Creating POI files


CSV editor

This may be of interest to some. I haven't tried it yet, just ran across it while surfing. It looks like you can also run it as a portable app.

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New to POI Factory Need Help with BMP

Hi all.. I have a Nuvi 1300 and I donloaded a few POI files into my Nuvi via the Poi Loader.. They show up when I go to extras, but I would like them to show up on my main map view while driving. When I touch my main map view and it changes the view they show up there as grey dots..

Re Updated POI Loader to V 2.6.0

as of January 14, 2011

Change History
Changes made from version 2.5.4 to 2.6.0:

* Added ability to specify a custom POI file's name
* Added ability to handle swapped lat and lon values in CSV files
* Fixed issue with multi-line CSV files not being read correctly
* Fixed issue with extended ASCII characters in CSV files

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New Member - Great site!! Question

I drive cross country almost every year (last year it was NY -> NM -> ID and back) and the custom POIs are gonna make the next trip even better than it usually is!!

One of the POIs I downloaded was the Olive Garden and I noticed that my local location isn't included so I expect that there are others missing crying

How To Create A File To Show All the Hydrant Locations In My Town For GPS

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Custom POI on 265w

I have a custom POI file that I installed on the SD card.
The original .csv file contains 1,627 locations.
When I look at the installed file on my 265w it shows 52 closest locations only. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Trouble creating files

I created a POI file using MapSource then converted to a csv file. I tried to use it on my Garmin but will not navigate to the POI. Shows the POI but will not allow me to "GO"
Any suggestions?

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speed limit database for San Diego

Does anyone know where i can get a list of street names and their posted speed limit? I have a nuvi 1300 and it does not have the speed limit indicator so I would to create a POI based on the streets and thier posted speed limit.

Renaming File Names to include prox alert

Reference: RestAreasCombined(Ver.AD).csv

If I wanted to include a two mile proximity alert for all rest areas, how should I rename the above file?


the old poi generate/folders sure was better!

I own a Garmin 1350t and began the search/research to generate poi's into folders/categories
Posing a question here was somewhat helpful but for me did not solve the poi problem.

POI’s On A Memory Card.

POI’s On A Memory Card.
I opted to create several (6) gpi POI’s on my Garmin Nuvi 260 mini SD card rather than one huge single file. It is easier for me to work with and upgrade the files that way.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

please help POI trip to Chicago

I own a Garmin 1350T gps and this coming spring I am planing a trip to Chicago and Wisconsin to view some of the homes of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright
I found on this site the work of mclassing in which he put EVERY one of the architects structures in a csv form
Thank You!

Problems getting Extra POI to install

I tried loading the new one, and can't get past the shlwapi.dll

at about 89% Please email me so I can send you the install logs.

Uploading a gpi to POI factory?

I have a couple of gpi files for over night dry camping with an RV on the Alaskan Hwy that I have made for my Garmin. They work well.

Can a gpi format be uploaded to this site or only gpx and csv formats?

With gpi no need for anyone to have to use POI factory but rather just move the gpi file over to their Garmin, POi directory.

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Lost POI file on Nuvi 660

I may have deleted the POI file in the Garmin POI folder. the folder indicates empty. When I try to open Extra folder on Nuvi 660 screen, no POI menu appears. When updating the POI Loader indicates update complete. Reinstalling the latest software using WebUpDater does not return a POI file to the folder. How can I fix this mistake?

google 'my maps'

I have a bunch of things saved into google my maps. they are in 3 groups. each group has numerous entries, like maybe a hundred. I can download the group to google earth and click on each entry to view properties. but when I try to create the .kml file in google earth it opens in POIEdit as an empty file.

POI's Down Load to ALK Copilot Version 8 Laptop

So I am new to this and not sure if I could even understand how to do this, but, has anyone downloaded any of these POI's on this forum to Copilot Version 8 Laptop.

If so would you please explain what all is involved.

Thank You,

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Have prob with Custom POI file and how it displays in Garmin nuvi 775

Hi everyone -
I'm new to this (building POI files) but have it mostly figured out.

One thing seems not to be working for me.
I have a .csv file with a series of locations (gas stations).
This is a single line of my file (I have ~1200 locations/lines all told)
-123.742911,46.972616,”OLYMPIC HWY GROC”,”4601 OLYMPIC HWY, ABERDEEN, WA 98520-6924, 000-000-0000”

Convert a pdf speedcam file to work on igo8

Hi there, I am new to this so please have patience with me. I am living in Ireland and last week 700 new speedcam sites have been introduced. I have the sites in a pdf file and would like to convert this to a file suitable for the igo8. The pdf file is as follows
Zone_ID County Length (km) FromLat FromLong ToLat ToLong
184 Carlow 2.5 N 52.803780 W 06.741451 N 52.811181 W 06.774546

No Speaking Alerts on Nuvi 1490T

I have a Nuvi 1490T. I just get a tone when approaching a Red Light. I called Garmin and she said all new Nuvi's come that way now. Is this true, I'm so disappointed because I like the speaking voice to let me know when I get close to red light cameras, rest areas and speed traps.

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