Marine POI file for Garmin here a couple of times and it just won't go. All the other custom POI files will load fine, but not that one.

Can someone help me out or take a look at that file to figure out what's wrong?

I travel all over the state of Florida to fish and that POI will come in very handy for me in finding those tackle and boating supply stores.

Bear Responsibility?

As a poi contributor, it just occurred to me if I should bear responsibility should some particular coordinates be kind of way off the mark. As any other contributor knows, it would be almost impossible to verify each and every location, specially if we're talking about hundreds, if not thousands of them.

Need Free Web page text capture batch program

I'd like to speed my data capture from highlight, copy and paste of 60 url page screens to be a batch save process on a Win7 PC.

Do you know of a program that will help?

A sample URL is:


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Incomplete Download of csv file

FYI ...
When I download the file It stops in the middle of the Zippo Lighter Visitors center on line 6067. I am just placing a quote there to close column 4 but I don't have the complete POI. There should also be another 5 POIs after this.

Any thoughts?

-78.643916,41.955896,Zippo Lighter Visitors Center,"932 Zippo Drive,Bradford PA 16701,814-368-

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Is there a program that will take a GPX file & turn it into a xls file or spreadsheet?

poi Problem (Go button is missing)

hi iam trying to load poi on my garmin

the poi are loading on to the garmin but the go button
is mising i have a garmin 1310.

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