Convert a pdf speedcam file to work on igo8


Hi there, I am new to this so please have patience with me. I am living in Ireland and last week 700 new speedcam sites have been introduced. I have the sites in a pdf file and would like to convert this to a file suitable for the igo8. The pdf file is as follows
Zone_ID County Length (km) FromLat FromLong ToLat ToLong
184 Carlow 2.5 N 52.803780 W 06.741451 N 52.811181 W 06.774546
185 Carlow 2.9 N 52.822123 W 06.726427 N 52.846460 W 06.719155
186 Carlow 3.7 N 52.843562 W 06.776662 N 52.843512 W 06.726573
187 Carlow 1.5 N 52.880883 W 06.677825 N 52.868174 W 06.674380
This is a link to the pdf file.

Thanks for your help.

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Igo8 speedcam file

Hi there,
I have beeen able to convert the pdf file to txt and put it on the sd card. An SPDB file was then created but I am still not getting any warnings from the sat nav. The txt file is 15KB and the SPDB file it created is 8KB. Below is a portion of the txt file.


Igo8 Speedcam File

"-6.741451","52.80378","Zone 184 Cnty-Carlow km 2.5"
"-6.726427","52.822123","Zone 185 Cnty-Carlow km 2.9"
"-6.776662","52.843562","Zone 186 Cnty-Carlow km 3.7"
"-6.677825","52.880883","Zone 187 Cnty-Carlow km 1.5"
"-6.928745","52.847099","Zone 188 Cnty-Carlow km 2.5"
Excuse me for butting-in in ignorance but if you are looking for a format that would be usable in a Garmin type of GPS, the above is what I came up with. The end file is a CSV at 58kb. I have no idea what an Igo8 is or why you have 6 comma separated columns. If you are using the Longitude as positive numbers, I believe all of your coordinates will put you in western Europe (West Longitude should be negative). I am not the brightest bulb on the block but if you could list exactly what your finished output needs to be I will try to work on it some more for you.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Carlow is in Ireland, so Lon

Carlow is in Ireland, so Lon is positive

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Igo8 speedcam file

Hi there trippin08, thanks for your input, Igo8 is a gps software that can run on many different machines.
The following is a post I found on this site but I still cant seem to get it to function,

- uses a CSV type file, unencrypted.
- place file in the content\poi\speedcamera folder.
- any file name with extension .txt

::Example of file::

X - Lng
Y - Lat
TYPE - camera type: 1)speed 2)built in traffic light 3)red light 4)section 5)radar
SPEED - limit
DIRTYPE - direction of operation 0)all 1)single direction 2)both direction
DIRECTION - camera angle (0~360)

Thanks again for your help

You might be able to use KML conversion

Depending on the specific version of iGO8 you have, you MAY be able to simply convert these POIs into a KML file and place them in userdata/poi (if Windows iGO8 works anything like WinMo iGO8). The KML support started in iGO8 v8.3, if I recall correctly, and this should be somewhat of a universal method (it works with WinMo iGO8 as well as devices running iGO8 Amigo and those folks lucky enough to have Android phones with OEM installs of iGO8).

If you do have a version of iGO8 that does support KML imports, probably the easiest method is to copy the various fields into a spreadsheet, save this as a CSV in your favourite format, and then use POIEdit or ITN Converter to massage this into a KML.

There's also instructions on how to use Google Earth to create a (native) KML list based on coordinates.

As for stripping the info right out of the PDF--I've not found very many good tools for that, unfortunately; even Acrobat (as in the Adobe program to create PDFs, not the reader) is remarkably hit-and-miss on this, and often I've had better luck copying and pasting each entry into something like Excel or OpenOffice. razz