Creating POI files


POI help - distance

Ok I am working on a Custom POI.
I have loaded the Speed camera files from here and I see you can set the distance for the alert to go off.
I figured 1300 FT was good for those.

Now my question is. If you was setting POI for the alert such as stores, How far do you set these so they do not alert you over n over until you pass them.

How do I change WPT symbol in GPX file?

question I'm loading multipule POI files on a Delorme Street Atlas 2010 (& 2009) map. Is there a way to change the symbol so at a quick glance (i'm using the GPS on a motorcycle), to identify and seperate Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, from Route 66 indicators/

Dale Ty

Having trouble building custom POI for Home.

I'm new to the site and have a new Garmin 205w. I have loaded custom POIs from the site with alert sound files and they work great, no problem there. However, I tried building a csv file for my home location with an associated sound file (wav file) and no joy. The alert doesn't show and no sound. Sound file and csv file are named the same, proximity is turned on...nothing.

Extra_POI_Editor: Like to see

What a terrific tool! I continue to find new uses and marvel at it's flexibility. However, there are a couple of things I'd like to see in a future version - unless they are already there and I haven't found them.

kyue2 - nuvi 255w

Multiple POI files I-75 corridor ON to FL

Like others, this time of year I drive from the frozen north to the (hopefully) warmer climes of Florida. To make my garmin 855 more useful, I have created a series of files covering the I-75 corridor between Ontario and Key West. These include the major hotel chains, a selection of chain restaurants and some other odds and ends of interest to me.

nuvi 855. Life is not fair. I don't care who told you it is.

Subscribe to a POI file for updates?

Is there a way to subscribe to a POI file, so I can be notified when it's updated? If not, wouldn't it be cool if there was? Get an email when it's updated.

How do I do this!? (create a POI)

Forgive me for being completely retarded, but how the heck do I create a POI???

I've read everything on this site's FAQ and Garmin's.

I'm no closer to creating a POI than I was several hours ago when I decided to pursue such an undertaking...

Can someone please HOLD MY HAND to get this done?

Garmin Custom POI search and field size limitations??

I use csv format for my Nuvi 200 custom POI's. I have a few questions for experts:

1) Is only the custom POI "NAME" field (3rd or C column on the spreadsheet) searched or does the search function include contents of NAME field plus MEMO field (4th or D column)??


My brother just bouth a 265WT and I been trying to help him to install POI's and for some reason I can't get the voice to announce the upcoming POI's and still get the "ding ding" ...any help?

Thanks: FRGG

Toll mp3

idea Just throwing this out, but I sure would appreciate it if someone would create an mp3 for toll roads that gives a price of $2.00. I have found just about every other amount except for this one. I guess I could do it, but if someone already has the software loaded and what not, well....., you get my drift.

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Help with Extra POI Editor V4.47

I just moved from a Nuvi 350 to the Nuvi 765T. Have a few questions while using Extra POI Editor V4.47.

Problem with TourGuide in 1490

I have a 1490 and prior to the recent release of 3.40 upgrade I could readily create TourGuides following procedures outline here. Since the 3.40 upgrafde however, I can not create new ones. The ones I have on 1490 still work, but creating new ones eludes me. Using POI Loader 2.54 and Sox 14.3.0.

Anyone else having a similar problem? Has anyone created new TourGuides since 3.40 update.


I have a POI from the Discovery RV Group which was written in text on NotePad. Which format do I select for the Input field on BABEL since there is no selection for NotePad text? I assume the output should be CSV in order to load it to my nuvi 350 using the POI Loader.

In addition, do POI files always have to be CSV in order to load them onto the 350? GPX files will not display on my 350.

Uploading another file format after the fact??

Hello all, I seem to have made an error with a recent post of a CSV file, and I'm not sure how to correct the error. Earlier, I had posted a GPX file titled "2009 Kansas Walk In Hunting Areas". Another user contacted me off line asking if I could also post the CSV version, which I did.

POI Loader Inoperable

When I try to open up the POI Loader, a window pops up for the WinZip Self-Extractor and says the following:
"Unable to create a temporary folder to extract to. Possible Cause: you do not have proper permission to create files or folders in your temporary folder. See you system or network administrator."

alphabetic listing of POI'S on Nuvi 350

Hi all,

I have a nuvi 350 and put all of my POI's on an SD card. Up until recently, every time I downloaded new files (csv and gpx), they would load alphabetically. The files are listed as such on the POI loader but now when I pull up the custom poi on the 350, after download, they are in random order. Wondering if I have changed something inadvertently?

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File conversion data loss

Whenever I’m building POI files, I usually start with a spreadsheet. I like to see the POI data in front of me in a column format because it’s easy to spot missing or incorrect data. It’s easy enough to save it as csv file and convert it to a gpx file. Recently I’ve been converted some of those files to other formats to view in Google Earth, Google MyMaps and other programs.


Tom Tom to Garmin Files

Hope everyone had their fill of turkey last week!

Recently switched from Tom Tom Rider 2 to Garmin 660 zumo and have some POI files i'd like to move to the Garmin. Does anyone know if there is a way to convert Tom Tom .toc files to .csv or .gpx

Thanks, M100

Using my Garmin as an address book

I recently got a Garmin 255W and have really appreciated what it can do. Thanks to POI factory, I have come across Extra POI Editor, that has allowed me to enter my own POIs.

Icons and Sound

How do you add both BMP files and sound files to POI posts??

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