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Creating POI files


FAQ regarding how to update files already on the site.

I have made a new FAQ that I would like everyone to take a look at. I have had some concerns lately regarding this topic and thought that it was time to clarify the process so that we don't have a big mess later.

Map Errors and Pushpin Placement using Google Earth / EPE

** Warning** Serious nerd content for those not familiar with map based POI file creation.

I realize this post closely parallels Nats50’s recent “Pushpin Dilemma” thread I apologize for any duplication of content.

POI Icon

I have an icon associated with a submitted POI file and I am wondering how I would submit this icon to POI factory to be included with my created POI file

Also what color combination in Windows Paint would cause the icon to be transparent on the GPS Device


I just purchased a Nuvi 2557LMT.
I am trying to add Poi's to it but when I uploaded from POI
factory they are coming in as Excell files..problem is,I do not have excell on my computer. So my questions is, is there a way around this or do I need to purchase excell?
Thanks for the help

2015 tahoe import red light cameras

Has anyone gotten this to work.

It works in I'm garmin and my wive's Jeep

POI Creation Tool?

I need to create a POI file with sites of a particular company in the United States by doing a search on the internet and somehow use a tool to save or convert the search results onto a POI file. Is this possible? Thank you,

Nuvi 750 TomTom VIA 1605


Ohio_Vineyards-Wineries have been updated. There are now 164 wineries in the POI file. These are taken from A2 permits in Ohio; A2 permits allow the holder to make and sell wine. There may be a few listed that are not making their wine but buying the wine and putting their labels on the bottle, I try to weed them out.

Pushpin Dilemma

Where to put the pushpin to indicate the location or address of the establishment has been a problem for me at times. I used to just geocode the addresses using whatever comes in handy like Google Maps, Bing, GPS Visualizer, iTouchMap, and lately just EPE and use the resulting coordinates.

Batch Geocoding Pitfalls

Batch geocoding can be a great time-saver, specially if you're doing hundreds of points of interests. However, I've come to realize the resulting coordinates, at least some, can be way, way off! Also, wrong or inaccurate addresses would give you either zero results or totally wrong coordinates. That is why I now painstakingly double check my files for inaccurate coordinates. Whew!

problem creating a school zone list

Sep 1 Winnipeg starts 30 km/hr zones around 170 schools. I used the addresses of the schools to create a lat/long POI list (.csv) and it works, sort of, on my Garmin 2595LMT.

If I'm driving on the street listed in the school address it works well. If I'm driving on some of the adjacent streets the alarm is not triggered even though it is within the alert radius.

Need to Standardize POI Files

I was impressed by the huge size of combined Rest Area POI file. However, when I attempted to sort the excel file down to the specific states I would need, I found that due to the lack of any state ID, Excel could not do so. The best I could achieve was by route which in some cases run across the entire country.

Stay Safe Out There

Geocoding With EPE

When using EPE to geocode addresses, there are certain procedures to follow so as not to lose work or what you have started since TurboCCC has not fully fixed EPE yet.

How long to see .gpx files listed?

I uploaded two small files yesterday, but I have yet to see them appear on the list. How long does it usually take for them to appear?

Waymarking (as "Where's George") in Northwest Arkansas . . . and beyond

Paste function not working with Extra POI Editor

I've searched this forum to see if anyone else is having a problem with the paste function when using Extra POI Editor (v5.91) -- and if so, if they've found a cure for it.

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Dollarama POI file?

Anyone know where i can get an updated POI file for Dollarama (Canada)?


"Long Distance" proximity alerts?

Is there a solution to this, or is it just too weird?
Let's say I have a POI list of campgrounds or rest areas in the states that I am going to visit on a trip.
Is there a way to set alerts so that I am notified when I am within *miles* of the POI? Let's say, 50 miles? (I want to start planning my stop before I am there).
If so, how would one go about it?


POIs Loaded vs. Displayed? (Garmin Zumo 660 and BaseCamp)

I have loaded several POI files, the latest has 184 entries. I wanted to verify that they were all there.

Q1: How many can I see on the GPS? (zumo 660)


I'm new at this could someone tell me how to update POI's like Red Light Cameras that is already loaded in my Garmin. Do I have to delete the file then load a new one?

POI Loader and Wav files

I recently purchased a 3597.
I am adding my custom POIs that I have been using on my 855.
The 3597 uses wav files and not mp3.
I built new wav files on the ATT page.
When I install these files through POI Loader I get a warning at the end that "Unable to convert .wav file to the proper format therefore this audio file was not transferred"

ususing gps visualizezer

I have tried this many times I cant get the thing to work and load. what order do I input the info to get back all I need including name of the place. I have about 50+ so I want up run through a program that will give me all info back to us in my garmin.

Craig Patrick
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