Creating POI files


FAQ: Creating POI Files

Please see our Creating POI Files FAQ before posting to this forum area.

FAQ: Creating POI Files

Icons on the map

I have a Garmin 770 LMT-S

My question is when I download a POI it only shows up in the list on the GPS, how do I get matching icons on the map ?
I am interested in RV campsites, truck fuel sites, and low clearance.
I just started with this custom poi stuff so make it

Convert CSV to GPI format - error in GPSBabel

I am following this hack (steps 1-5) to enable UK poscode search on Garmin devices when using open street map:

I have not had to do the conversion to latitude / longitude as I found a version which has already been converted here:

Load POIs from my Garmin Nuvi to Uconnect on a 2019 Jeep Compass

I have used the Garmin POI Loader to create POI files on a jump drive. I have put the file in Garmin/Poi and it is called POI.gpi. I go the Uconnect and to Navigation in my 2019 Jeep Compass and insert the jump drive into the usb port. How do I get it to upload to my Uconnect Navigation?

program to filter out non usa poi in a text file or cvs file?

is there a program that can do this so the remaining file only has usa addresses?

POI file maintainers — two requests

Here are a couple of requests of all POI file maintainers that could help keep files up to date, reduce the effort of JM and GlobeTurtle and not take a lot of effort on the Maintainers' parts.

Error On Latest Cracker Barrel POI

Got this error while downloading the latest Cracker Barrel POI.

"There is a data format error on line 58 of file".


de facto tool set to create/modify poi for 2019

Newbie question:
What is the current(2019) de facto tool set that is supported?
Extra POI Editor (looks to be recommended by this site).
Is Google Earth a possibility to manage POIs and exportable to devices?
Is there procedure posted somewhere?

Are All POI Files In Excel Format Now?

As posted above, are all POI files in Excel format now? I recall creating one years ago, but I could have sworn that it was in a different format?

Wav files not to proper format

Hi trying to upload some custom POI files. Everything goes well until the end. Then in the POI loader it says congratulations you have successfully installed you custom api files on your device. Then in the box below it says unable to convert.wav to the proper format therefore the audio file was not transferred. Not sure what this means. Thank you

Ideas on a history project

Hi, I am new here.

Sheetz aggressively expanding

Sheetz is aggressively expanding 1 or 2 locations per month. Last update to POI was may of 2018. Not sure how hard it is to keep it up to date. Says initially downloaded from their website but I don't see a POI file on their website. Any chance of this POI getting an update?

automatic proximity filenames

I am a bit confused......I would like automate my POILoader instead of manually entering alert settings all the time, by placing the setting in the filename for schools, redlights, speed cams, and rest areas. Reading Garmin's "Creating Custom POI Files" doc I get this:

The filename "school_safety_25.csv" will produce an alert for any POI in the file.

Unable To Convert

I recently installed some POI files and at the end of installing them I get a "Unable To Convert" next to the files. In the note it says some devices need to be rebooted for them to work. This has never happened before. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

It's been so long I've completely forgotten how to (Basecamp route)

I have a Garmin Nuvi and have installed Basecamp on my Windows 10 machine.

I have a CVS file with a list of places including the Longitude and latitude and other necessary information.

What I want to do is create an efficient route in my Garmin GPS from those points so I can use the Garmin Nuvi to navigate to the points one by one via the most efficient routing.

Nuvi 2595LMT --------- Nuvi 2460

Add Custom POIs to existing Category

Is it possible to add your custom POIs to the existing ones installed with your maps? That way, using the "Where To?" tool will search both the standard POIs that came with the map and my additional custom ones.

I have a Garmin eTrex 20x and I use it primarily for bicycle touring. The maps I have are the Northeast topo from and from Open Street Map (

Nichael Hauck, Cycling Tourist

TourGuide GPX Files

I need a clarification... What I want to do is create a file of places, using proximity, that I will receive a notification on my GPSr when I am within the 'proximity circle'.

gadget nutz and broke

KOA Campground File

I have just updated the KOA file that I maintain. I finally had time.
Unfortunately since Extra poi editor does not work I had to use Google Earth and Google Maps.I looked at each "new" location to determine if it was truly a campground. I left the marker where Google placed it. Some are in the middle of the campground and some are at the entrance.
Any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Extra POI Editor

Anybody use Extra POI Editor? I've been using v6.04 for some time and now all of a sudden the software is 'locking up'. Won't open POI's, and can't close it - have to use Task Manager to shut it down.

I've tried uninstall and reinstall with no success. Suggestions appreciated.

Can't Install Extra

When I try to use the Extra installer, it says it completed and I see the program in control panel. However, I cannot run the exe. In my Win10x64Pro machine, running the exe brings up the Microsoft Single Image installer as if Windows thinks it's an Office application. Any ideas on an alternative way to start the program??

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