Creating POI files


Tom Tom to Garmin Files

Hope everyone had their fill of turkey last week!

Recently switched from Tom Tom Rider 2 to Garmin 660 zumo and have some POI files i'd like to move to the Garmin. Does anyone know if there is a way to convert Tom Tom .toc files to .csv or .gpx

Thanks, M100

Using my Garmin as an address book

I recently got a Garmin 255W and have really appreciated what it can do. Thanks to POI factory, I have come across Extra POI Editor, that has allowed me to enter my own POIs.

Icons and Sound

How do you add both BMP files and sound files to POI posts??

Convert File So I can GeoCode

I have found a website that gives me the addresses of multiple locations ...

How can I take this data and import it into a spreadsheet so that I can easily geocode them all?

For example ...

Wisdom Ranch School
PO Box 166
Arco, ID 83213
Phone: (208) 527-4750

Wood River High School
1250 Fox Acres Road
Hailey, ID 83333
Phone: (208) 578-5020

Aaron Grames

movie theaters

I was looking for POI for movie theaters, (Hollywood, Carmike, etc.) can not find any POI for this subject. is thier any listing for movie theaters.

Extra_POI_Editor bugs

Great tool the Extra_POI_Editor! I can see all kinds of potential even though up to now I've been using it mostly to reformat the published .csv files to look "prettier" on the Garmin screen. This means inserting line breaks to stack the address and phone number (as apposed to their being all in one line.

kyue2 - nuvi 255w

Creating Waypoints so as to Create an Automated Driving Tour

Question from a Nubie:

Can you create a POI such that your GPS will direct you along a meandering tour? I want to be able to drive San Francisco's famous 49 mile drive and have the GPS notify me each time I am approaching one of the landmarks. ( I know how to make the audible mp3 notification... just not sure how to create a driving tour.

Much thanks

Nuvi 265wt

runtime error 380 in poi esitor

i can edit an existing file. Sometimes get this error when deleting an entry. Always get error when trying to start new file. any suggestions?

Inserting custom POI into local POI menu

As the topic above, is there a way to insert the custom POI into the regular build-in POI menu, rather than the Extras -> Custom POI menu?

For example, I would like to insert the list of restaurants into the POI-> Food & Drinks menu instead of Extras -> Custom POI -> Food & Drinks.


Show custom POI with no alert?


I have a NUVI 205. Is it possible to add custom POIs that are displayed on the map, but do not create any alert sound?

Im assuming one of the following must work:

1) Remove any speed or distance reference in the csv
2) Set the speed to something very high, such as 999?
3) create a silent mp3 as the alert sound

Does anyone know if any of the above will work?



garmin 205w loading cusom walmartt icons

I have been able to create the coordinates but i need help step by step on how to get the icons in. Please advise step by step and thanks.

POI's & the alarms

Hey all,

Whit Castle POI

How can I add the White Castle name to the alert. All it does is show me the address. I looked in the poi file and it does not say white castle at all. Do I have to add that in each location?


I need to delete my Custom Poi from my Garmin 855. I don't need them any more.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

How to combine or blend POI files?

I was trying to blend the Home Depot, Menards and Lowes POI files into one, but even a simple cut and paste by column fails completely - I've written quite a few Excel spread sheets and am flummoxed by my utter failure in this seemingly simple task.


POI attractions and activities

Hi There .... this is my 1st post and forgive me if this question doesn't belong here.

We want to find a global POI database to populate a website that relates hotels to POI [ tourism specific ] in a text format. Examples of this can be seen here : [ see points of interest and attractions ]

Importing Into Extra_POI_Loader

Garmin POI format

I have an Excel file that contains Addresses, phone numbers and a name for each address. Is there a way that I can create a csv file and load it into Extra_POI_Loader and then do a "Batch Geocoding" to get the Longitude and Latitude for each location?
Example: Location name,street,city,state,phone #

Garmin 255W POI Files

I have downloaded the Wal-Mart .csv file the Wal-Mart .wav file (255w does not support mp3) and the Wal-Mart .bmp file and use POILoader to install on my nuvi 255W. All the file names, except for the extensions are the same. The POILoader states that I have a successfully installed the POI's.

Add Proximity Alerts, Keep Comments CSV to GPX for Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Good day!

I have tried just about every application and procedure (I am using a Mac but I also use PCs) but I have failed.

I would like to take a CSV file (specifically the Rest Area Combined or selected Rest Area files) and send the data to my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx with 2 mile (3218.688 meters) proximity alerts.

Foreshortened Alert

My redlight camera mpg alert is being foreshortened. Like, "Approaching redlight Ca".

Is there something in the poi or alert that causes this. I considered the priority for the alerts but do not think that is the issue.

The redlight pois are manually loaded specifying a proximity distance, 1960 ft.

It is consistent at all locations.

Any suggestions?

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