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FAQ: Creating POI Files

Please see our Creating POI Files FAQ before posting to this forum area.

FAQ: Creating POI Files

I'm embarrassed, creating a .gpx file

I'm embarrassed. It's been a couple of years since I last created a .gpx file and I flatass forgot how to do it. So how do I turn a .csv (or .txt?) file into a .gpx file. A quick refresher course would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.


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TA/Petro CSV Bad

The TA/Petro CSV is corrupted. The Cities do not match the State. For instance, a location on the New Jersey turnpike Exit 7-402 has Florida as the State. I believe they are all wrong.

Maps to .csv

My question is this. My company uses Google maps to generate POI locations for fuel stops, truck washes, terminal locations, ect.

How can I export these files from Google maps into a .CSV file that I can use on my Rand McNally Overdrive 8 ?

TA Petro Gasoline

where can i get wave file for TA Petro Gasoline

Garmin GPX extension - validation & documentation

I am able to validate standard GPX files, but not files using the Garming extention:

$ cat v1sample.gpx
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

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Speed & Red Light POIs

So what do people normally set their distances to when loading these files to their Garmin? 500 feet? I guess you would probably want the Red Light distance different from the Speed Camera.
Also, are there custom wav & bmp files that normally come with these?

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bmp files not displaying / no custom sound

I downloaded the dunkin donuts poi along with bmp and mp3 file to my nuvi 2577. I get the alert (text inside the poi file is displayed) and I get a generic alert sound. Any reason Im not seeing the bmp file or hearing the mp3 file? I have ensured they are all named Dunkin Donuts.mp3 Dunkin Donuts.bmp.
I do have the sox file in same directory as the poi loader.

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school zone POI s for Canada

Are there any school zone files for Canada especialy vancouver BC region .or the Raw data can be found for schools.I can see them and copy them one aat a time from google but there must be a data base out there somewhere.
I am new here so I would apreciate any help I can get

Thanks Brian


GPSBabel July 2020 update

I always had problems converting POI csv files to Garmin gpx and gdb files.

Since I installed the updated GPSBabel (ver 1.7.0 July 2020) I've had great success. (Maybe I just figured how to convert them and it has nothing to do with the update??)

Importing POI Factory icons into Google My Maps

I've downloaded an icon in .bmp extension from here on POI factory to my computer. When I try and import that image into Google My Maps I get a "server rejected" reply.
Is it possible to get an icon from POI factory into Google My Maps?

Need to create country specific poi-files from one big poi file.

Hello all!
First post here so please bear with me and be gentle smile.
Just installed Sygic Car GPS on my head unit and was going to import pois. Only to discover that Sygic only accepts one poi file for each country.
Problem is my file covers Europe. And it has no country metadata only coordinates and description.

File Maintainers- Easy way to get L/L from Google Maps

Maintainers (and other POI file creators)

There is a fairly easy way to get the L/L from Google Maps. I don't manually enter them any more because I transpose numbers all the time.

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How to upload two file formats for a POI file

How do you get the POI Factory website to display both a submitted .CSV version and a .GPX version of the same POI file?

I know *how* to generate both a .CSV and a .GPX file for the same POI file I'm maintaining. (And for new POI creators who are trying to figure that problem out, see this suggestion below*.)

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Creating a Google Base Map Map Based on a POI File

Recently we bought a new car and a new smartphone. That has created many new opportunities in terms of using GPS data to navigate. As of this posting, I have NOT looked into creating a Google Base Map based on using a POI file, like "Rest Areas Combined-USA".

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Extra POI Editor

What are people using to edit and create POI files now that Extra POI Editor cannot display maps?

Map not Working in Extra POI Editor v6.04

Just starting having problems last week with the map not working in Extra POI Editor. Map screen loads for about a second and then I get an error message filling that pane -

"Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."

Anybody else seen this - and how do I fix it?


How do custom POI files use GPS coordinates?

I'm testing a new custom POI file. I used POILoader to install the .csx file and used the custom POI file to navigate to a point of interest in a Garmin GPS. I made a mistake in entering the street address for one local POI I was testing.

"141 could draw faster than he, but Irving was looking for 143..."

Extra POI Editor 6.04 (EPE stopped loading side map)

EPE stopped loading side map, anyone know how to fix this, was working fine until 2 days ago.
EPE says to see the javascript console for tech issues, any one know how
Do I have to have Java loaded on my pc

Thanks Pete

Peter Dutcher

POI Loader for Garmin 255W custom file

My custom csv file with 196 entries is reported as being successfully loaded by POI Loader but only 52 items appear on the device. Any advice would be appreciated.

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